Tuesday, 31 January 2017

APC crisis: Concerned members write National Leaders

APC crisis: Concerned members write National Leaders

The All Progressives Congress under the ageis of Concerned and Original Members of APC has written to the National leadership of the party asking them to step into the party and resolve the crises in it.

They spoke through a letter signed by Nsikan Etim, Ndarake Edet, Daniel Ibanga and Christopher Esang. The group maintained that, “It is widely accepted that the easiest definition of madness is doing the same thing, the same way, many times but expecting different results. In science, one of the assurances that a hypothesis must guarantee is that when conducted over and over again, irrespective of location, same results will emerge. 

In Law, it is a well established principle called Precedent, where it postulates that where similar facts occur, same judgment must apply. In Akwa Ibom, leaders of opposition parties do not seem to believe this truism- rather they assume that they are the exception to the rule. They keep doing the same thing over and over again, but expect a different result. 

This letter is therefore a timely warning transmitted to the party hierarchy (both National and State) in the earnest expectation that they will assimilate the position posited herein and begin to work effectively. We will strive to look back into history, with a determined effort to prevent a recurrence. Without sounding conclusive, may we state here and for the records that, the perennial problem of opposition parties in Akwa Ibom State is the hijack of party structures from committed party men by fresh defectors”.

Furthermore, the body maintained that, there is a need for the party to change strategy if it has to win the 2019 gubernatorial election. “Experience has thoroughly proved the belief as manifestly defective, hence the need for a change of strategy, if progress must be made. Enough of the propaganda that a defector seeking elections has defected with thousands of his supporters from his previous party- this strategy has repeatedly failed. 

As we approach intra party congresses in the near future, we must allow the party into the hands of die in the wool opposition members who are willing to put in the high moral stakes demanded of a serious battle to take power, instead of allowing political economists and investors to command our troop. 

Since it is unarguable that we had a better outing in 2011 than 2015, we suggest that we allow the party structures to people of such character and standing, who can reenact the winning strategy. We beseech the Party at the National level to consider the admonition and suggestions of Sen Akpan John James Udoedeghe and Group. Captain Sam Enwang higher than those of the political gamblers who now parade as Leaders of the APC in Akwa Ibom

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