Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Itu crisis: Politicians hack Idong Ituen’s facebook account

Itu crisis: Politicians  hack Idong Ituen’s  facebook account

The media office of Mr. Idongesit Ituen,member representing the people of Itu State constituency has raised the alarm over attempts to blackmail their principal by some failed Itu Political jobbers.

Speaking with newsmen in Uyo over the weekend, Head of Media NseAbasi Odiong said, some internet marauders and cyber tigers have created a fake facebook account for Idongesit Ituen and have used same to post all sort of things ranging from naked pictures of women and men, using the said fake facebook accounts to request for money from unsuspecting members of the public amongst other heinous crimes used by the fake facebook accounts operators to commit.

For instance, Ituen’s aide narrated a story of how a certain fake facebook account of Idong Ituen was used to inscribe the words, Constance on my mind. He explained that there is also a grand plot by some politicians from Itu Local Government Area who were defeated some days ago at the State PDP Secretariat in Uyo to blackmail Ituen with a view to creating problems and divisions in the family of the Honunorable member.

He said, the media office of the Honourable member had intercepted some cloned messages and a facebook account of a certain inexistent Ugoge 1of Calabar wherein the Ugoge used same to accuse the Honourable member of having an affair with his wife in Calabar.

Ituen’s media aide maintained that so far at least four media organizations had approached Ituen seeking to confirm the truth in the claims by the fake Ugoge. 

Speaking further, Odiong explained that it is laughable and quite unfortunate for politicians from Itu extraction to connive with some dishonest persons and try to paint Idongesit Ituen as a wife snatcher or whatever.

He stated that for the avoidance of doubts that the Itu Lawmaker has not visited Calabar for about two years running except once in company with the Deputy Governor when they went for a meeting towards resolving the Ikot Offiong, Oku Iboku Crises.

The Information manager of the lawmaker added that the attempts by the sponsors of Ugoge1 of Calabar to create a picture of what is not in existence has failed already and that it will lead to nowhere.

Odiong maintained that the media office of the Lawmaker is challenging anyone with such information to proceed, step forward and make his or her claims and not to hide under the cover of internet marauders with some dishonest outfits as ready tools for bad services.

Averring further, Idongesit Ituen’s media office described as a poorly executed blackmail orchestrated by those who think they own Itu Local Government Area.

While responding to why he reads political meanings into the blackmail attempt on Idongesit Ituen, Odiong asked rhetorically why such unfounded claims of Idong Ituen Sleeping with someones wife did not come ever since, he also asked why someone will link his Boss to Governor 2023 when the lawmaker is yet to finish his first term as Member representing Itu in the State House of Assembly.

He said he suspects where such unfounded allegations are coming from and maintained that he is not surprise as according to him those who are afraid of the rising profile of Idong Ituen wants to bring him down at all costs. He however warned that the people planting blackmail on Ituen should not claim monopoly of violence.

And queried again why the attack on Idongesit Ituen is coming at a time the crooked political status quo in Itu Local Government Area is being challenged by the Legislator. 

Ituen’s media handler added again that no amount of sponsored blackmail, character assassination and pull him down syndrome shall deter the legislator from doing the good things he intends to do. He added that he is aware and knows the man planted in Calabar to execute that job and maintained that when the wicked men’s cup are filled, the rest will be history.

Odiong furthermore appealed to politicians from Itu Local Government Area who feels challenged by the rising profile of Idongesit Ituen to either step up their game or engage the legislator intellectually as anything on the contrary might be matched bumper to bumper.

He added that if the perpetrators of that acts are bold enough, they should wake up and face the reality otherwise should bury their heads in shame.

“Dear people of Akwa Ibom State, if you wake up one day and find screaming headlines like Idong Ituen in Extra marital affairs mess, leave my wife alone-husband tells Idongesit Ituen and its likes, please kindly ignore them because this is the blackmail that is being orchestrated by our brothers from Itu simply because Mr. Idongesit Ituen is saying allow Itu to be in Peace, one family should not control Itu.” Odiong Concluded. 

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