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Akpabio’s former Commissioner Martins Udoinyang in village head tussle mess …may be cursed by Traditional Rulers

Akpabio’s former Commissioner Martins Udoinyang in village head tussle mess …may be cursed by Traditional Rulers


A former Commissioner for Commerce and Industry in Akwa Ibom State during Senator Goodswill Akpabio administration, Hon Martins Udoinyang has enmeshed himself in a shoddy village head tussle scandal with family heads of his community. THE INK can authoritatively report.

Our newsdesk gathered from Mkpat Enin people that the former commissioner in his bid to acquire selfless power and relevance has suddenly turned to a nightmare for the people of Ikot Abia in Mkpat Enin Local Government Area. 

One of the sources from the community who spoke to our reporter on condition of anonymity alleged that the former commissioner since his unsuccessful spell as a Commissioner in the state has turned his attention to his immediate community in a bid to forcefully impose himself as a “dictator”.

“Hon Martin suddenly has turned to a dictator in Ikot Abia, he wants to be the only cock that crows here, he wants to monopolize the community for selfish gains, a man of his caliber should not be seen mingling himself with small issues like this. We are so disappointed in his actions and of course the actions of some of his family members” 

Our source added that the actions of the Hon Martins Inyang are a total disgrace to his Late father who according to him was a uniting factor in the community. He questioned if truly Mr. Martins had any nexus with the late Chief Udoinyang. 

The Ikot Abia Elder insisted that together with some resilient youths and elders they will never allow one man to singlehandedly dictate for the community saying that the community is too big and enlightened for one man who contributed little or nothing while in government to the development of their village.

“Martins Udoinyang has suddenly become a torn in flesh for all of us especially those of us who have refused to follow him the APC. Since the death of the former village head, Eteidung Udoka, Martins has been so busy trying to take the stool to his family. I don’t understand what he intends to gain by being the village of making his brother a village. By this time we should be benefiting from Martins Udoinyang because of his exposure and connections but unfortunately he now terrorizes us with every arsenal at his disposal”.

Investigations by our reporter revealed that problems started last year after the burial of Late Chief Udoka, Hon Martins started mobilizing his family members and few other holders to produce the new village head.

This singular move by the former commissioner did not however go down well with other families in Ikot Abia since their family has never produced a village head before in the history of Ikot Abia.

A reliable source who spoke with us alleged that Hon. Martins and his immediate family members have been desperately moving around to bribe some outstanding villagers to join their illegitimate course. 

As at the week, Hon. Martins Udoinyang arrested some prominent youths of his community because they have refused to his course. One of the youths who was arrested last week and taken to police headquarters in Ikot Akpan Abia also accused the former Commissioner for turning himself to a emergency dictator because of selfish and thoughtless interest. 

“If he likes let him come and arrest us again, all we know is that we will never support such a foolish move. How can a former Commissioner be dragging village head stool with his community?, when he was in government, Ikot Abia benefited nothing from him. Instead of him to atone for his numerous sins, he is busy formulating new atrocities.

According to findings, the former Board member of Ibom Power Plant who before the 2015 general elections defected to the All Progressive Congress (APC) intends to his gain control of his village in order to have unchallengeable control of his village in the forthcoming polls. We also gathered he has allegedly been engaging in clandestine meeting with some PDP faithful who he intends to persuade to join him in the APC.

Our source added that he has been promising to award youths of Ukpum Minya clan with non existing juicy contracts from the NDDC which his political ally Obong Nsima Ekere is at the helm of affairs. His antics our paper learnt has consistently been stalled by a PDP political heavyweight from the village who have been enlightening the youths that the promise of awarding contract is nothing but a sham.

Meanwhile, kinsmen from Ikot Abia village according to our reliable source have finalized plans to invoke the spirits of their ancestors on Hon Martins Udoinyang for masterminding and promoting hatred amongst the people of Ikot Abia. 

He maintained that the village was always known for her peaceful and receptive but Hon Martin defected to the APC he has turned the village to war zone by instituting various court cases against the present leadership of the village.

“Because of his hatred and cruelty to his people especially those that are against his evil plan and are not from his family, we may be forced to inform our forefathers of his senseless activities, he is our son and cannot and will never be bigger than the entire village of Ikot Abia.”

The elder statesman added that the family which Hon Udoinyang is using to fight for the traditional stool is barely 10 years old and have never produced a village head before.

He concluded by saying that the dream of everyone in the community is to see love and unity returned to the village of Ikot Abia as soon as possible. “We are tired of wasting our money on court cases every day. This village you see used to sponsor her sons in education with her resource, you can ask him of this but the reward we have gotten from such family is wars and victimization. This is not how our grand fathers lived”.

When contacted by our reporter to respond to allegations leveled against him, Mr. Martins Udoinyang characteristically refused to respond to his phone calls.

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