Thursday, 16 October 2014

Udom Emmanuel and re-enactment of Gov. Attah’s dilemma BY SUNDAY EDWARD BASSEY

Re-enactment is to repeat the actions of a past event. Dilemma is to make a choice between two equally important things. Mr. Udom Emmanuel is the secretary to Akwa Ibom State Government.

It is alleged that as late as 2006, Former Governor Victor Attah had intended to anoint present Governor Akpabio as his successor in 2007. At the 11th hour that is, when it was too late, he changed from Akpabio to Udoma Ekarika, his son-in-law.

In my views titled, Why Efiong Abia should lead Akwa Ibom State in 2015 published in the Weekend Insight of Sunday 13th July, 2014, I stated that Governor Akpabio had in 2012 told the World that Barrister Efiong Abia and Mr. Unana O. Umana gave him hundred percent loyalty.

In other words, either Abia or Umana was worthy to succeed him in 2015. By the Federal Character Principle in the 1999 Nigerian Constitution and the Zoning Principle in the Constitution of People Democratic Party, Mr. Unana’s succession bid had already been taken by former Governor Attah of Uyo Senatorial District of Akwa Ibom State. By that providence, Barrister Efiong Abia is now the lone star in the succession race in Akwa Ibom State in 2015.

Therefore by whatever, calculation, inspiration, fore-sight, prophecy or clairvoyance that informed Governor Akpabio’s helplessness in the face of Mr. Udom Emmanuel premature intrusion in the settled succession process of Akwa Ibom State in 2015 will end the same way Governor Attah ended his 11th hour somersault in 2007. 

As I said in my views in the weekend insight, Mr. Umana is alleged to have informed his supporters from Oron Nation that he will support an Oron candidate against Governor Akpabio’s candidate in 2015.

My young friend and gentleman Mr. Udom Emmanuel said this, through his press secretary, Oliver Udoukpo, in the Nation Newspaper of 20th August, 2014, page 47, “The SSG is under intense pressure to join other illustrious sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom State who have already indicated interest to contest the 2015 Governorship election, he is yet to make a statement on this issue or declare his intention to contest the 2015 gubernatorial election”.

In other words, inspite of the overwhelming support for him, Mr. Udom Emmanuel will join one of the illustrious sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom State who have already indicated interest to contest the 2015 Governorship election. 

Accordingly, I call on Mr. Udom Emmanuel and other friends to, in due course, support the Encyclopedia of party politics in Akwa Ibom State, Barrister Efiong Abia, author of The Big Umbrella, subtitled, A Chronicle of PDP’s success story in Akwa Ibom State, among other books.

Barrister Efiong Abia is a great thinker and analyst who is humble and accommodating. He is a non-tribal, who knows the problems of Akwa Ibom State at his finger tips and is capable of offering solutions because of his involvement in Government of Akwa Ibom State in the last twelve years.
Among the topics in the Big Umbrella, are, Greater Women Participation, Good Governance: The Attah Era; Good Governance: The Akpabio Era and other revealing and informative issues. 

In the advertising aspect of public election or marketing the seller tells the prospective or potential buyer of a Rolls Royce Car that the noise heard when the car is in motion is that of the electric clock. In other words, you don’t require too much advertisement and propaganda for a good product. 

Accordingly and as the saying goes, experience is the best teacher that is why I recommend Barrister Efiong Abia as the best candidate for the 2015 Governorship of Akwa Ibom State to all friends and supporters.

MR. S. E. BASSEY, a Retired Deputy Director, NIIA, wrote in from Victoria Island, Lagos and an Author of Blame Europe No More;
And other five short books.

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