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Prince Nsikak Okon: The Senator Uyo Senatorial District needs BY SIGNOR EMEDU

Prince Nsikak Okon: The Senator Uyo Senatorial District needs BY SIGNOR EMEDU

As the people of Uyo Senatorial District prepare to elect who represents them at the Senate from 2015, a wind of change is moving through the political landscape of this zone.

 In spite of the last election foisting on the people a representation that will run out its phase next year, natives of Uyo Senatorial District are adamant that it is high time their voices and votes during electioneering period be rewarded with human capacity development. To them, gone is the apathetic outlook: next year’s election is being redefined by the fact that candidates are faced with a more web savvy, politically active generation than that which saw them give their votes and lend their voices to a career politician who though choral in his representation, seems to have forgotten about the development of the people back home.

For three and a half years now, in spite of increased awareness and array of economic empowerment initiatives embarked upon by other Lawmakers representing other senatorial districts or even a few Lower House members from the state, it’s a sad realization that there is very little or nothing to show in terms of real impact on the plight of the poor or the thousands of unemployed graduates from Uyo Senatorial District who yearn for genuine help and supervision to kick start their business plans. Without the necessary economic blueprint for the people, the overall poverty situation in Uyo Senatorial District has continued to deteriorate.

To many in the senatorial district, the time to put an end to the neglect of their human capacity development has come. Like JF Kennedy said in his inaugural speech in 1961: “We cannot assure the security of the few rich Americans if we cannot provide for the basic needs of the poor among us”; the need to elect a thorough breed entrepreneur who will not only guarantee a strong and vocal representation in the Senate Chambers, but will also importantly, orchestrate a much needed long-term growth strategy geared towards the development of human capital that will redress the current imbalances in the senatorial district and drive economic growth is necessary.

That is why the coming of Nsit Atai born Business man, Prince Nsikak Okon has been a welcome development in Uyo Senatorial District. For the people, the time to elect professionals and entrepreneurs in politics and not professional politicians has come.

This explains his acceptability by majority of the youth groups across the senatorial district. To them, with Okon as their Senator next year, all is not gloom and doom for Uyo Senatorial District’s future. They are of the opinion that if they have Prince Nsikak Okon, one of the few young Nigerians who have chosen to defy the odds in Nigeria and succeed in their chosen field of endeavour in spite of the harsh economic terrain and lack of opportunities and infrastructure that continue to hinder many of their peers, then, they have struck Gold.
Recently, a socio-political group in the senatorial district, Akwa Ibom Democratic Movement had expressed confidence in the ability of Prince Okon to effectively represent Uyo Senatorial District from 2015, describing him as a man of proven track record whose wealth of experience in the corporate world would come handy as service beckons.

The group reasoned that Okon’s exposure and ability to venture into a number of business ventures in and outside the country successfully are proofs of his capability to excel in the National Assembly. They said that as a highly successfully business man, Okon has the determination, patience, focus and guts to foster a worthy representation for Uyo Senatorial District and bring back the necessary empowerment and opportunities for teeming youths which have been lacking.

According to the Akwa Ibom Democratic Movement, several awards and recognitions bestowed on Prince Okon both within and outside the country stands him out as the best aspirant for the Uyo Senatorial District seat and therefore called on the people of Akwa Ibom State and Uyo Senatorial District in particular to rise up and support the best in order not to lose out from an opportunity they have been waiting for.

They explained that Uyo Senatorial District does not need a career politician anymore but someone who’ll bring fresh perspective into how the people of the area should have optimal and quality representation from their representative.

Okon who is based in Abuja is a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Abuja. Born of July 31, 1973, the 41 year old business man is presently the Managing Director of numerous companies, including Nick Equipment Plus Ltd; a sale/lease company for construction equipment and dredgers which has operational officers in five African countries; Nick Energy Ltd which is a major player in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria as well as Deev 8 Ltd, a real estate firm that operates within and outside the shores of Nigeria, among others.

In the business world, he is viewed as a shining star that is noted for his excellent ability to source for and negotiate joint venture opportunities and structures winning transactions, strategic vision and ability to optimize business/political opportunities in addition to building trust and confidence among various business and political constituencies and stakeholders.

Those who have known Okon for many years can attest to the fact that he doesn’t spare anything in providing young Nigerians entrepreneurs mentorship and a platform for them to grow. He is very passionate about identifying and nurturing talented young men and women across all fields of endeavour to help them evolve into the new generation of leaders. In doing so, he encourages the youths which are the leaders of tomorrow to not only develop into leaders, but also become inspirational role models for others.
In politics, Prince Okon had been a strategic leader, Grassroot Youth Movement for late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua and the Akwa Ibom State Co-ordinator, Neighbour 2 Neighbour prior to the 2011 elections.

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