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Etim Ekpo/Ika State Constituency: Group rejects Saviour Enyiekere * Says it’s turn for Etim Ekpo

Etim Ekpo/Ika State Constituency: Group rejects Saviour Enyiekere * Says it’s turn for Etim Ekpo


While Saviour Enyiekere is busy plotting his new political journey to the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly come 2015, a group known as Etim Ekpo Youths for Justice has resisted him saying the Ika council Boss cannot usurp the turn of Etim Ekpo for his selfish interest.

Speaking during a courtesy visit to the DIG Udom Ekpoudom, rtd Chairman, Board of Governors of Tower of Ivory Schools at Ediene Abak, yesterday, Chairman of the group, Mr. Ekanem Matthew Ekpo said they have enjoyed good relationship between Etim Ekpo/Ika State Constituency interms of power sharing and that come 2015, should be the turn of an Etim Ekpo son, adding that because of the concern of the elders of the two Local Government Areas, the people of Ika should see the need to support Etim Ekpo to produce the AKHA member.

The Chairman recalled that in 2003 an equal mixed up in zoning which caused conflict amongst the youths in the two local Government Areas arose. He added that he is doubting the current zoning arrangement maybe disrupted as it will not be fair for an Ika son to contest for the House of Assembly seat.

Mr. Ekpo who raised alarm over a situation of an Ika indigene trying to disrupt the existing peace in the Constituency and described it as injustice to the EtimEkpo/Ika State Constituency. “Any Ika son who is contesting the House of Assembly seat now is trying to disrupt the peace and the current zoning arrangement that has been there in the two LGAs for some years”.

He used the opportunity to pledge their support to their candidate for the seat who is an Etim Ekpo, Mr. Ekerete Michael Ukpong even as they called on the elders to step into the matter by allowing an Etim Ekpo son to occupy the seat come 2015.

Also speaking, a member of the group, Mr. Ndueso Ekpo Udom said the visit was to officially launch a complaint on the issue of an Ika son who is vying for the House of Assembly, adding that it is the turn of Etim Ekpo and not Ika.
He commended DIG Udom Ekpoudom (Rtd) for always standing for the truth in the area even as he called on him to step into the matter, adding that Ika had taken their turn in the person of Hon. Gabriel Toby being the one on seat presently, and that 2015 will be the turn of Etim Ekpo even as he called on the DIG Ekpoudom (Rtd) to use his good office and negotiate for justice and fairplay in the constituency by allowing Etim Ekpo to produce the next member.

He also said “Ekerete Ukpong is our candidate for the House of Assembly and we are very sure that he will give us effective representation.
Responding, DIG Udom Ekpoudom (Rtd), expressed his happiness over the step taken by the youths of Etim Ekpo and for also standing for justice even as he promised to stand solidly behind the Youths of Etim Ekpo to produce the next House of Assembly member come 2015.

DIG Ekpoudom also maintained that stakeholders and elders of the area are in support of the power sharing of political office and that they will never let an Ika son to go for the House of Assembly as it is the turn and right for Etim Ekpo to produce the next AKHA member while Abak will produce the next representative in the National Assembly come 2015.

The former Police boss noted that since in the beginning, the Assembly seat has always been rotational between the two LGAs even as he advised the youths not to be deceived by money from any politicians but that they should rather fight and stand for justice to prevail come 2015.

He used the opportunity to clear the air that he does not have any problem with Governor Godswill Akpabio but he is being fight by some people who think they own Etim Ekpo want to use Etim Ekpo as their personal property.

According to him “I don’t have any problem with the Governor, Akpabio is my very close and good friend, we love the Governor but my problem is that we don’t want somebody to be imposed on us, and also some people want to own Etim Ekpo as their private property”

The DIG reiterated his backing for the group even as he maintained that come 2015, House of Representatives seat will go to Abak while Ika will produce her AKHA member for Etim Ekpo/Ika State Constituency in order for justice and fairplay to prevail in the two Local Government Areas.

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