Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ekpoudom shot

Ekpoudom shot
 Ekemini Ekpoudom, personal aide to the Deputy Inspector General of Police, DIG Ekpoudom rtd, was last Friday lucky to have escaped being killed by the bullets of men suspected to be hired assassins who shot directly at him in order to terminate his life. The victim was however not lucky to have escaped without bullets into his leg.

The event which is one of the series of politically motivated attacks on persons occurred at the NNPC filling station along Ediene Abak at about 7:30pm. The filling station is said to belong to DIG Ekpoudom, rtd.

THE INK understands that Ekemini Ekpoudom an Inspector of Police was on errand for the retired DIG and had hardly finish his assignment there when men of the underworld who purposely went for him decided to open fire on their victim. Sensing danger Ekemini who was still inside his car a 504 salon car had raised very serious alarm which all fell on deaf ears as the assailants continued raining bullets at his direction as well as straight at the car causing serious body harm and terrible damage to the vehicle.

Those who witnessed the incidence informed our reporter that the assassins came in a silver colour BMW and they numbered about four all with AK-47 with double magazines. An eye witness informed that the assailants must have been on the trail of Ekeminie who has been frequenting the filling station mostly at that hour on assignment from the retired DIG.

Our reporter gathered that it was God in heaven and the dexterity of Ekemini who is a trained policeman that saved the day otherwise the worse would have happened. Ekemini it was gathered had while in self defense had pulled out his pistol and also fired at the assassins in order to scare them. One of them who is said to have been advancing towards Ekemini is said to have been hit by the bullets of the Police Inspector. It was further learnt that it took the intervention of the Police and the retaliation of Ekemini Ekpoudom to scare the assassins away who on realizing that Ekemini was ready to do banter with them and as the gun shots was beginning to attract the attention of security experts had to drive away at very top speed. They are said to have hurriedly carried away one of them who was seriously hit by the retaliation from Ekemini Ekpoudom.

The matter is said to have been reported to the Abak DPO who is said to have sent a team of policemen to the scene of the incidence. A police officer in Abak informed our reporter that not less than forty shells of bullets were picked at the scene of the incidence by men of the Nigerian Police, Abak Division. The police officer further hinted that the matter has been reported to the commissioner of Police, CP Achong. He added that no arrests has so far been made and concluded also that within the week, the matter will be officially referred to the police headquarters in Ikot Akpanabia, near Uyo for further action.

Reasons for the attack on the Police Inspector could not be readily ascertained as at press time, but THE INK understands from very reliable sources that it may not be unconnected with the forthcoming political activities in the state. A political chieftain from Abak informed our reporter that the attack on Ekemini Ekpoudom must have been to get at the retired DIG Udom Ekpoudom in order to unsettle him as he has become one of the leading voices calling for an end to imposition of candidates on the state at all levels as the election period gathers steam.

It could be recalled that DIG Ekpoudom had signed a communiqué together with others on the need for justice and equity to be the guiding light of government in all its activities. He has also supported whole heartedly the issue of zoning. These and others those who claim to know informed could be the reasons for the attack on the aide of the former DIG. 

While speaking with our reporter on phone the retired DIG Ekpoudom confirmed the attack on his aide Ekemini but said he wouldn’t know why the aide was attacked. He said the matter had since been reported to the Police and that he is sure the law enforcement officers will get to the root of the matter.

However, the victim is recovering in an undisclosed hospital.
Ekpoudom shot

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