Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ekid Union rejects Akwa Ibom State Govt. apology over attack on Sen. Esuene

Ekid Union rejects Akwa Ibom State Govt. apology over attack on Sen. Esuene

The Ekid Peoples Union (EPU), a socio cultural  group that speaks for the Eket people has condemned recent attack on Senator Helen Esuene in Afaha Ikot Eba in Essien Udim Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom state.

The group in a 12 paragraph communique signed by its national President, Professor Asindi Asindi also rejected the apologies tendered by the state on the matter saying, the “apologies mingled with a cocktail of pathological lies carry no positive impact but can rather be psychologically traumatic. Principal Officers in our State Government should therefore be mindful of this”.

On October 15, 2014, the political campaign of Senator Helen Esuene was brutally disrupted in Essien Udim Local Government of Akwa Ibom state and thugs assaulted the Senator, ransacked her handbag and stole her money and phones.

The attackers numbering more than twenty, carrying guns, burst into her campaign hall upturning tables and were shooting into the air.

Professor Asindi said, “contrary to expected denials and lies put through Akwa Ibom Radio, the attackers selectively damaged the vehicles of the visiting campaigners and injured several of them. Other supporters had to scale the wall of this LGA Headquarters to escape death”.

Accordingly, the Union, at its meeting of October 18, said “the entire people of Ekid Nation at home and in Diapora absorb this unprovoked show of savagery and shame with palpable pain and takes exception on it.
“If a barbaric act of this nature is being manifested this early in Akwa Ibom electioneering campaigns then the law enforcement agents have to watch out for the worst come 2015.

“As expected of this possibly sponsored and funded brutality, no arrest has been made. Our Police can and should learn to be non-partisan”.

Professor Asindi noted, “Ekid people are well known for their comportment, decorum and integrity hence we do not intend to retaliate. Ekid Nation has always welcomed and conducted themselves properly when non-indigenous aspirants mount political campaigns in Eket; we will continue to behave in this noble fashion.
“Ekid Nation, nevertheless, will like to advise other Nigerians not to take our gentlemanly attitude for granted. That we are referred to as “Afinawe” clearly means we are inferior to none. People are hereby warned.

“Ekid and Annang peoples have an umbilical link and therefore our “IMMAN” relationship remains. Some mentally and spiritually dwarfed politicians should not be allowed to tarnish and puncture this cordiality”.

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