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Let Nigerian Peace Corps be

Let Nigerian Peace Corps be


In the last few days, headlines in newspapers, social media etc have been flooded with  the news that Nigerian Peace Corps (NPC) should be scrapped owing to the dissenting voices of two Senators, Senator Godswill Akpabio (Minority Leader) Akwa Ibom State and Senator James Manager (Delta State) who likened the Nigerian Peace Corps to the recently shut down MMM.

Although the duo are entitled to their various angles of reasoning, but I want to differ in the assertion because the Nigerian Peace Corps that I know is not face lace.  It is a statutory body with hierarchy of management cadre that could be seen or felt nationwide.

To have a better understanding of the essence and Nigerian Peace Corps, it is therefore imperative to acquaint ourselves of the meaning and purpose of establishing the body.

The Nigerian Peace Corps was established to empower, develop and provide alternative employment for the youths to facilitate peace, volunteerism, community service, nation building and for other related matters.

The House of Representative has graciously passed the bill establishing this body for three consecutive times:
1st Reading – 11/11/2015
2nd Reading – 18/11/2015 and 3rd reading and passage: 9/6/2016
Also the Senate had also did the same thus, 1st reading 24/2/2016, 2nd reading 10/3/2016, 3rd reading and passage 24/11/2016.

From the afore stated, it could be seen that Nigerian Peace Corps which has existed for over eighteen years now and the youths working voluntarily to assist the nation, deserve to be legalized and stipends given to them as salary.  Without mincing words, it could be seen that Amb. (Dr.) Dickson Akon who established the Nigerian Peace Corps foresaw the sufferings, crimes and other vices that youths will get themselves involved if not gainfully employed.
Youths through this organization have been trained, framed and modified to be submissive and compliant to the commands/authority of the nation through the discharge of their obligatory services though voluntarily.

In Akwa Ibom State for instance, the Nigerian Peace Corps situated at 12 Udo Eduok Street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State have been up and doing.  They are always around school premises assisting the school authorities to stem the tide of cultism, thuggery and other vices among students with the general will of restoring peace and tranquility in different schools in the state.

The youthful age is generally regarded as a very active stage in life.  Youths in this age usually involve themselves in many vices like sexual immorality, unprotected sex, cultism, thuggery, robbery, whenever they are redundant, hence the need to engage them meaningfully through employment and not building prisons waiting to sent them in whenever they commit the above mentioned crimes.

Ever since its inception, the immense and distinctive contributions of the Nigerian Peace Corps to the Nigerian nation are testimonies to their unquestionable capacity of dedication and commitment to the growth and development of our country Nigeria is not in doubt.

The Nigerian Peace Corps is not a political group and not affiliated to any, but they have the vision, steadfastness, prudence, ungrudging commitment, confirmed dynamism, focus and sound ideologies as it has to do with the future of Nigeria in line with the vision of our dear President, Muhammadu Buhari and of course every right/sound minded Nigerian.

Talking about Senator Godswill Akpabio (Minority Leader) opposing the Nigerian Peace Corps bill, I want to restate here emphatically that the Godswill Akpabio that I know is always very passionate about matters that have to do with the promotion and welfare of the youths, maybe he was not properly briefed on the relevance of passing the Nigerian Peace Corps Bill into law, which I suppose that has been done by now.

I can also recall vividly that when our minority leader (Senator Akpabio) was the Commissioner for Local Government And Chieftaincy Affairs in Akwa Ibom State, he had two Peace Corps officers attached to his office, which he paid off handsomely when he became the governor of the state.

He has been known to turn boys into men and this case won’t be an exception.  .From our investigation ,the statistics of peace corps officer in ukana clan alone is about four hundred and eighty to five hundred we don’t want to mention the entirety of the state.

Akpabio has been so supportive of the bill, since the first to the third reading of the Peace Corps Bill both in the upper and lower house respectively.  I know he will read this paper, The Nigerian youth await his minority weight for the bill to be passed for ascention by the president . He should extend his goodwill to the Peace Corps Bill.  He should please support the accenting of the Nigerian Peace Corps Bill. which I am very optimistic that our able President, His Excellency, Muhammadu Buhari will give his accent any day from now.  I am convinced that the youths of this country through this noble group, will not betray the trust and confidence reposed on them by the people of our country.

For a bright today and a reassuring tomorrow for our youths, please let the Nigerian Peace Corps bill be!

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