Tuesday, 23 May 2017

I was scorned and humiliated, disgraced AKS factional APC Spokesman cries out

I was scorned and humiliated, disgraced AKS factional APC Spokesman cries out

The last may not have been heard of the frustration suffered by the disgraced factional Publicity of the Akwa Ibom State Chapter of the All Progressive Congress, APC.

After the National leadership of APC spokesmen forum walked Edet Bassey out of the conference room and frustrated out of the Hotel, Mr. Bassey made some attempts to whip sympathy for himself but unfortunately for him, he did not get succor.

Not being deterred, the disgraced Publicity Secretary made some attempts to get some conference materials through the backdoor.  

Edet Bassey however sent an sms to an aide to the National Publicity Secretary to find a way and smuggle some conference materials for him so that he could be pacified, at least, having spent a lot to get to Abuja only to be pushed out.

In his sms, Edet Bassey said, “Hello Julius, I guess you’re feeling better now. Let me commend your peaceful and persuasive approach to what would’ve been an embarrassing situation for us all. I mean the dual representation of Akwa Ibom at the conference. It’s unfortunate that I do the job in the state while another takes the benefit. My position may be constitutionally defective in the absence of a congress But that does not preclude the fact that I perform the role of the publicity secretary in the state. 

For irreconcilable differences, the other man had long jettisoned the party. Before I came on board, one Engr. Ita Awak served as the SPS until Feb when he was rewarded with a Federal appointment. All these years the man has not lifted a pin for the party. He exists only on record and in the forum of SPS’s.

“I’ve never been so scorned and humiliated. Particularly the conspiracy against me when I was chosen by my group for the mock interview. I thank God for a humble and non-violent spirit.

“FYI, I signed off a hotel bill of 40K as I checked out of the hotel. Be be reminded that I paid the bill for the 1st night (20K). I have no conference material or anything evidencing that I attended the conference. “The lectures were rich and enlightening. I’m wondering if the organizers can e-mail conference papers to participants. My e-mail is edeteyobassey@yahoo.com for that purpose or any other.

“Do let’s stay in touch please. Kindly extend my sincere and warm commendation to Mallam Abdullahi - the NPS auspices of whom we had the privilege to imbibe such knowledge of inestimable value. Regards. Edet Bassey (Esq.)”

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