Wednesday, 10 May 2017

ENO IKPE: We shall miss you

News broke early yesterday Wednesday that a veteran writer, fine gentleman and a nice guy has passed on.

Those who know him can attest to his very humble disposition, calm and gentle. He was a reader's delight anytime any day. Eno Ikpe was a man who has the mind of discernment. 

Those who had dealings with him can attest to this honesty, never given to quarrels. He was not old. He was not young. He is no more. He has gone to be with the Lord. 

For Eno Ikpe it was always sunny in his presence, he was a fighter, a believer in justice and a very jolly good fellow. This Etinan born fine writer was a man whose thirst for quality Education was great. He was a great historian and a guy who had a stint with some very prominent Nigerians, widely travelled. He did serve the nation meritoriously especially in the days of Nigeria- Biafra entanglement. 

An epitome of wisdom is gone; a reservoir of knowledge is no more. Eno Ikpe, if tears could bring you back, we would have shed very many liters that would keep you beyond twenty more years. But like the Holy Book says, there is a time for everything. And so we cannot question God who said that he needed you in heaven and he alone decided to invite you. 

Since you have decided to honour the invite from God, we your readers, those you impacted upon and your numerous fans can only say to you Sir, safe trip to heaven. And do not forget to join the heavenly mass choir since you were one of those who enjoyed singing to the Glory of God. The God you served diligently while on earth, I am sure shall be happy to receive you in heaven.

Iman Ibom, Qua Iboe Church, Journalism, lovers of good writings and Nigeria has lost a rare gem. Sleep on, keep sleeping Eno Ikpe. 

We miss you. May you rejoice in the bosom of the Lord. This world is not our own it is a market place. Since you have finished your sales, you had to go. Goodnight one of Nigeria's finest pen pushers. We love you but God loves you must.

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