Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Edet Efretuei joins 2019 Governorship race

Edet Efretuei joins 2019 Governorship race

…Declares aspiration under the APC
…Says, his package is different


A US based civil Engineer, Dr. Edet Efretuei has announced that he is running for the Governorship seat of Akwa Ibom State in 2019 general election vowing a “Development Revolution” if elected. 

The professional Civil Engineer made the announcement when he paid a consultation visit on the State Chairman and leadership of the All Progressive Congress APC on Tuesday last week at the Party House along Atiku Abubakar road in Uyo.

Introducing the aspirants to the pressmen and other party faithful present at the briefing, the State Chairman of APC in Akwa Ibom State, Dr. Amadu Attai described Dr. Efretuei as a credible candidate who has what it takes to govern the state. He stated that the visit of Dr. Efretuei was to intimate the party on his desire to run for the next general election in 2019.

“I welcome one of the governorship aspirants in the forth coming 2019 elections, this visit is actually a consultation not campaign, we all know that what is happening is a normal thing, Dr. Edot O Efretuei has come to announce himself to the party and express his desire to run for the governorship of Akwa Ibom State under the platform of the APC. Don’t mind the carnival atmosphere that is how to announce a credible candidate of his pedigree”.

Addressing newsmen shortly after a closed door meeting with the State Chairman of APC and his State working Committee members said that his desire to serve Akwa Ibom people was born out of the fact that the state was not rightly governed by those who have been given opportunity to serve the state in the past. 

“I am Dr. Edet Efretuei I have come to see my party, a Civil Engineer, a party of quality, a party where the best come to, a Party of Change to inform that by the grace of God and with the support of the Akwa Ibom people that I am the next Governor of this state come 2019”.

The Governorship hopeful further stated that his administration will bring about positive change that will be focused on how to better the lives his people stating his tenure will be a conclusive one whereby everyone will be carried along in the running of the state.

 “It is going to be an administration of Change in every sector of the economy. We are going to make a difference in life of a common man, it is not going to be for one man and his family or about a cabal, it is going to be about everybody, the general population. This time around your life and my life will be affected positively. It is going to be an administration of Change”.

He promised that if elected he will stay in office for just one term but at the impact of his administration will be felt by all citizens of the state saying that his administration will set a template for successive government to follow. 

“I will be in office for just four years. Suggestion for extension and manipulation to extend will be rejected the reason is that we have to understand that governance is about our system not about an individual. Because of the standard that we will set in place while in office, people aspiring after me will have what to offer the people, if you don’t like it you are going to reject it because it is not going to be business as usual; it is going to serious business in my administration. We will try to solve the many problems of this state”.

He described governance as a serious business and as such it was wrong for politicians to be wasting time especially in appointing Commissioners after their swearing in 

“I will start by making sure that my commissioners are announced before are by swearing in so that by the time the house if inaugurated we hand them the list, governance is a serious business and there is no time to waste because when you waste time you are wasting the people’s time”.

The Oron born politician who stormed the party with his numerous supporters frowned at a situation whereby people will work and not get paid by the government at month end or after retirement and promised to offset any amount owned workers in the state. 

“We are going to commit to pay all the debt the government is owing, the workers, pensioners, or peoples gratuity, we will make sure that we clear the debt without wasting time. Because people cannot work and not get paid, people cannot suffer for years and not get paid. These are some of the changes that are coming, a lot are coming too. The health system will also be changed, this is no we will have the facility that we have and yet people are dying every day we will stop that”.

Dr. Edet Efretuei promised to ensure that his government gets it right in the area of Health, Education and other sector of the Economy, condemning the decay that the sectors have witnessed so far due to improper management by successive government. “We are going to revolutionize our education sector because the facilities are there. The standards will be changed; this government is going to be about making the people our focus. 

He further promised to ensure that the state under his watch will not solely on Crude Oil and monthly federal allocation for income. “We are coming to chart a course for our people a course that will change our dependency on oil and allocation. We are going to harness or resources and be independent”.

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