Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Royal Father calls for free and fair election

A royal father in the State, Chief Paul Umoessien has advised that the forth-coming general elections should be free and fair.

Speaking with our reporter at Abak, Chief Umoessien who is the village Head of Ikot Ufen, Afaha Obong in Abak Local Government Area, warned against thuggery and violence, stressing that Nigerians want peace and everybody should have peace.

“We want free and fair election. We don’t want violence and we don’t want thuggery. Nigerians want peace and everybody should have peace”; the royal father stated.
The Village Head called on politicians not to take the election as a do-or-die affair, but should rather exhibit the spirit of sportsmanship.

He advised that a level playing field should be provided so that the electorates could go out and elect who they want in a very peaceful and transparent manner. “We want free and fair elections the masses should be given the opportunity to exhibit their franchise in a very peaceful and transparent manner. Our politicians should exhibit true-spirit of sportsmanship and it should not be a do-or-die affair, Chief Umoessien advised.

The royal father also advised the youths against destroying lives and property, pointing out that no meaningful development could be achieved in the atmosphere of rancour.

The village head noted that as the future leaders, the youths should always maintain peace and do something to keep them together. He condemned the incessant bombings and killing of innocent citizens by the boko haram sect.

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