Monday, 12 January 2015

G22, so long a threat BY SOLOMON JOHNNY

G22, so long a threat

It is time to Act either for or against both Udom and the PDP. The options are First, to keep principles aside, accept the fraud through which Udom emerged candidate of the PDP and support him and work for his success at the election. The very pompous Udom, like his benefactor Governor Akpabio then Lords over as the ultimate Victor and shares the spoil of government, if he wishes with them.

The second option is to stick to principle and maintain the firm stance against Udom and the flawed processes through which he emerged. This however cannot be done within the umbrella of the PDP so as not to be slammed with anti party charges. This is where dumping the PDP comes in and doing so will be making good the long pronounced threats.

If anyone asks me which of these options I shall have taken if I were a member of the G22, I shall have gone for the second. My reason for the second is that I feel that the processes through which Udom emerged, from the delegate election of November 1, to the nomination itself purportedly done on December 8, was alarmingly criminal and fraudulent. Governor Godswill Akpabio in imposing Udom on the PDP, took impunity too far. He is not ashamed of a process in which 99% of the aspirants faulted. He is not ashamed of a process in which stakeholders, former governors, three sitting senators from the state have faulted and I wonder how he thinks he can win Akwa Ibom State for PDP except without rigging and making this state a killing field.

Can the G22 quitting the PDP help our democratic process to grow? I think it will because it will put other political parties on their toes to conduct party matters in a way and manner that will be seen to be free, fair and then acceptable. I encourage the G22 to quit the PDP even for the mere fact that the party has not deemed it necessary to honour the several appointments she fixed with the group. That too, is insensitivity and impunity exhibited by the party when it should not. 

I have always been calling for a free and fair democratic processes at all levels of our political engagements. The earlier we support it and discourage hooliganism in our parties and governmental affairs, the better for us. Those who may benefit from today’s political scraps will be at the receiving end tomorrow. After all, Obong Nsima Ekere, Patrick Ekpotu, Obong Umana Umana, Bishop Sam Akpan, Ekpeyong Ntekim...who played several uncanny roles to impose Akpabio on PDP and this state in 2011 are not better served today by that same Akpabio. the emerging Tiger and tin god they created through criminality is ravaging them today and grievously raping the state.

So why corrupt a simple democratic process that should naturally be free to allow possibly the best and most acceptable among the people to emerge?

Our system is sick but gladly, is beginning to heal itself through the emergence of a strong alternative political party capable of forming a better government next year. We have to help the system to heal itself fast to serve us and our communities better.

Therefor, it is time for the G22 to make good their threats or back down and take instruction from Governor Akpabio and Mr. Udom Emmanuel.
So Long a talk.

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