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Akwa Ibom journalists’ attitude of gratitude to God BY IDRIS MABADEJE

A’Ibom journalists’ attitude of gratitude to God BY IDRIS MABADEJE

Social Scientists have discovered  that people who are thankful for what they have are better able to cope with stress, have more positive emotions, and are better able to reach their goals.

 According to Dr. Murail Doraiswamy, head of biologic psychology at Duke University Medical Centeronce, “If thankfulness were a drug, it would be the world’s best-selling product with a health maintenance indication for every major organ system.”

 The health benefits and spiritual imperatives of thanksgiving perhaps informed why the Bible, in Psalm 92 verse 1, says, “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD ...”. 

Sadly, however, it is common among humans to easily forget acts of kindness or good gestures extended to them by Almighty God and fellow humans, even though ingratitude has robbed many of available and expected blessings.
On the contrary, those who have learnt to express gratitude to God and fellow humans in acknowledgement of expected or received benefits always attract more benefits and goodwill. 

Thanksgiving or attitude of gratitude is the will of God and should never be downplayed by individuals, groups or societies, that hope to achieve extraordinary feats. Thanksgiving flows from a heart that is overwhelmed by what God has done, is doing, and will ultimately do. 

To underscore the importance of thanksgiving, the Holy Bible enjoins Christians to give thanks to God. In fact, it is doubtful if there is any religion or society that does not extol thankfulness as a virtue. 

As such, the decision of the Akwa Ibom State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists to hold a Thanksgiving Service, as a show of appreciation to the Almighty God, for His love, guidance and benevolent provisions for the year ended, is a welcome development. 

It is instructive to note that the leadership of Elder Patrick Albert, since coming on board in August 2013, has been consistent in taking members before God, either to appreciate Him or seek His guidance and direction for the affairs of the NUJ. 

It could be recalled that the Union under his leadership established NUJ Choir and followed up with the inaugurated of a Chaplaincy, with a mandate to hold Solemn Assemblies for the Union on a regular basis. It is little wonder then that the NUJ in Akwa Ibom State, has, under the leadership of Elder Albert recorded landmark strides in all ramifications. These are seen in increased membership to infrastructural leap and regular human capacity building.

 In 2014, the Union was able to erect Perimeter Fencing/Gate House, build a Mini Club House, Viewing Centre, upgrade facilities at the existing one-storey building, and provide offices for State Secretary, Treasurer and other Officers.
Also, the Union, in 2014, was able to equip a Mini Conference Hall, set up ICT Centre, received and distributed five (5) new Toyota Hiace Buses, received and distributed 1000 GOtv Decoders and 175 Laptops for members, acquired two (2) Giant Generators – a 60 KVA and a 150 KVA respectively, and implemented welfare programmes and packages for its members. Surely, he who gives thanks and praises to God can only get better. That is the testimony of the NUJ so far. 

A major feat also was to attract the State Governor on July 4, 2014 to personally perform the groundbreaking ceremony for the proposed Godswill Akpabio International Press Centre, which the governor happily pledged a donation of N100million for the take off of the historic project, which has a 1000-capacity Auditorium, Two-storey office complex and an NUJ Club House.
Apparently for these and more, NUJ members are worshipping at the Methodist Church Nigeria, Idung Ekaiko, Etebi Circuit, Esit Eket Local Government Area, for their 2015 Thanksgiving Service, just to say THANK YOU LORD! 

Another beautiful dimension in the NUJ thanksgiving Service is her disposition towards the promotion of unity, peace, development and tranquillity in the State as shown in taking the 2015 New Year Thanksgiving Service to Eket Senatorial District (ESD). 

As could be recalled, the NUJ held her 2014 New Year Thanksgiving Service in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District at the Rapture Trust Gospel Ministries International in Ukanafun Local Government Area.  

The drive by the NUJ to promote the oneness of our people irrespective of dialectal differences or geographical location is really commendable and should be encouraged. 

-Idris  is of the State Information Chapel of Akwa Ibom State Council, Nigeria Union of Journalists

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