Thursday, 22 January 2015

A New Breeze

A New Breeze

It is indeed a new breeze, an unusual  one blowing across the land, a breeze we have all being waiting for. yes indeed, that breeze that will inundate our minds and body, it is a breeze of change coming from the horizon, a breeze that has the potentials to turn the feeblest of minds to a great leader, alas! it is THE PODIUM OF LEADERSHIP, a sensational talkshow anchored by the senior special adviser on power, Dr Victor Udo, a programme which focuses in bringing out that inate abilities especially in the youths. 
when the programme started sometime last year, it was perceived as a hoax, a platform for undue popularity, maybe for political gains but astonishingly, it has surpassed such reasoning and truly speaking, this is what we need at a moment or time like this in Akwa Ibom State. The noise about industrialisation is so loud that even the creatures in the ocean can attest to that, yes we need industries, but we should ask ourselves, are we really prepared, mentally, for the impact of industrialisation? Are those who run about idly, with politicians prepared for this? are those who lazily wait for “sugar daddies” to pay their bills ready for this? These are some of the questions we should sincerely ask ourselves. 
The Bible says “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” if our minds are not fully prepared, the whole idea of industrialisation will not work. The amiable Governor of our dear State, Chief (Dr) Godswill Akpabio has been able to build infrastructures that will bring about the needed industrialisation, it is left for us to sustain and maintain them, this is what THE PODIUM OF LEADERSHIP is trying to pass across, we have the capacity to make Akwa Ibom “the Dubai” of Nigeria, it is time for our gifted brothers and sisters, in Diaspora, to come, join hands together, to make this work, No foreigner will develop our land, we have everything to make this State great but first of all, lets change our mindset, let those whose aim in politics is to steal, defraud, embezzle state funds, have a change of heart and to those whose talent is in eating crumbs from politicians, gain wisdom and believe in themselves.

Dr Victor Udo, should be commended for putting up such a fantastic talk show, that is aired in both NTA and AKBC, a programme that psych the minds of the youths to aim higher. This is what a true leader is all about, someone who will descend from the pedestal of power to cling mind with those at the lower throng of the ladder. He has shown class and this is what we need in this state. It is indeed wonderful how he is able to connect with the audience and try as much to inspire them. 
In one of the editions, sometime last year, to the amazement of the audience, he gave a start-up fund for a plantain plantation, to someone in the audience who showed genuine interest in farming and to another, who produces “Akwa-chap” drink. THE PODIUM OF LEADERSHIP is a platform where indigenous technocrats, professionals, seasoned entrepreneur, etc, form a synergy with the populace to let them known that, they should not solely depend on government for everything but use their inabilities to achieve what they wish to become and make Akwa Ibom a better place than it was. Akwa Ibom needs more of the Victor Udo’s of this world, Akwa Ibom need great minds.

Let the new breeze saturate our minds. The future starts now. God Bless Dr Victor Udo

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