Thursday, 26 June 2014

Youths and Nigerian Politics BY ROLAND PHILIP

The present crop of political office seekers are in the process of continued plea for support, they are using everything possible to see that they convince all stakeholders in voting for them come 2015. While we keep watching, every Nigerian should also consider their lofty promises in each election year. We are tired of Nigerian political power seekers, they are ready to go out of their ways to give countless promises that cannot be redeemed even though it is obvious in the circumstances that they cannot fulfill their pledges, where are the pledges by our present political actors? most of them promised better living condition when they assume office, if it were possible they will promise Nigerians regular supply of Crude Oil to each family and allowance to meet their immediate needs.

Nigeria Politicians are perpetual liars without apology; they take advantage of the poverty stricken nature of the country to exploit the people, the bulk of the electorate are the poor and under privilege citizens, hence they are easily flirt around in order to get money from politicians.

Perhaps some of the politicians have good intention while aspiring to political office, but get confused by the huge some of money that gets to them on daily basis, or get corrupted by their colleague who have vowed to inflict hardship on the less privilege through the enactment of policies that are detrimental to the generality of the citizens. Politicians should give it a second thought during their campaign for power, they should not sell their conscience in the verge of seeking for power, and they should be resilient in their choice of words and desist from making promises that cannot be redeemed. In fact, Nigerians should watch out for any political miscreant with lofty promises that cannot be actualized; such person should be giving a red card almost immediately.

Politicians are found of using the Youth Restive nature as a political strategy to have their way, in most times they also talk about Women Empowerment as another avenue they desire to pitch their tent when they are given the opportunity to lead, we have heard a lot foul play in these areas yet nothing is been done to liberate the youth and the so called Women Empowerment programme from the dungeon of recklessness our youths are finding themselves in the present day Nigeria.

It gives me a great concern when I read about a political statement by some politician vowing to curb youth related problems by empowering them, in their usual words ''I vow to focus mainly on youth and women empowerment if given the opportunity to occupy the position''. If going by the promise giving a reliable credence I will urge all youths to give them the needed backing they required, but there is always a mixed feelings because the political class has failed us and will continue to fail us, this can only be proved wrong with divine intervention. They would further say, their priority, which has been their drive, is ''the empowerment of the youth and our women''. According to them, its because the youth have not been taken care of, that is why you have the high rate of youth restiveness that culminated in cultism in schools and all other vices facing the nation. "Its a pity, that with Nigeria's wealth of both human and natural resources there are still so many children and youths that do not go to school at all, and there are some that have left school without any form of employment for so many years. To such types, life seems so hopeless.

They seem lost, as they do not know what to do with themselves. And what would they do in such state of helplessness? It is so painful to contemplate it, but we must face fact, the devil, it is said, finds work for idle hands.

The hopes and aspiration given to youths by our politicians, if eventually comes to limelight, youths will have nothing to bother about while the country will experience the dawn of a new beginning, as a youth and a Nigerian, we are appealing to our political class to prove themselves worthy of the crown given to them by the electorate to rule, dish out the dividend of democracy and make our youths a prospective leaders of tomorrow. Youths can be assisted to rediscover their potentialities.

Youths need be taught what to do through small-scale industries, and empower them through soft loans to start off business. They are not lazy; an average Nigerian youth is an enterprising fellow. They are ready to work but there is no sense of direction. There are lots of ills in the society that need to be corrected, the citizens need to be assisted, the poor, the aged, the hopeless, and in fact, every member that constitutes the citizenry of the country. There are so many children out there roaming the streets, they need to be taken care of. It is not just about being in government, its about a mothers heart with the instrument of office.

The radiate nature of political office seekers, is so desperate to the extent that they can even deceive their own self, politician need to be credible in what ever they are saying since their manifestos define their vision and ambition.
Youths in the present time have to redefine themselves, they should try as much as possible to give their credence to a credible candidate who is not out to manipulate the youths and Nigerians as a way of gaining political power and turn out to be a torn in the flesh.

Nigeria has come of age where all and sundry should be able to deduce from the past on what to do when it comes to election matters, our votes should not be counted on sentiments, neither should it be on monetary gains, all hands should be on deck to make sure that every youth rise up to the task to reposition our self for a better tomorrow. The era of mortgaging your conscience and voting a sycophant for monetary gain should be a thing of the past, the current trend of politicians score card is below average owing to the fact, that continued hardship on the people by indirectly administering economic misdemeanor on the entire country due to their faceless policies. 

so i urge all youths in the country to come out inmass to vote for their conscience, youths cannot afford to stay out in the forth coming general election in 2015, its a duty to respite action and reclaim the country from the inconsequential and inconsistent crop of political office holder with inhuman polices thereby giving our mandate to a leader that is ready to serve and lead us to the promise land. As a youth, if you do not vote in the next general election you are endangering our future and enslaving the generation yet unborn, the time is now, we must do it now or never.

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