Thursday, 26 June 2014

Nse Joshua: Avigorous Servant BY UBONG SAMPSON

Service to humanity is a responsibility rested on the shoulders of every man; though individual capacity tends to determine the roles each has to play. That is to say, every individual has one or a few areas he functions effectively; hence, his capacity in terms of performance may not grant him the ability to function beyond its limit.

The duty of service to humanity, as required of every man, can rightly be regarded as an essence to livelihood because it is naturally based on the fact that no man is capacitated to exist and survive as an Ireland. One needs the other to survive, irrespective of the avaricious disposition of man which is somewhat conflicting to this fact.

In terms of service, man, incidentally, was predesigned with the freedom of choice, as regards which capacity to serve; and the said choice is usually influenced by his area of desire or interest, and a subsequently proven best functionality.
Owing to the necessity of growth and progress, the more man maximizes his capacity, the more responsibilities he naturally attracts; and this is usually as a result of the level of confidence, belief and trust which the people (in whichever constituency he finds himself) have in him, owing to his deliveries in times past. And fact remains that as long as he pays due regard to the principles of goodwill and progressiveness, his constituency shall keep enlarging till the day after he ceases to exist.

Now, there is this man I know of whom, since the beginning of his existence, has never evaded any opportunity to serve whenever one came his way. In fact, service to humanity has been a hobby to him throughout his lifetime. He is known to be a friend to all and always maintaining lasting cordial relationships with all whose paths cross with his. His image has had a projection to spotlight owing to his humane and humble disposition. Call him Mr Social if you so desire, but only when you have any official dealing with him I am sure, will you need NseEdem Joshua as his real names.

A native of AfahaIdoro-Oku Clan in Uyo Local Government Area and capital city of AkwaIbom State, Nse Joshua grew under a strict Christian and sound moral background, and the confines of this upbringing has he remained till date. He is a proud and responsible family man, having taken a walk down the aisle with his better half, a marriage that has been blessed with issues, binding them all as one big and happy family.

Having gathered, for keeps, the necessary qualities of civilization and cultural orientation, Nse Joshua's description would not fall short of that of a modern day man. Fully educated and earned the very necessary first university degree with a subsequently decent working career within beyond the confines of his academic field, he is one figure fit for any capacity in terms of public service.
Having followed the processes of formal education, Nse Joshua was finally gained academic independence in his chosen accounting field through an award of a Bachelor of Science degree in the said field. Without any fear of what the future held for him, he set out to the macro world with a full determined to excel, while submitting actively in service to his fatherland.

First, he heeded to a call to national service through the mandatory National Youth Service, as required of every fresh graduate, where he served as Marketing Officer under the National Electric Power Authority, Anambra State, after which he joined Ricky Ventures, a petroleum specialist firm where he served as Accountant.

Nse Joshua later joined former Atlantic Hotels, now ……….. in 2003, where he served as Control Officer and Internal Auditor for three years before moving to Brooks Microfinance Bank in 2006 to serve as Marketing Officer, a position he held till 2008 before answering a call to public service in Uyo Local Government Council, where he served as Supervisor for Education. Having proven his capacity for greater tasks, he was indeed deemed fit for greater responsibilities by the authority under which he served; hence, his transfer to the Department of Environment, Mineral Lands and Town Planning a year after.

At the expiration of the administration under which he served in the council, Joshua's prudence, diligence and dedication to service which then became so outstanding and noted by many, attracted him to Hon EnobongUwah who started Governor Akpabio's second term Administration as Commissioner for Environment and Mineral Resources, and this earned him an appointment by the Commissioner as Special Adviser on General Duties, a post he held until last year when he decided to take another step of progress in life.

Having gathered so much wealth of experience in service of followership, Joshua, in his proven capacity to offer good leadership and versatile management skills, as well as ability to perform various tasks with no supervision, has been vested with political responsibilities in the past years- same which he took and delivered effective and positive results.

Coordinated the national body of Integrity Group, a renowned socio-political body in the state; served the Uyo Chapter of National Youth Council of Nigeria as Public Relations Officer (PRO); coordinated the Uyo Chapter of Continuity Advancement Group; served in Ibom Allied Congress as PRO; coordinated the protocol unit of Rostrum 2011, a campaign organization owned by Hon EnobongUwah; served as Assistant Secretary, Uyo for Godswill; and upon exhibiting a decent character and commitment to purpose of service, attracted a crowd of followers large enough to become a formidable force on its own. By way of creating a unique identity for itself, the group assimilated into one group known as AkwaIbom Patriotic Alliance, which he incidentally oversaw as Founder and Chairman.

With the above breath-taking profile, one will need no debate before getting the conviction that Joshua has undoubtedly given a commendable share of service to humanity. Surprisingly, he has despite going thus far, shown a tirelessly spirited face grimacing his desire to offer more services to humanity.

Nse Joshua, a fine gentleman, a character carefully built around the walls of honesty, a figure carefully designed to meet the image of his creator both in appearance and character, and above all, a humane being possessed with an undying spirit of selfless service to mankind. His like(s), I am sure, is what a onetime American President, John F. Kennedy had seen when he posited that “when a man excels in his chosen professional career, he should be given public office; not as compensation, but as reward for diligence and hardwork”. Having done his path, as required by nature and still with the desire to do more, this man called Joshua deserves a consideration as regards the above posit. For if he could excel with such a remarkable record in his personal, nay private career, then an unprecedented excellence could be the corollary, should the career of a few others, moreso, that of a community, be trusted in his hands.

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