Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Urue Offong/Oruko agog as Hon. Enyongekere declares *PDP Chapter Chairman says it is epoch making *Describes team as formidable

Oyubia, the widely acclaimed Western education powerhouse and intellectual hub of Oro nation last Saturday, August 19, witnessed an unprecedented influx of people. All, supporters of Hon. Nkereuwem  Enyongekere, a  local government Chairmanship hopeful, as he publicly declared his intention to vie for the Chairmanship seat of Urue Offong/Oruko Local Government Area.

The declaration which took place at the Chapter Office of the Peoples Democratic Party,PDP,was more or less a roll call of Who is Who in Urue Offong/Oruko politics.

Leaders of  thought, captains of industry and commerce, prominent administrators, eminent clerics, legal luminaries, ex-service men, market women and different youth groups from all nooks and crannies of the local government area pushed aside their various engagements to make the event both memorable and historic.

 Among those who attended were, Sir.Nukak Offong Ante(KJW),a former Commissioner in the erstwhile Cross River State and Chairman of the ENYONGEKERE DIVINE INTERVENTION CAMPAIGN NETWORK(EDICAN),Chief  Eyo Asukwo Eyo (Akpaha Oro),Vice Chairman of the Network, Chief Effiong E.Uweh, director general of the team, Elder(Chief)Etim Okodi Uko, a retired bank manager and Caucus Chairman,Elder(Chief) O. U. Bassey (Akpaha Oro), Engr. Effiong Henry Otu, Hon.Okpo Edeke, PDP Chapter Chairman and all his executive members,Chief (Mrs.)Jane Paul, Mrs. Elizabeth Mbang.

Addressing the gathering, the Chairman of the Network, Sir.Nukak  Offong Ante(KJW) said local government was the most important and serious tier of government because it is closest to the people.Sir  Nukak Ante said it was the local government that provides the people with the much needed development and that who ever is elected Chairman must be a person of proven integrity as he would reflect the status of the local government hence, should be wisely chosen.

Sir Ante boldly averred that as important as the local government is, it was alarming that its affairs has over the years been handed into the hands of questionable and irresponsible people and implored the government of the day and the Peoples Democratic Party Chapter executive to make a drastic U-turn in view of the forth-coming November 11 election.

“The man here understands the terrain and knows what to do in Urue Offong/Oruko. I imlore you to make sure that he is given a chance.”Sir Ante  however called on all men of good will in  Urue Offong/Oruko who believe in education as the key to sustenance, to join hands and support Hon.Enyongekere.

In his presentation, Chief  Effiong Uweh,the director general of the team respectfully called for a minute silence in honour  of the departed heroes of Urue Offong/Oruko. Chief Uweh said the visit to PDP Chapter Executive was necessitated by unfolding political developments in view of the forth-coming local government elections.

“We have come here to plead with you, with utmost humility, that we have Hon.Nkereuwem Okon Enyongekere   as our candidate. Humble,learned, hansome and level-headed. He is our choice for the fast-approaching polls. He had contested and won two elections in the past but was robbed sadly of his mandate. Inspite of that, he has remained a peaceful and steadfast party man, so we present him to you.”

The Director General implored the Chapter executive of the PDP to not pick any body on its own without consulting the people but should ensure a level playing ground was created for all the aspirants to thrive.

As a prelude to his own submission, the Chairmanship hopeful, Hon.Nkereuwem Enyongekere knelt in humility before the huge crowd and party executive as he invited members of the clergy in his team to join him in praise and worship. He calmly intimated the chapter executive of the PDP of his all-embracing manifesto embedded under:

(Creating of a conducive climate for business
(b)Citizens assembly/welfare for youth, elders, aged, women, leaders of thought, students, applicants and children. 
(c)Moral engineering and social reconstruction
(d)Business/entrepreneurial skills/education and training
(e)Establishment of small and medium scale enterprises
(f)Aggressive  Agricultural  programme
(g)Urban and rural community development
The Chairmanship aspirant went down memory lane as he reminded the people of his odyssey in politics from the days of the UNCP. He said he was divinely inspired to join the race.

“At twenty six our Local Government is still crawling. I come here to strengthen the party machinery and the entire local government to be remembered after your tenure. Poverty has eaten deep into our people. Bursary has not been paid to students for about five years now. 

I believe in good governance and I’m versed in administration. We want to harness our maritime resources. We shall bring in investors to help develop our ceramics. Our internal roads have become impassable. We have not improved in any way and l want to change this.”

Hon. Enyongekere promised to construct a permanent party office as well as visit the party executive every month. He said in him, the wailings of the people has ascended to God.

Receiving the team with his entire executive members, the Urue Offong/Oruko Chapter Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Hon. Okpo  Edeke thanked leaders and members of the team for their visit. Hon. Edeke said any body who could parade such experienced people and leaders was sure of victory.

“It takes a credible man to convince these great men and women to join his team. This is a formidable team. This is not an ordinary declaration, it is a declaration with great spiritual connotation hence, epoch making.”

He said there won’t be any imposition, promising that whoever wins the election must be a man of the people as that was the message from the government. He further begged the aspirant to ensure he reconcile the contending forces within the party when elected.

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