Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Introducing Uduot Jack: the Etim Ekpo political gladiator

Introducing Uduot Jack: the Etim Ekpo political gladiator


One man who didn’t play politics with the mandate of the electorate is Hon. Udout Jack that is why In life, there is an unarguable fact that in every era there exist stories of men who hugged the pages of history in shapping society. That is why, there has never been a glorious achievement without an accompanying story worth telling a hundred times.

One of such men of intellectual profundity, administrative prowess, is Hon. Uduot Jack former local government chairman of Etim Ekpo, who by special grace of God is the member, Akwa Ibom State Road Maintenance Board.

Though Hon. Jack naturally is a soft spoken person when observed from a distance, but indeed his is a loud voice When it comes to grassroots mobilization. He is an unstoppable voice that rolls as deep and majestically as the rivers that define the southern borders of the Atlantic. And many love him for his humility, accessibility, friendliness and his constant willingness to help whoever is in need whether friend or foe.

This amicable Etim Ekpo political gladiator is a man of many parts a multiple mix that mean different things to different people all of which end are a cacophony of eternal goodness, he is a rallying point and perfect example of discipline and exemplary living. A quintessential parliamentarian who strives for perfection in the discharge of his duties and his colleagues and business moguls will always attest to the fact.

He is a leader with exceptional strength, ability and vision. The depth of his understanding of policies, administration and their backgrounds proves vital in his effort towards the business of piloting the affairs of Etim Ekpo with following achievement. 

1. Renovation of the old secretariat
2. Building of a new secretariat with 2,500 seat capacity hall and 24 offices, completed, furnished and commissioned.
3. Peremetter fencing of the entire secretariat.
4. Purchase of utility vehicle to principals, staff, the council secretary, vice chairman and leader of council.
5. Building of health center at Ikpe Antai but not completed
6. Grading of rural roads
7. Payment of committees through out his tenure
8. Construction of open market stores at Eka Affiong and many others

This Hon. Uduot Jack is a great motivator and a steel frame for the advancement of people-oriented causes. A constant contributor in debates who possesses the uncommon ability to pursue popular causes even if they vary with his own personal interest. He is not only an astute technocrat and a team player; he has integrity that can be described as uncommon in this part of the world. 

He is the irrepressible champion of the people; a bridge builder who has gone through the fiery furnace of the local government politics unscathed but with dignity and honour and a success always in knitting together people of diverse religious, ethnic and cultural background under one roof.
For him, obstacles are merely hurdles that must be overcome in life’s journey and that life would have no meaning if there were no challenges

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