Thursday, 31 August 2017

Fresh trouble for Moses Ekpo * Deputy Governor’s cashier robbed in broad day light * Dispossessed of over 50million Naira * Police yet to effect arrest, shots innocent person instead

A Toyota Saloon car which was last Wednesday robbed along Paul Bassey by Brooks street in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital has been linked to the office of the Deputy Governor Mr. Moses Ekpo.

Government House sources who identified the car with registration number AK 705 CO1 said the vehicle belongs to the office of the Deputy Governor.

It was gathered that the occupants of the car a driver and female Mandu who is the cashier in the Deputy Governor’s office escaped unhurt while the armed men who looked fierce and deadly carted away over 50million Naira.

The car is said to have returned from a transaction in one of the new generation banks in Uyo before being caught up by the dare devil robbers.

THE INK Portal gathered that the robbers must have acted on a tipoff, then decided to trail the vehicle to the point it was accosted before unleashing torrents of pellets on the boot of the car to force it open. 

The robbers are said to have operated unchallenged for over twenty minutes, and when they must have succeeded, they then escaped through the popular and most secured barracks road.

Meanwhile, followers of the incident are worried that a vehicle attached to the office of a number two citizen of Akwa Ibom State could be robbed following a tipoff and twenty minutes later, the police could not respond even as no arrest have been made close to a week after the ugly event took place.

This, they say is even worse that a cashier attached to that office was trailed fuelling speculations that the security nature of that office is porous, and/or that the security has been breached.

Our reporter understands that ever since that incidence took place, that there have been suspicions and tension in the deputy governor’s office as everyone is now a suspect, and a visitor to that office is being looked at with one eye.

The question on the lips of everyone has been who did that, who leaked the information of the cashier’s trip to the bank to the robbers, could it have been an insider in the deputy governor’s office or was the breach from the bank? This is a puzzle THE INK portal gathered has been on the minds of top ranking citizens in the deputy governor’s office.

Others have also queried where the Deputy Governor must have had over fifty million naira when he is alleged to be telling the people that he does not see such amount of money in this administration. What he wanted to use such funds for could not also be established as close aides to the man say the money must have been for some secret purposes. They refused to open up on what secret purposes they were claiming.

On what has been the reactions from the deputy governor, Moses Ekpo on this happening, sources from government house say Mr. Ekpo has been sober and utterly speechless and confused. Our sources refused further comments when asked if Mr. Ekpo has called a meeting to address the matter, our reporter was ignored.

As at the time this report was filed, the driver of the vehicle and cashier attached to the deputy governor’s office could not be reached. A staff in the deputy governor’s office said, the cashier has been in shock since then and have been advised to see a psychologist.

The driver is said to have sought some medicals as it is likely that he may have sustained some internal injuries while escaping from the dare devils bullets.

It could be recalled that when the robbers attacked that fateful Wednesday, police only arrived the scene when the robbers had finished their mission.
A chase on the robbers only resulted to a stray bullet from the police hitting an innocent citizen who was struggling for the cash thrown into the crowd at Ibom Plaza by the robbers.

As at the time of going to the press, the police in Akwa Ibom State were bereaved of information on this matter. Initial reaction from the police hierarchy was that of uncertainty. Till date, no official information has been released from the police and/or the deputy governor’s office. Efforts to get them speak on the matter did not yield any result till this paper went to bed last night.

However, what the cash was meant to achieve, who instructed the transaction to be carried out were yet to be disclosed.

Meanwhile, the case instituted against Nsibiet John by the Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Moses Ekpo will continue today in the Akwa Ibom State Magistrate Court 2 in Uyo.

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