Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Fresh crises looms in Ika


The people of Ito clan in Ika Local Government Area have cried out over the marginalization of the region and have accordingly called on the Akwa Ibom State Government to come to their aid.

The clan acting through Ito Youth Assembly in a letter signed by Aniebiet Etukudo, Mkpoikana Mendie, Linus Obohoso, Eniefiok Abara and Namkere Okunah accused the State Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of being the oppressor in chief of the clan. 

In a letter addressed to the Governor and copied our news desk, ITO clan said, ‘Ika is made up of three (3) Clans namely ACHAN, ITO, and ODORO. Out of these 3 clans, there is a clear injustices and imbalance in the distribution of your appointments. Achan have taken all state and sensitive PDP appointments allocated to the Local Govt. Area respectively’

Advancing the cause of their grievances further, the clan maintained that all sensitive positions for the Local Government Area have been hijacked by Uwemedimo Nwoko for Achan clan and posited further that, ‘Your Excellency, recently you met with stakeholders of the 31 Local Government Areas please kindly refer back to that very list, also there is another list – (Elders/Election Matters) submitted or about to be submitted to you  and the party,25 names in number. With all due respect, kindly take a look into Ika list, obviously what you notice is a family business, brothers and sisters of same parents, first cousins, Uncles, In – laws, etc. still this same clan, Achan have taken over that list.

Your Excellency, we like to state very unequivocally that our grouse is not with you or the party. We see every day, efforts being made by you and the party to address issues of impunity so that internal Democracy can reign. We are filled with sadness and regrets, it is painful, vexatious and perplexing, that after we had given the largest votes in support to your victory, few selfish individuals have made us to stand outside and watch benefits from your laudable programs while they manipulate every opportunity to themselves.

And the State Attorney General, Barr Uwemedimo Nwoko is our oppressor in chief. Nwoko is the one creating all this unnecessary tension in Ika Local Government Area. He wants to be the only cock to crow in the LGA, that is why he has been hiding this basic fact from you. ITO clan needs to be free; ITO clan wants to produce the next Chairman of Ika Local Government Area.

Your Excellency, needless of bothering you with what you have already known, that Ika have witnessed so many bloodbath in the past due to selfish and greedy act of politicians in the area. Still no lesson learnt. Now that the Local Government Election is coming up on the 11th November this year, instead of our leaders to come together and speak in one voice to bring out one credible candidate as Local Government Chairman, each of them have different candidates in their pockets with documented agreements. From the serving Commissioner,  Uwemedimo Nwoko, House Member, Gabriel Tobby, Board Member – Road Maintenance to Board Member Technical School Board, all of them have perfected strategies to install their various chairmanship candidate with documented agreement’

The clan appealed to the Governor to come to their rescue so that their confidence in the state Chief Executive can be emboldened.

Meanwhile, the office of the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party have acknowledged receipt of a letter from ITO clan of Ika Annang. and have however promised to work on the contents to the benefit of every persons in the Local Governmnet Area.

When contacted on the allegations raised against him, the Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of the State Uwemedimo Nwoko denied being responsible for the marginalization of any clan in Ika Local Government Area. In an sms sent to our reporter, Uwemedimo Nwoko said, ‘Its not true, no part of Ika is marginalized’. 


  1. We are all Akwaibomight but we don't see any benefit in our state as Akwaibomight

  2. And we are asking for peace and unity in ika youth we are suffering our parents are suffering too