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Akwa United FC’s accident by Club Chairman, Paul Bassey, says staff

Akwa United FC’s accident by Club Chairman, Paul Bassey, says staff

An hindsight as to what led to the accident of Akwa United FC on Abia State road has been given by some players and staff of the Uyo based Clubside over the weekend. 

It could be recalled that about last week, the bus of Akwa United FC conveying technical crew and players of the team was involved in an accident. The accident involved the Akwa United Bus which was Donated to the Club by the State Governor Mr. Udom Emmanuel.

When THE INK portal correspondent inquired from some technical crew members and players of the team the cause of the accident, they acknowledged that it was a case of break failure on the part of the Akwa United Bus.

An interesting dimension was however introduced into the matter when upon further questioning most of the respondents directeed blame on Mr. Paul Bassey, the Chairman of Akwa United FC. 

A member of the technical committee who refused his name in print for fear of being victimized by Paul Bassey the Chairman of the club said he overheard when the driver told the chairman of the club that the break in the car is not good and that there is a need for it to be fixed before embarking on such jouirney to the far North but that the chairman ignored him and told him to manage the vehicle to Jigawa State.

The Bus Driver is said to have insisted again that he is afriad the bus may disappoint and cause a terrible crises along the road. But Paul Bassey is said to have insisted that the diver either proceeds with the journey or will have his job terminated there and then for querying him. Paul Bassey, THE INK portal reporter gathered had murmured that he has not been getting enough allocation and impress as he is supposed to from the state Government. He is alleged to have added also that he has for sometimes now been using his personal funds to run Akwa United and hence he cannot use his personal money to fix the vehicle.

For fear of losing his job, the Bus Driver is said to have reluctantly moved the vehicle enroute Jigawa State only for the vehicle to true to the suspicion of the Bus Driver run into the accident in Abia State fcausing a stalemate in the Jigawa trip where the team was to play HALSA FC of Jigawa State in one of the fixtures of the ongoing FA Cup.

When news of this accident was sent back home, the team was however sent a vehicle from Uyo which then ferried the technical crew and plyers of the club to Jigawa State after the club had passed the night in Enugu State.

Akwa United FC’s accident by Club Chairman, Paul Bassey, says staff

Even at this, Paul Bassey, the chairman of Akwa United F‘C refused to accommodate these players in a Hotel. The players and crew members while complaining to our reporter lamented how they slept in the Bus while some slept in sheds even as others loittered the adjoining streets in Enugu State. 
This development caused an uproar among players and crew members who almost attacked the bus driver only for the innocent Driver to confess that he had earlier told the club leadership the problem with the Bus. 

It was further learnt that the journey to Jigawa State which was earlier scheduled for two days eventually took up to three days. The team however arrived, trained and played HALSA FC and luckily defeated their host by 3goals to one.

Some members of the team are said to have however suffered minor bruises as a result of the accident.

The Chairman of the club who is fingered and accused of negligence when contacted refuesd to comment. 
Akwa United FC’s accident by Club Chairman, Paul Bassey, says staff

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