Sunday, 22 September 2013

Forum of former deputy governors sues for peace in PDP

Forum of former deputy governors sues for peace in PDP

The forum of former Deputy Governors has appealed for peace in the crises that is currently rocking the Peoples Democratic Party. The group in a release signed by Abdulmalk Mahmud and Chris Ekpenyong Former Dep. Gov. Bauchi State and Former Dep. Gov. Akwa Ibom State who are the Chairman and secretary respectively  said, We in the forum of Former Deputy Governors of Nigeria, FFDGN have noted with great and grave concern the recent happenings in the People’s Democratic Party, PDP  especially as it concerns the actions and inactions of some key members at its just concluded special convention which has led to infighting, rancor and division, capable of further disintegrating our party and obviously posing a veritable threat to our democracy”.

The group observed further that, the current unpretended schemes within the party calls for deep reflection on the propriety or otherwise of the actions or inactions of the two parties in the seeming conflict. It also raises serious concerns about our cravings to have a nation where democracy is deeply entrenched and rooted on the core principles of mutual co-existence, tolerance, brotherhood, unity, accommodation, integration and peace. We do not intend to pass blames over the perceived past wrongs that led to the present or the perceived present wrongs that has threatened the future.

In a release, the group said, “Our interest is in the sustainability of the democracy which we all fought and worked and are still working for; since we know that democracy is the only hope for a peaceful, prosperous, progressive and developed nation. What our democracy needs is the strengthening of our parties to serve as efficient intermediaries and mass mobilizers for our people to feel the impact of good governance. When parochial and short term issues are taken as an excuse to destabilize patriotic and long term interests, it is the greatest height of evil and felony, any group of persons can commit against a nation”.

The forum of Deputy Governors maintained that Politics therefore in our parties should take a back stage and genuine patriotism should take front stage. The founders of PDP had laid an impeccable foundation for co-existence through hardwork, diligence, dedication, commitment and respect for constituted authority. 

“We urge all the ‘parties’ in the ‘conflict’ to note that the PDP, by all convention, nature, reason and experience; and by extension, our democracy and the nation which we all crave to make better; is greater than our individual self and personal/political interest. We have noted the claims and counter-claims by parties involved in the dispute. We also note that as a large party, there can never be an unanimity of opinion. We however think the parties should not allow the situation to degenerate and lead to a disintegration of a party which is standing as a potent pillar of our democratic experience. We urge whoever is wrong in the midst not to be shy in admitting that he or she erred, and appeal that he or she corrects the error in the interest of our long history of a mutual friendly and family-oriented relationship.

In that wise, we urge all parties to the conflict to stop making inflammatory statements that is capable of stocking more flames and igniting more fire that could threaten the peace of the party, our democracy and our nation. We appreciate the role played by Mr. President in kick-starting a process of dialogue rather than use his might as the party leader, to settle the issue. It goes to show Mr. President as one person who is sensitive and responsive to the needs of the party and committed to the resolution of its problems.

We urge all party members to follow Mr. President’s direction because it is only in dialogue, that the party will become stronger and our democracy will become the better for it”. The release concluded.

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