Monday, 6 February 2017

Slug: Don’t leave the fight to protect Christians’ lives to Suleiman alone – Christian leaders told

Slug: Don’t leave the fight to protect Christians’ lives to Suleiman alone – Christian leaders told

Church leaders in Nigeria have been tasked not to leave the fight to protect the lives of Christians in Sothern Kaduna and other parts of the country to Apostle Johnson Suleiman and Bishop David Oyedepo.

Similarly, Christians in President Muhamadu Buhari’s government have been advised to resign from their positions if they cannot put their acts together to stop the ongoing murder of Christians by the marauding herdsmen claimed to be non-Nigerians.

The Chairman of Council, Lutheran Church of Nigeria (LCN) Aka Offot, Uyo, Mr Joseph Effiong,who said this while delivering his inaugural address to the church on Sunday, said Christians have never had it so bad in the nation’s history.

“This is the worst of times in Nigerian history for the poor and Christians. The economy has turned many families into destitute; unemployment is at its peak; cost of living is in its highest, supply of social amenities is in its lowest; insecurity is at its worst and Christians have suddenly become endangered species.

While we are calling on the federal government to begin to formulate credible economic policies that will instil confidence in foreign direct investment, ease pressure on foreign exchange and create jobs for teeming youths in the country, we are equally calling on them to protect the lives and property of the citizens from the marauding  Fulani herdsmen, whom we are told are not Nigerians, but are killing Nigerian Christians in Southern Kaduna, Agatu, Enugu and many other towns while the federal government  and some affected state governments, whose primaries duties should be to protect the lives and property of the defenceless citizens, appear to look the other way and engage in rhetoric.”

“We have Christians in the government, from vice president to ministers, speaker of the House of Reps, special advisers, etc. If they, out of fear, over-loyalty, omission or commission, cannot put their acts together to put a stop to this genocide against Christians, they do should do the needful; they should resign.  Fighting to save Christians should not be left for Apostle Johnson Suleiman and Bishop David Oyedepo alone.”

Effiong also asked Akwa Ibom State government to put in legislative or administrative measures to protect the lives and properties of its citizens from the herdsmen who are steadily inching into the state and destroying the crops of poor farmers.

While lamenting the economic recession which generates only unemployment on daily basis instead of jobs, the church chairman, however, advised the youth not to always wait for white collar jobs which correspond with what they read in school before they accept to do; provided such are not immoral, illegal and injuries to their health but would put food on their table and sustain their dependants. 

“This is not the time for families to engage in activities that would drain the little resources at their disposal; rather whatever is available should be used for the optimum benefits of the members of the family and to the service of God. Summarising that, I would say: Husbands, do yourselves a favour, love your wives. Wives, do yourselves, a favour respect your husbands. Children, do yourselves a favour, honour your parents. Parents, do yourselves a favour, guide and protect your children. The society and the church depend on the family,” he said.

The church council and the fellowship leaders were installed by the resident minister, Rev Ukemeobong Akpan.

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