Monday, 6 February 2017

Hon. (Barr) Aniefiok Dennis Akpan ...His benevolent reflections in lawmaking

Hon. (Barr) Aniefiok Dennis Akpan ...His benevolent reflections in lawmaking

Benevolence is a matter of gods and the few humans that understand that the unction of receiving in hundred-folds is a function of giving freely. Thus, philanthropy becomes the secret elixir that sustains humanity.

This axiom is no more justified, than in the life, endeavours and aspirations of the Chairman, House Committee on Judiciary,Justice,Human Right & Public Petition of the 6th Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Hon. (Barr.) Aniefiok Dennis Akpan; whose living has continued to impact positively and deposit blessings in the lives of hundreds and thousands that are fortunate to cross his path daily.

The great people of Etinan State Constituency who stand to benefit the more from his kind gestures- as their representative- than others, have never been more hallowed and opportuned than now that this mighty hand stands to serve and represent their interest in the Legislative Chambers of AKHA.

In just last year, through the assertive and rallying voice of Barr. Dennis Akpan more positive impacting projects had been attracted to the constituency than in any other time.

Needless tell that the School of Health Technology, Etinan has been transformed to a College, Computer based gadgets including monitors, CPUs, UPS and many more has been donated to various academic institutions including St. Theresa Girls Secondary School in Edem Ekpat; trade has been taught and equipments administered to the huge human capacity that is unemployed in Etinan state Constituency.

His efforts were no more pronounced than in Christmas, when Barr. Dennis Akpan brought joy and cheer to the heart and faces of the Iman people by subsisting in cash and edible presents to ameliorate the hardship in the land and provide food for the hungry and poor masses.

‘The People’s Assemblyman’ as he is fondly called has widened the reach of his gifted hands and benevolence to touch the lives of Akwa Ibomites, through life touching bills sponsored by this erudite lawmaker which among others include “A bill to provide for the protection and interest of Akwa Ibom Consumers” which recently passed its second reading. 

This trend has carried even into the new year to the vast populace, Hon. (Barr.) Dennis Akpan becomes the solace to run to at times of discord, the voice to hear in the loudness of silence and the opposing hand in the presence of hunger.

For continuing to be a blessing to this generation and an astute and stellar icon to a teeming crop of political mediocres, I doff my hat and implore more blessings and grace on this messianic servant of the good people of Etinan state Constituency. May he keep waxing in strength and health- for Akwa Ibom state needs more of his type.

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