Monday, 6 February 2017

Fresh trouble hits Akpabio’s dynasty …Nsentip faces litigation over N52m debt

Fresh trouble hits Akpabio’s dynasty …Nsentip faces litigation over N52m debt

One of the Akpabios Nsentip Akpabio appears to have bitten off more than he can chew over his alleged conversion and illegal seizure of the sum of fifty two million naira belonging to volt-Amp Ltd, an Electrical Engineering company.

Volt –Amp Ltd which is presided over by Engr. U. T Essien had sometimes ago raised the alarm that Nsentip Akpabio who is one of the Directors in Pyramid Engr. Construction Co. Ltd since February 2011 has withheld funds meant for Volt-Amp illegally.

Volt – Amp according to a letter from Mike Ozekhome’s Chambers leaked from Nsentip Akpabio’s office to our reporter said, it had employed all friendly and Diplomatic Efforts to get Nsentip Akpabio pay to the company the said sum of money but that all treatises has always fallen on deaf ears.

THE INK reporter was informed by some aides of Nsentip Akpabio that Volt-Amp Company has no business transaction with Nsentip Akpabio and hence the company should go look for someone else to ventilate their anger on as Nsentip cannot and will never pay since he has never transacted business with Volt-Amp Company. 

THE INK understands from a letter served by Mike Ozekhome’s chambers on Nsentip that sometimes in the year 2011, the government of Akwa Ibom State, through the Ministry of Works and Transport, awarded a Contract to Pyramid Engr. And Construction Company for the street lighting of Mbiabong to Airport Road in Uyo.

The letter indicates that Nsentip Akpabio’s Pyramid Engr. And Construction Company had consulted and retained the services of Volt-Amp Ltd for the Engineering design of the project; an exercise the consulting company performed religiously to conclusion but unfortunately has not been paid the consultancy fee which it said amounted to the sum of fifty two million naira only.

Worried by the none remittance of her due sum to Volt-Amp Ltd, our reporter gathered that the company had approached the ministry of Works in the state and made demands for the funds.

The Ministry which was then presided over by Mr. Don Etim as the commissioner is said to have presented a letter where the said money was paid to Volt-Amp through the company of Nsentip Akpabio.

The letter from the ministry was authenticated by the Head of Department, Electrical Engineering Directorate of Akwa Ibom State Government and dated 21st February, 2011. 

Upon the realization of this, our reporter was informed by a senior staff in the Ministry of Works last weekend at Udo Udoma that Volt-Amp had approached Don Etim to intervene and that upon the intervention of the former Commissioner for Works, Nsentip reluctantly agreed to pay only for him to back pedal and challenged Engr. U T Essien to do his worst.

Some members of staff of Pyramid Engr., and Construction Company who spoke to THE INK reporter maintained that Nsentip was not bothered about the letter from Mike Ozekhome’s chambers. They said our boss is highly connected and I can tell you that Ozekhome’s chambers will fail in this one. They queried why Engr. U T Essien will seek the help of a law firm to claim his debt and expressed anger with the involvement of the legal services of Mike Ozekhome.

An aide to Nsentip Akpabio who volunteered information to THE INK reporter said, Volt-Amp can go to hell for as I care, we are in charge and we know how to deal with people like that.

When asked what the reaction of Nsentip was when he saw the letter from Volt-Amp’s solicitors, Nsentip’s aide retorted that the former Governor’s brother described the letter as a mere waste of time by both the consulting law firm and Volt–Amp company. 

The legal chamber has however given Nsentip Akpabio fourteen days to remit the N52m debt to Volt–Amp otherwise they will prosecute legal action and demand One Billion Naira only including interest on the said money being owed Engr. U T Essien’s company. 

Meanwhile, Nsentip Akpabio refused to speak with THE INK when contacted for his own position personally on the matter.    

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