Monday, 6 February 2017

Exposed! How NGC defrauds job seekers

Exposed! How NGC defrauds job seekers

– Claims to partner WHO, NMA, CDC
– Extort money from victims
– Uses the Police to manhandle victims


A fraudulent group known as Noble-steps Growing Concept (NGC) has emerged in Uyo with a new technique of defrauding job seekers in the state.

The group which has an office at No. 183 Ikot Ekpene Road, a green storey building (first floor) opposite Shop and Save Supermarket, claiming to be a Non Governmental Organization, is engaged in extorting money from job seekers through a text message inviting them for a job interview, where they use a whole day to brainwash them in a seminar-like atmosphere, after which they spin money from them in the name of training/registration.

THE INK reporter who decided to carry out an investigation on the activities of the daredevil group, discovered that the group is a component of fraudsters who claim to employ people and train them on how to create awareness about an outbreak of a disease which they said would spread across African countries by the year 2020; and for a shortage of health personnel to involve in the awareness campaign, they decide to employ more people who will be sent to travel across African countries to create awareness about the “ 2020 anticipated disease.”

In addition to their brainwash, the group deceived that they have a partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) as well as Centre for Disease Control (CDC) who have subsidized their training fees and offered some very juicy monthly allowances to participants who would be successful at the end of the “interview”.

In the course of the brainwashing session by the group, one of the fraudsters who acted as the manager of the Lagos branch of the group and gave her name as Queen Brown, calculated the juicy allowance to be paid to successful participants, to the tune of three hundred thousand naira (N300,000.00) monthly; only on condition that the participants at the “interview” were able to pay thirty thousand naira (N30,000.00)  on two installments as registration for the License to practice as medical doctors during the awareness campaign.  She added that the ability to instantly pay the N30,000.00 was as an automatic qualification to become a successful candidate for the “job.”
Another member of the fraudulent NGC who gave her name as Peace confirmed in lies that the group partners with NMA, WHO and CDC to provide employment.

Fascinated by the juicy three hundred thousand naira (N300,000.00) monthly allowance, some of the unsuspecting job seekers who had such amounts in their accounts rushed to the banks to withdraw their monies to pay the fraudsters in order to be automatically qualified for the non-existed job.
A victim (Ifiok David’s) narrated his ordeal with the fraudsters on his facebook page thus:

“Akwa Ibom youths, stop falling prey to NGC or whatsoever they call themselves. I was sent a message from an anonymous number to attend a certain interview with a Non Governmental Organization that partners with WHO. I left what I was doing at the moment to attend that interview and I guess you already know the rest of the story. They brainwashed and dubbed me of N15,000 instantly that day and when I realized it was all scam, I went to ask for the refunds of my money. The MD of the place himself (Ifeanyi or whatsoever he calls himself) met me and told me the money was going to be refunded, only for me to be arraigned by heavily armed police officers some minutes later, who did this to me” (showing a picture of Police manhandling).
He continued: “AKWA IBOM youths stand up. 

These guys have extorted money from lots of us and have even spread to Eket and other areas in the state where they are not yet known. What annoys me most is that some of us too have been recruited to be employees of the shady business. Your brother, sister, Son, daughter, wife, husband etc could be the next victim. I went there today peacefully, without arms or weapons but I got this in return from a foreigner who is accruing wealth from deceiving us. 

Don’t be silent any longer. We can push this fraudsters out of our Lands, but only if we do it together. I am posting this from Ikot Akpan Abia police station”, he lamented.

However, the chairman, Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Akwa Ibom State, Dr. Aniekeme Uwah in a phone call has dismissed having partnership with the fraudulent group, saying that NMA in the State is not aware of such a group.

In a phone contact with the Police Public Relations Officer, Supol Cordelia Nwawe she denied that the act of manhandling the victim was not carried out by his men, adding that she has not had such a case in their Station.


  1. **I am a victim but fortunately I paid N5'000. Today was supposed to be my third day. On the first day lengthy talk as usual and after you pay N15'000 for the form. I had N10'000 in my account but choosed to pay N5'000. The person doing the picking said she was going to assist me so I payed. That was this Tuesday. Yesterday, Wednesday, being the induction day another person came and asked for the completion of the money, meanwhile the person who addressed us yesterday never said anything about coming to complete the money. Finally I was asked to go and come back with the complete money today. Even though I got to learn a few things I didn't know about I don't think I or we should waste any further time in such.**

    **My own venue was 143 Abak road, opposite Esuene street. Last floor precisely. The building where you have Divino Pharmacy and a super market. Pls let's beware**

  2. They are here in Ikot Ekpene o! I don't want to trust them. Let's inform the police. They are at No 6 Etok Akpan, the first floor of the storey building, before the Tecno showroom. Please let's do something about it. People are really falling victims, paying 15k instantly. I have been there twice, today morning was my second day. PLEASE LET'S INFORM THE POLICE, THOSE PEOPLE ARE REALLY BRAINWASHING OUR MASSES. I report from Udo Idem street, Ikot Ekpene.

    1. D r seriously good in brain washing... God is above us all watching

  3. And by 8am this morning, they will start their "interview" at 439 Oron Road besides Youth Avenue, Mbiabong, Uyo! The police should act as fast as possible!!

  4. They're here too in Makurdi in Benue state