Thursday, 31 March 2016

Eket: Leadership failure or security insensitivity?


We are not thankful that Eket is not what it used to be. Today’s Eket does not even show a prelude to becoming what it used to be. The town has since lost its virginity and her innocence. There is no sign that things are getting better in the once Akwa Ibom’s most important city. The menace of bad roads, very dirty environments, motorcyclists recklessness, activities of prostitutes, armed robbery and frequent cult clashes that leaves scores dead and many injured is holding the town at the jugular. It is the shame of a Local Government Area.

Udom, Julius Berger at war over Govt House Maintenance vows to shutdown Hilltop Mansion 

Governor Udom Emmanuel


Except Governor Udom Emmanuel retracts his position against construction giants, Julius Berger the company will make good its threat to ground activities at Government House. The construction company is at loggerheads with Governor Udom Emmanuel over what they described as the State chief executive’s refusal to honour the pact entered into with his predecessor as regards the maintenance of the Government House facility.

Frontline Technical Educationist solicits Govt., Public Patronage

Engr. Bassey Esin
A foremost specialist in technical and vocational secondary education and training, Engr. Bassey Esin Abang has harped on the need for all to embrace technologically driven system of education rather than over concentration on basic general secondary education. Engr. Abang,  a retired senior education and technical colleges principal state this during a sensitization seminar for lovers of vocational training in Oron Nation.
Stressing the all-round importance and the absolute need for young primary school leavers to embrace and pursue vocations in different fields of technology, Engr. Abang, the frontline vocational and skills development expert maintained that with cogent training in technical college education, a young school leaver would not only readily secure a job in oil and gas industry.

AKS Chief Iman task Christians at Easter, commend former CAN Chairman

Alhaji Adamu Muhammed
The Muslim community in Akwa Ibom State, has fecilitate the Christians in the state at Easter and also task them to emulate Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the Christiandom world. Reflect no the sacrifice of Christ which is the essence of Easter celebration.

Uwem Ita Etuk will soon be arrested - APC

Prince Uwem Ita Etuk

More trouble is brewing for Prince. Uwem Ita Etuk, the Commissioner for Lands and Town Planning, if revelations emanating from the last rerun state assembly election in Ibesikpo local government area is anything to go by. The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom State have alleged that the former Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs Commissioner was engaged in grand scale electoral malpractice during the rerun poll that produced Hon. Aniekan Uko as winner.

Chairmanship aspirant promises Uyo will support Udom for 8 Years 

Prince Udeme Udo
Chairmanship aspirant for Uyo Local Government in the forthcoming election, Prince Udeme Etim Udo, has promised the State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel, that his people will support him for eight years even as he pledged to accord priority to rural roads across the 11 wards of the council if elected to man the affairs in Uyo LGA in 2016.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Etteh eulogises James Ocholi

Immediate past Leader of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Okpolupm Etteh, has condoled with family of late James Ocholi, SAN, as they lay his remains to rest.

In a condolence letter to the family during the obsequies of the former Minister of State for Labour, Rt. Hon. Etteh said “I cannot eulogize you enough but I know that your life was a testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness. My family and I will surely miss you but we thank God for the sustainable impact you have made in our lives.”

“You were a man of value, an embodiment of truth, a straight talker who did not mince words but at the same time you had a great sense of humour and undoubtedly, a very witty man. For me and my family, we are particularly sad that death has snatched you, your wife and child away so cruelly from us, but the wind cannot tamper with your legacies.”

We’ll be best supporters of Dakkada initiative - Oro Nation

We’ll be best supporters of Dakkada initiative - Oro Nation

The people of Oro  Ferderal Constituency have vowed to be the best supporters of the Dakkada Initiative. They made this known on Wednesday as the Dakkada Train made a stop-over at their domain.

The campaign which will go round the ten federal constituencies of the state seeks to deploy 500,000 ambassadors across the state within a year who will help further sensitize the generality of the populace about the Dakkada message and its necessity. 

With the visit, Oron Federal Constituency which is made up of Oron, Udung Uko, Mbo, Okobo and Urueffong Oruko local government areas  becomes the fourth Constituency to witness the Dakkada awareness and mobilization campaign which kick-started about a month ago.

Uyo International Motor Show for June 24th

Uyo International Motor Show for June 24th

Economic activities in the state is expected to be at its peak from June 24th to July 2nd  as over 400 vehicles backed by the automobile support industry will be on display at the first Uyo International Motor show.

The event which is billed to take place at the prestigious Le Meridian Ibom Hotel and golf Resort, Uyo will open doors to over 40 brands of various automobiles making waves in the sub Saharan region.

According to the organisers, the 10 days events will keep car freaks and the motoring society spell bound as various brands will unveil new, hi-tech and advanced models from their marquee to the markets in a true motor spirit and display.

Dakkada Train hits Etinan Federal Constituency

Dakkada Train hits Etinan Federal Constituency

*Empowerment of the mind, best for Akwa Ibom – Advertising Guru, Udeme Ufot

*With Dakkada mentality, we can stand tall against all odds - Commissioner for  Science & Technology Dr (Mrs) Elizabeth Obot

The awareness and mobilization campaign for Dakkada Ambassadors which kick-started penultimate week in Eket Federal Constituency moved to Etinan Federal Constituency on Wednesday. The campaign which will go round the ten federal constituencies of the state was in Ikot Ekpene last week.

The campaign which is to deploy 500,000 ambassadors across the state within a year who will help further sensitize the generality of the populace about the Dakkada message and its necessity will be in Oron Federal Constituency next week in continuation of the tour.

Hon. Monday Eyo: A Legislator per Excellence

Hon. Monday Eyo: A Legislator per Excellence


In retrospect, the Bible wasn’t wrong when it said that a good tree shall be known by its fruit. Those who doubted the capability of  Hon. Monday Eyo have now realized that the people of Uyo State Constituency planted a good tree in the 6th Assembly which has not only yielded good fruits but has equally become a shade for the masses.

 To make it easy to digest, Hon. Monday Eyo, the lawmaker representing Uyo State Constituency in the 6th Assembly exemplifies a good tree that has bear good fruits. Over the years, I’ve watched legislators come and go without making any plausible contributions in their constituency but in his few months in office, he has showed workings and has brought joy to jaundice eyes.

 Dear readers, I have studied this character keenly and he is not new in the Akwa Ibom State Political Chessboard. Without being conceited, one thing that has really endeared him to his people is honesty. 

Now thank me God and You

Now thank me God and You


What started off as a  little spark turned out to be my Super Sunday, as an unbelievable retinue of friends, well wishers, associates, family and the Christian community streamed in, overwhelming me, to esteem my Ordination service on Sunday March 13, 2016 with their presence.

I cannot forget in unthankfulness, the labours of love, intercessory prayers, solidarity and support, in kind and cash, from a host, I need to acclaim.

First, all Glory and honour to the Authour and Finisher of my fate, my father in heaven, whose unmerited grace brought me this justification. To God be the glory.

I accord special thanks to my Fathers in the Lord, His Grace, Apostle Victor Antai, the General Overseer of Grace Assembly Ministry Intl., whose hand God has used to raise me and fulfill predestination. I thank, His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Edem Bassey, the Bishop of Lutheran Church of Nigeria, Afaha Ibesikpo Zone, for his prayers and inspiration. His Lordship, Rt. Rev T. J. Iquot, Pioneer Bishop of LCN Nung Udoe Zone, Pastor Udeme and Prophet Solomon Peter all deserve good mention. I am indebted to Ven. Prof. Emeka Onwurah who led the induction with all solemnity. To my childhood buddy, Pastor Idy James, President, Salt of the Earth Fellowship, Uyo, I thank you.  To the Presbytery, Choirs, fellowships and members of Grace Assembly, I am filled with gratitude.

To the divinely assigned helpers of my destiny, Otuekong Prince Enobong Uwah,  the honourable Commissioner for Housing and Urban Renewal Akwa Ibom state, and his very beautiful and adorable wife, Mrs Inemesit Uwah, you made my event the success it was with your benevolence. The Information and Communications Commissioner, Hon. Deacon Aniekan Umanah stunned me with his kindness and encouragement. To the Honourable Commissioner for Works, Akwa Ibom State, Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen, you have a good heart.

Fashion onc womenfolk


In all facets of life, people’s appearance can add credence or can   ridicule or tarnish an organization, individual or a group of people

“The way you dress is the way you will be addressed, is a popular adage”. Looking at this adage, it is more of an advice because anybody who chooses to dress well will do that to make himself and if he chooses to dress indecently will mar himself. But it is so unfortunate that whenever we are talking about fashion, what comes into our mind is the negative aspect of it, rather fashion has both positive and negative influences.
Fashion on a positive side has influence on people because people who go into research about recent dressing will be up-to-dated with the latest style that fit any occasion. 

Just like when they say that beauty lies in the eye of a beholder, fashion has played a vital role by portraying the real beauty of a woman.

Youths in politics: The consequences


The involvement of youths in   politics, many contend is         geared towards the get –rich-quick syndrome.  This, they do without caution or any thought what so ever to the dire consequences. Some people describe politics as a dirty/bloody game, just because of the activities involved in it. Some also describe it as a means of using techniques and skills and striving for government positions. Politics is defined in Encarta dictionary as being prudent, possessing or displaying shrewdness, tact or cunning.

However, the activities of youths in politics nowadays are hauteur, as pertaining to what should be expected of them. They are used by politicians for thuggery, assassination, kidnapping, and some other immoral activities, in order to achieve their inordinate desire, all in the name of politics. If anyone tries to preach against their manner of politics, they will say that they are into ‘politics’. But what are their gains fromall of these acts; do they even think of what their actions portend to the society?

he Nigerian movie industry: Any moral lessons?


Gone are the days when Africa’s number one movie giant’s nollywood used to be at the
    hearts of the people. Gone are the days when movie audiences looked forward to the nollywood movies as a veritable tool for moral decency in the country and the world at large. 

The moral standard in Nollywood has greatly been eroded and has crumbled within the space of time due to the increment in the number of highly indecent movies by the industry in recent times.

Before now, there has been a record of decency in putting messages across to the populace. Its actors were never nude-crazy as we find in the up and coming actors these days. It is not out of place to say that this weird desire to appear almost nude in most movie platforms evolved from the desire of actors to impress viewers of such movies. This fractured mentality is turning our movies into a near pornography stage.

Little wonder, every young folk of today thinks about getting into the movie industry in order to have truckloads of money overnight. This makes them fall for the antics of the producers who sometimes ask to sleep with them before giving them roles.

The moral decadence in Nollywood can be traced down to the producers who have sacrificed morality and decency for their selfish ends. This is why they parade actors/actresses who go about interpreting scripts almost in total nudity. 

The craze for nudity in Nollywood have heightened due to the high percentage ofimmoral movies proliferated by other movie industries that have thrown morality to the winds. It is quite obvious that the Nollywood producers feel intimidated by other film producers whose morally deficient movies seems to be making waves in the entertainment market. The local producers have jumped on the bandwagon thereby negatively influencing countless youths.

The overall vision has been lost, of which was to make to make a better society of us by teaching life’s lesson and exposing the mounting ills of the society. It is discouraging that instead of learning lessons, one ends up having the moral reservoir emptied. Too bad!

     What the human eye sees influences the mind, this is why we cannot nail Nigerian young men who easily imitate actor models of their dress sense and hairs, neither can we hail the divasof the industry that repeatedly expose their tempting voluptuous breast and curved hips. The hard truth is that most Nollywood movies are near pornographic movies and teaches little or nothing.

Interestingly, the moral laxity in Nollywood has far reaching effects on the society, specifically in the family.  People no longer see any sense in dressing modestly. What some ladies put on while at home in the name of clothes is highly sensitive as they reveal sensitive parts of their bodies.

This phony fashion sense which is now common in the homes make one lose respect for the woman’s body due to excessive exposure. The men and women are not left out here, even at their offices; the immoral influence people get from the Nollywood movies makes a lot of people especially the female counterparts dress so indecently.

Our campuses are not spared either fromthismoral degeneracy. In the campuses, we find young girls (students) put on revealing and tightly fitted attires which accentuate their sensitive body parts. No wonder they easily fall into the waiting hands of immoral lecturers. What a pity!

Regrettably, our churches have been seen to turn into a warehouse accommodating indecent dressing. People no more take long to replicate the near nude dress sense of the Nollywood actor/ actresses which has found its way into the church, after all many pastors preach “God does not look at dressing but the heart” in numerous denominations.

The consequences of immorality in Nollywood are innumerable. The increased rate of immorality amongst youth is caused by the incessant pornographic scenes in nollywood movies.Imagine what happens in the minds of an aroused Youngman after seeing such scenes. The answer is simple; he hastily scouts for any girl close to sleep with or possibly rape. It cannot be argued that these practices have made our youths vulnerable and poor copy cats of the western world. Perhaps,this is why rape-cases have gone viral. This resultant effect cannot be overlooked because while the women delight in flaunting, the men are bold to possess either forcibly or surreptitiously.

Nollywood producers must imbibe decency and learn to cultivate some sense of modesty in the way actors/actressesdress and interpret their roles since the youth look up to them as role models. They should put up a stage for moral decency andpornographic scenes expunged from Nollywood.

Nigerian home movie producers have failed to make any strong comment against social ills in the society instead use them in their messages without realizing that the art can be viewed as having the unpleasant effect that can both mirror and heal the society of its perceived ills. One question that have failed to be answered is that, whosejob is it when youth watch movies and often times get influenced by what is recorded on their minds? Is it the parents, regulators or the youth themselves?

I recommend that the producers of video films shouldknow that they owe the larger society a duty to promote greater good of the society and should realize that the ennobling virtues which the society covets should find expression in the video productions.

Also parents should however pay attention to the kind of movies their wards are exposed to in order to prevent them from messing up their lives, at the long run. The movie producers should trade with caution especially when packaging messages since it affect those that are exposed to it.

At this point, the pending question is “what moral values accompany these movies, if moral bankruptcy continues in Nollywood.

Cult war claims five lives in Eket

Palpable tension enveloped residents of Eket last week when two rival cult groups engaged each other in a fight of revenge and supremacy. 
The fight between a cult group known as the LOTUS and another known as the LION has so far claimed five lives. 
A reliable source who pleaded strict anonymity said trouble started Friday last week in a night club (name withheld) along Hospital Road, Eket. 
One of the cultist, our source revealed, met a member of a rival cult group at the club that night. They both had previous issues to settle, so fighting broke out; one of them sustained serious injury on his head but managed to escape.
As he got home, his fellow members mobilized themselves the following day for a mission of revenge, the source said, adding that the perpetrator of the crime escaped death by the wiskers but others were not lucky. 

AKS NIPR sets up electoral committee

The Akwa Ibom State Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) has constituted a three-man electoral committee to conduct elections into the Executive Committee of the Chapter in April, 2016.

The Committee is headed by Mr. Israel Umoh, a one-time Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Akwa Ibom State Council. Other members of the Committee are Mr. Nsemeke Udoakpan, Secretary of NIPR, Akwa Ibom Chapter and Mrs. Ima Udoh, an associate member of the institute.

The Committee was constituted during the general meeting of the Chapter held on Thursday, February 25, 2016 at Image House in Uyo.

AKHA Speakership: PDP endorses Onofiok Luke, warns Uwem Ita Etuk, ors


AKHA Speakership: PDP endorses Onofiok Luke, warns Uwem Ita Etuk, ors

The ongoing scheming and plots by the Commissioner for Lands and Town Planning, Uwem Ita Etuk against the Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Hon. Onofiok Luke has been described by political pundits as a wild goose chase. The former Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), reports say has been engaging in subtle moves aimed at reinstalling his political godson, Hon. Aniekan Uko as the Speaker of the 6th Assembly.

Information at our disposal reveals that the Ibesikpo born politician is doing all within his capacity to thwart the tenure of Barr Onofiok Luke in favour of Aniekan Uko. THE INK gathered that both politicians had entered a pact to the effect that he (Aniekan Uko), upon his rerun success, will be returned as the Speaker irrespective of who occupies the said position.

PDP Elders Forum advocates clear vision, focus from Council Chairmanship Aspirants

PDP Elders Forum  advocates clear vision, focus from Council Chairmanship Aspirants

With consultations, dialogue and behind the screen campaign heating up for the forthcoming local government polls in Akwa Ibom State, the Elders of ruling People Democratic Party have reaffirmed their resolve to throw their weight behind only credible, mature, focused, visionary and popular aspirants.

Besides, they have restated for the umpteenth time that those aspirants without acceptable pedigree, antecedents and proven membership of any cult group might not survive the rigorous screening which the Elders under the aegis of Udung Uko PDP Elders Forum would mount for the aspirants in the nearest future to “sieve the chaffs from the grains”.

Speaking on behalf of the Elders when one of the widely acclaimed foremost aspirant, Chief Okon Esin Oku paid a scheduled consultation parley to the Forum, the Chairman of Udung Uko PDP Elders Forum, Elder (Engr.) Asukwo Idung asserted gone were the days when political misfits and self-centre political office seeking were given the nod to contest elections without due tests of ability, inherent capability and adequate know-how and knitty gritty for such high caliber and service oriented offices.

Easter celebration: Special session of hymns held in A’Ibom Govt House

 As part of the Easter Celebration, a Special Session of Hymns was held at the Latter House Chapel, Governor’s Lodge Uyo, to mark the Good Friday .

Speaking on the occasion, Governor Emmanuel lauded the Government House Prayer Team for packaging the occasion to lift the souls of the people and noted that Jesus Christ who suffered crucifixion deserves all the Glory and honour from all mankind for his demonstration of love even unto dead for humanity.

He advised the people to reflect on the significance of the dead of Jesus, betrayal and the treachery of the political class where Herod and Pilate connived to sanction the crucifixion of one who knew no sin but became a sinner for our salvation and urged politicians to be wary when the persuasion to commit mischief against anointed persons beckons in order not to attract curses but should subject their passion to sound reasoning.

Commissioner appeals for intervention in special education centre

Commissioner appeals for intervention in special education centre
The Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for  education, Elder Aniekan Akpan has appealed to the Wife of the State Governor, Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel to come to the aid of Special Education Centre, Uyo by providing full boarding facilities in the centre though her pet project, FEYREP. 

The Commissioner made the appeal on Tuesday when the First Lady visited the centre.  The Commissioner explained that despite the fact that some of the students are physically-challenged, they have developed their talents to the extent that they represent the state and the country at different competitions both within and outside the country and win laurels. 

The Commissioner who disclosed that there are 965 students in school stated that their talents can be harnessed if the students are all boarders, adding that it is stressful for parents and guardians to take their wards to the school daily. He expressed optimism that the intervention can make the students to rise to the faith of greatness in the spirit of Dakkada Initiative that is propagated by the State Government. 

The life and times of Pastor Reuben Udo Idiong

The life and times of Pastor Reuben Udo Idiong


Pastor Reuben Udo Idiong Udo Akpaetor was born in March 1929 into Nto Akpaetor family of Utu Ikot Ekpo, Etim Ekpo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. His mother was Dada Ndadesit Benson Udofia Udo Ekot of Usung Atiat, Southern Afaha of Ukanafun Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State. 

The Elder’s early life was associated with problems as he did not enjoy adequate care and love of his mother who died before he was four (4) years old. His father’s death eight (8) years after his birth did not help matters either. But for his step-mother, Madam Adiaha Akpan Otu, from Ikot Uko Annang in Northern Ukanafun Clan, life would have been miserable for him as his Elder brother had also died before the death of the father. 

During the sharing of his father’s property by the family members, daddy was not given anything as property was shared to surviving wives (Ufok Ubom). His maternal Uncle Chief Benson Ukpekpe who came to witness the sharing, discovered that nothing was given to young Reuben, he was so angry at the situation that he thundered: “Reuben di sang ni inyongo,” he threatened to take him to Ikot Obio Ama where the Ukpekpe/Udofia had migrated from Usung Atiat. Uncle Ukpekpe confronted the family members ad demanded to know what would happed to his nephew. 

A/Ibom Speakership: No vacancy in House of Assembly — House Spokeman

A/Ibom Speakership: No vacancy in House of Assembly       — House Spokeman

The Chairman House Committee on Information, Akwa Ibom House of Asssembly, Mr Ime Okon, has warned speculators that there was no vacancy for the position of the Speaker in the state.

Okon said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Uyo on Friday.
He said that the speaker could only be elected by members if he enjoyed the support of the majority in the House.

“It is the members of Akwa Ibom House of Assembly or any other house of Assembly for that matter that elect their speaker.   
“We elected Aniekan Uko on the June 8 2015 and Dec.21 of same year, we elected Mr Onofiok Luke as the speaker.

“For now there is no vacancy, Luke enjoys the confidents and trust of the members.
“It is in the mere imagination of the people that are coming out with stories, may be they feel what happen in Rivers would be replicated in Akwa Ibom.

46th birthday anniversary: Nse Essien celebrates with motherless children


As part of his 46th birthday anniversary celebration, the member representing Onna State Constituency, Hon. (Otuekong) Nse Essien, on Wednesday, 23rd march, 2016, visited the motherless children’s Home, Mkpot, to celebrate with the children.

Otuekong  Essien said that he was motivated by the goodness of God upon his life to decide to celebrate his birthday with the  children. “I thank God for the privilege of life. Living to see my 46th birthday is a very big privilege because some people were born the day I was born had died, but God preserved me to this day. I come here because I consider myself more privileged than this children, so I felt it wise to come and celebrate with them to give them hope and encouragement that hope is not lost,” he stated.

My achievements, regrets as CAN chairman – Archbishop Cletus Bassey

My achievements, regrets as CAN chairman  – Archbishop Cletus Bassey


The immediate past chairman of Christian Association of Nigerian (CAN), Akwa Ibom State branch, Archbishop Cletus Bassey has highlighted his achievements during his stay in office as the State chairman of the association. 

Archbishop Cletus Bassey while addressing newsmen last week in his office at Destiny International Mission Inc., B line, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo, said CAN under his administration has spread across all the 31 Local Government Areas as against as at the time he took over which the association had only 7 effective chapters. “During my time as CAN chairman, by the grace of God we have been able to take CAN to all parts of Akwa Ibom State.” 

NAPPMED gets new executive

NAPPMED gets new executive
In consonant with the constitution regulating the operation of the Nigerian Association of Patent and Proprietary Medicine Dealers, NAPPMED, West Itam Unit of the Association in Itu Chapter on March 22, 2016, officially inaugurated it its new executive to pilot the affairs of the association for a period stipulated by the constitution.

According to our reporter, the inauguration exercise which took place at NAPPMED, Secretariat, West Itam Unit was witnessed by a mammoth crowd, including Uyo Senatorial District Chairman of the Association, Elder Idongesit Sam, Stakeholders of NAPPMED in Itu, members as well as friends of the newly constituted executives.

Ita Enang blasts Udom * You are not governing A’Ibom but ruling

Ita Enang blasts Udom * You are not governing A’Ibom but ruling

Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on National Assembly matters (Senate) Senator Ita Solomon Enang yesterday descended heavily on the Akwa Ibom State Governor Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel describing the state Chief Executive as ruling over Akwa Ibom rather than governing her.

The presidential aide stated this when he spoke with newsmen in his Ewet housing residence. He knocked Governor Emmanuel over what he described as the secretive nature to which the Governor is running the affairs of Akwa Ibom State.

He stated with authority that the Governor is using money to pay banks instead of using it judiciously to serve Akwa Ibom people and also faulted the Governor on the choice of Mr. Lynus Nkan as the State’s Accountant General.

Mammoth crowd welcome Dakkada train to Abak Fed. Const. * As mobilization and awareness tour gathers momentum

Mammoth crowd welcome Dakkada train to Abak Fed. Const.

The Mobilization and Awareness ca paign for Dakkada Ambassadors was in Abak Federal Constituency last week Wednesday.

The campaign which will eventually go round the ten federal constituencies of the state experienced a mammoth crowd at the Independence Hall, Abak, venue for the event as indigenes of the three Local Government Areas-Abak, Ika and Etim Ekpo who make up the Federal Constituency turned up in large numbers.

Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Marketing and Brand Management, Mr Sam Edoho in his welcome speech said Governor Udom Emmanuel came to governance prepared and adequately equipped with an intended blueprint which he has promised to executive effectively for the benefit of the state.

He educated the new Dakkada Ambassadors on the need to exhibit a decent and forthright lifestyle, worthy of emulation to serve as an example for what they are expected to propagate.

Royal Father advocates proper funding for Sport Education …Describes Sport as veritable tool

Royal Father advocates proper funding for Sport Education …Describes Sport as veritable tool

The immediate past political leader of Udung Uko and Clan head-elect of Okpo Clan in Udung Uko local government area, Offong Bassey Etim Edet has called for commensurate funding to promote sport alongside adequate investment on educational excellence of our children.
According to him sporting advancement the world over is fast becoming not only a unifying force but a money-spinning and physical development exercise for participants right from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.
Offong Bassey Etim Edet, a two-time Chairman of both Udung Uko and former Oron local government councils, was speaking at this year’s Inter-House Sports competition of Community Secondary School, Udung Uko last weekend.
Represented by the Media Consultant to Udung Uko Traditional Rulers’ Council and Akwa Ibom State Chairman of League of Veteran Journalists, Chief Emmanuel Esifa, Offong Edet who was the Chairman of the occasion remarked that total concentration on “book work” to the detriment of sport activities and games may not only reduce the pupils’ and students’ overall performance, but that regular and constant exercise is very vital to the nervous and physical system.
The royal father, while commending the untiring and spectacular effort of the current principal general of Udung Uko Community Secondary School, Elder Asukwo J. Offong passionately appealed to both the local, state and federal government as well as viable organizations and public spirited individuals to come to the aid of the school in order to complement the excellent pursuit of the school management.
Offong Bassey who is the presiding member of Udung Uko Traditional Rulers’ Council while promising to visit the school regularly to assess the tempo of the institution’s development, similarly assured the staff and students of his fullest support.
He advised the student to shun cultism and abhor negative tendencies and avoid vices that could ruin their carrier and attract abomination to both the hard-earned creditable name of the school and their families.
In his address, the principal general of the school Elder Asukwo J. Offong reeled the strings of success stories of the Udung Uko Community Secondary School since his assumption of duties and attributed the feat to the infectious harmony and commendable working relationship existing between the staff and students.
Elder Offong recalled with enthusiasm that the school won first position in Arts/Science competition held in the state capital, Uyo in 2014 with an award of a metal shield for office use as well as a breaking record of 78% in WASSCE and NECO Examinations in the year under review.
According to Elder Offong who is reputed to be one of the best hands in college administration by his contemporaries of the Old Methodist Boys High School, Oron, his recent effort in providing more and sustainable infrastructural facilities to Udung Uko Community Secondary School paid off with the three functioning bore holes sunk in the school premises.
While advocating sufficient and enduring partnership between the school management, well-placed indigenes of Udung Uko, elected and appointed prominent sons and daughters of Udung Uko alongside the state, federal government and multi-national organizations, Elder Offong listed the challenges facing the school to include lack of teachers in core subjects such as Mathematics, English language, Physics, Geography among others, and also lamented that dearth of laboratory equipment; absence of perimeter fence were posing serious setback to the institution.
Also speaking, the PTA chairman, Mr. Wilson Uya (JP) enjoined all and sundry including government and private agencies to come and assist the school financially and morally to uplift the already commenced efforts reposition the institution to became a source of best education for Udung Uko sons and daughters. He commended the Vice principal, Mr S.A Umiom for excellent planning of the meet.
At the end of the highly competitive sports fiesta some budding talents were spotted and recommend for higher participation at the State and National levels even as Blue House emerged overall winner with 327 points beating Yellow, White, Pink, Green and Red Houses which came along in that order.

The use of mosquito net: An effective tool to eradicate malaria


In an estimated 100 million malaria cases in the world, about 300,000 deaths is recorded in Nigeria every year. The casualties are devastating.
According to the Nigeria National Malaria Strategic Plan 2014-2020, malaria is responsible for 60 percent of outpatient visit to health facilities, 30 percent of childhood deaths, 25 percent of death in children under one year, and 11 percent of maternal deaths. All these data can be reduced drastically, if we often use mosquito nets where malaria or other insect- borne diseases are common, especially as a tent cover over a bed. 

For effectiveness, it is important that the net does not have holes or gaps large enough to allow insects to enter. It is also important to “seal’ the nets properly because mosquitoes are able to penetrate through improperly secured nets and  insects can bite a person through the nets that is why nets must not rest directly on the skin.

AK Traditional Ruler in trouble over alleged conspiracy, murder ... as politicians plot cover-up

AK Traditional Ruler in trouble over alleged conspiracy, murder ... as politicians plot cover-up

A Traditional Ruler in Akwa Ibom State has  allegedly broken more than he can chew. The Village Head of Nto Unang, in Etim Ekpo LGA, Obong Uwem Jumbo Akpanunang has allegedly conspired with others at large to kill some members of the village youth council.
The Village Head is said to have plotted with two members of his Council, Chief Uko Fred, Isaac Ntukidem, and paid Four Hundred Thousand Naira (¦ 400,000) to some hired assassins from Ikot Ibekwe in Ukanafun LGA to kill the following: Edidiong George Frank, Ubong Fred, Uboko Friday Matthew, Itohowo Okon, Ime George Frank and Ubon Uko Jumbo. The ¦ 400,000, 3 goats, 40 tubers of yam and assorted drinks were said to have been delivered to the supposed assassins at Ikot Ibekwe recently. 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Paul Ekpo knows fate May 7

Paul Ekpo knows fate May 7
*As PDP releases guidelines for party Congress

The battle for who be comes the next  Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state is showing no sign of abating as indications have emerged that forces against the incumbent Chairman, Obong Paul Ekpo are mounting each passing day. 

THE INK can authoritatively report that some powerful members of Governor Udom’s cabinet are doing all within their power to unseat the Etinan born Politian. The reason(s), THE INK gathered, is unconnected to Paul Ekpo’s rumoured interest in contesting the 2023 Governorship position in the state. In the light of this, the upcoming State Congress in May, sources say, is likely going to be a make or mar fate for the party’s Chairman who is said not to be in the good books of some members of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s cabinet.

Akpakip Oro Elders’ Association holds general meeting, today …Election of new Exco tops agenda

An extraordinary general meeting of  Akpakip Oro Elders Association has been slated for Thursday, March 24, 2016, where the present executive which has been in the saddle for over eight years would be dissolved.

The meeting which is said to be very crucial will among others important issues feature the election of new officers to pilot the affairs of the umbrella and apex organization of Oro for the next four years.

In a press release jointly signed by the outgoing president of the association, Col. Okon P. Essang (Rtd) and Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Chief Emmanuel Esifa indicates that the meeting will hold in the residence of the president on Thursday, March, 24 by 4pm.

ANA Chairman proffers solution to Nigeria’s problem

The Chairman, Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Akwa Ibom State Chapter, Hon. Udoibanga Esu has advised Nigerians to be creative noting that it is only creativity that can bring solution to the problem that the country is currently facing.

He gave the advice during the 2016 World Poetry Day held recently in Uyo. Hon Esu said the theme of the event, “Blending Humanity with Creativity” was very apt and suited the prevailing situation in Nigeria. He said if Nigerians are creative, the dwindling economy of the country will speedily be improved. According to him; “Creativity can best serve humanity. Nigerians need creativity for our economy to be improved”.

The guest speaker of the event, Prof. Kalu uka in his key note address said he was impressed with the fact that the World Poetry Day came up shortly after World Women’s Day opining that women are very significant beings in the world. He went on to say that poets are the acceptable legislators of the world. 

Martha Udom visits Nigerian Prisons

Martha Udom visits Nigerian Prisons
In line with the rehabilitation, reformation and   reintegration policy of the Nigerian Prisons service, the wife of the Akwa Ibom state governor and initiator of Family Empowerment and Youth Reorientation Program (FEYReP) has promised to partner with relevant authorities to establish a vocational training workshop for inmates of IkotAbasiand Eket Prisons respectively.

Mrs. Emmanuel disclosed this when she visited the reformative centers where she donated food and relief materials worth thousands of naira in the spirit of the season.

The Governor’s wife said that life behind bars does not mean they cannot be productive citizens, saying this will help prepare them for the society when eventually they are released.

She said her visit to the centers was to identify with the inmates in this season of love, saying even though they have been confined, they were still very important members of the society. 

She implored them not to give up on life, but rather advised they turn a new leaf and look forward to the future with great hope adding that God has not given up on them either, promising that as the mother of the state, she will always endeavor to keep in touch with them.

Earlier, the Deputy Controller in-charge of IkotAbasi Prisons, Ogbeifun Josephine expressed her gratitude to the governor’s wife for her liberal benevolence to the inmates of IkotAbasi prisons, praying that God will reward her labour for the needy.  Shehighlighted some challenges facing the center to include dilapidating administrative block, cells and vehicle to meet up with the demands of their operation, soliciting for support from government in this regard. 

Similarly, the Chief superintendent in-charge of Eket Prisons, AgomoIbezimako, appreciated Mrs. Emmanuel motherly love for the inmates saying that her visit has given hope to the inmates in this season of love.
She noted the prison established about a century ago, currently has over 400 inmates, saying dilapidated prison buildings, lack of accommodation, generating plant and lack of staff quarters are impeding the workforce of the officers.

In their separate goodwill messages, the wife of transition chairman of Eket, Mrs. Bright Archibong and secretary of Ikot Abasi transition committee, Hon. Abasiama Umana appreciated the governor and wife, Martha for their love for the downtrodden in the society praying God to give them more wisdom to discharge their selfless service to the state.