Thursday, 17 September 2015

Maintain a good character

Maintain a good character
It’s my pleasure to meet you again friend. I want us to look at the content of the common word around us, CHARACTER. 

By definition, it is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. It is the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature if some person or entity. 

Friend, your character is the real you. Aubrey Malphurs said “Character is the essential elements that qualify you to minister to others.”
Your character determines the extent you can go in life. Character is a distinguishing features, characteristics, a complex of mental and ethical traits marking a person or a group. 
The depth of your character also determines the height of your destiny. The greatest evangelist of our time, Billy Graham, said: “If you lose money, you lose nothing; if you lose health, you lose something; but if you lose character, you lose everything”. Robert Cook also confirms this by saying ‘There is no substitute for character. You can buy brains, but you cannot buy character’.
Know this friend, knowledge will give you power, but character will command respect around you. 

No man can climb beyond the limitations of his own character. There are many great people; people of potential; people of influence, who are wallowing in irrelevance, because of character bankruptcy. 

Character is the foundation for every success and greatness you desire in life. It is only a godly character that will make you sail to your purpose effectively.
Dear friend, build on your character. Work on it. Because no virtue nor quality will ever serve you better than character. 

Robert William gladly said           “Character is the sum total of our everyday choice” 

Get this well, it is character that influences one positively or negatively. A person with good character is transparent and honest.
Tyron Edward wrote: Thought lead on to purpose, purpose go forth to actions, actions forms habits, habits decides character and character fixes our destiny.
A popular saying goes thus: ‘Charisma will take you to the top but it takes character to keep you there’. 

Character is easier kept than recovered. It is a reputation built over time yet it can be lost in seconds. 

I advice that you get books on character building and development and work on them. 

Nothing brings you to a limelight like a good character. Your vision in life may be awesome, but it takes a good and outstanding character for you to manifest your impact to your world.

In his book “Becoming a Leader” my mentor, Dr. Myles Munroe wrote: “The road of history is littered with the remains of leaders who lost their character such as political leaders, religious leaders, corporate/business leaders, husbands, wives, aspiring presidents, prime ministers, kings and noblemen and women - Never you lets go your good character nor lose it for any reason”.
Friend, your character is capable of taking you to where no virtue is, work on it and you can be that great man and woman that our world won’t do without. 

Here we go for this week edition, remember you got to discover yourself fast, there is a room at the top waiting for you.

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