Thursday, 17 September 2015

Itu PDP chieftain blasts Udom, Akpabio * Commends Idong Ituen, * Predicts election re-run in the state


A prominent PDP chieftain in ward eight in Itu local government, Mr Ini Akpan has voiced out his disappointment in the first 100 days in office of the Buhari and Udom Emmanuel led government and his admiration for Itu lawmaker, Mr Idong Ituen. He revealed this and many more during a chat with recently with The Ink Newspaper.
The former APC ward chairman, who has been in grassroots politics for 18 years, pointed out that his constituents still feel left behind and yet to feel the impact of the Udom Emmanuel administration. He accused the government of neglect and no major infrastructural impact in his community. Cases of flooding, poor erosion control and bad roads were predominant in the region. ‘As far as the first 100 days in office, I’ll score the governor is not about laying foundation stones rather projects should be commissioned’ he said. He frowned at the poor state of roads and cases of flooding in the region especially in his ward which claimed the life of a little girl along Afaha Ube road.
  He further rated Akpabio’s tenure as the worst in the history of the state considering the resources available at his disposal but still no significant impact was made by his government and that prompted his departure to APC only to return to PDP because of his love and admiration for Idong Ituen. The Nwut Usiong Itam born politician had harsh words for the former governor fingering him as the reason behind the division within the ranks of the PDP both in the state and National. ‘Godswill Akpabio is the worst thing that ever happened to Akwa Ibom and I don’t see anything praise worthy during his tenure’ he roared. He also had warm praises for the Itu state constituency house member Mr Idong Ituen referring to him as the most legitimate lawmaker in the history of Itu Local government due to his acceptability by the people and his people oriented programmes in the ward and local government as well. He further thanked the lawmaker for the immediate reaction in making sure that the Calabar Itu highway road which was submerged by erosion is being worked upon providing avenue for employments for youths in the region ‘I am very pleased with Idong Ituen not only because he hails from my ward but because he is a grass rooter who knows and understands the plight of his constituents that’s why we sent him there and within his stay so far, the Calabar Itu highway is being worked upon to prevent accident cases and also provide employment for our youths too which is very commendable’ he added.
Mr Ini Akpan also made bold comments about the national polity criticising President Buhari’s efforts so far with regards to the economy and employment as well. He stated that he wouldn’t be surprised if Buhari’s government doesn’t meet the expectations of Nigerians considering his lopsided appointments so far which favours the Northerners. ‘This is the second time I’ve witnessed Buhari’s government and I believe it won’t be different from the previous where tribalism and partisanship were the order of the day’’. He further advised the national leadership of the APC to carry everyone who fought hard for their victory along to prevent mass defection and also predicted PDP’s return to power during the 2019 elections.
Speaking about the tribunal proceedings, Mr Akpan acknowledged that the evidence provided by the APC cannot be underestimated and as such, predicted an election re-run in the state but still guarantees that PDP will still win in the state even if elections were to be held on multiple occasions.
He also fumed at the DSS invasion of the government house in Uyo describing it as a sacrilege and unlawful saying this can only happen when a dictator is in power. The PDP elder statesman had words of advice for politicians urging them to start from the grassroots in terms of development and empowerment since a large chunk of votes which brought the same politicians into power came from the grassroots. 

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