Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Hon. Nse Essien: Always setting the pace for effective representation

Nse Essien

The adage, “the Goldfish has no hiding place” came into force in the life of Hon. (Otuekong) Nse Essien once again on Friday the 11th of September, 2015, when he presented his scorecard to his constituents at the Onna Local Government Secretariat at Abat, the Local Government Headquarters. Like the mythical “Goldfish”, the Onna Lawmaker shore to the admiration of thousands of his kinsmen, colleagues, friends, supporters, and admirers who trooped in from far and near to witness his first 100 days in office constituency briefing.

In a few editions of the Ink past, I wrote that in an Assembly where some members are yet to distinguish their left from right, to know how to second a motion for adjournment of plenary, let alone move such motions, that he, Hon. Nse Essien, has already moved two outstanding motions, he yet again move a step ahead of all the other to become the first member of the 6th Assembly to brief their constituents.
The constituency briefing, which was described as the first of its kind by speaker after speaker on the occasion, was truly a first of its kind.
Speaking at the occasion, which also doubled as the day for the commissioning of the constituency office in Onna, the lawmaker, Otuekong Nse Essien described himself a privileged and lucky one of all the people of Onna Local Government. He thanked the people who gave him the position to hold in trust for them, hence his coming to render the account of his stewardship. He then promised the people that they will have no reason to regret sending him to represent them.
“I stand here today to present my scorecard before you so that you people can score my performance. As you know, a person is not supposed to blow his trumpet, it is always good for others to blow the trumpet for those they sent to go and represent them. So, I come today,    to give you people an opportunity to assess my performance so far.
Within the past three months, I have moved two motions on the floor of the Assembly. First was a motion seeking to stop the establishment of a Nuclear Power Plant in the state. My reasons for moving that motion are that, first, in developed climes where such projects are established, such plants are cited on waters far from where people inhabit. I wonder where we have such waters in Akwa Ibom where such a project can be cited. Secondly, in the event where there is an accident, what would happen to the inhabitants of the state? Knowing that in Nigeria, it may take hours, if not days before accident victims are evacuated from the roads.
The report of the International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) has it that Nigeria is not yet ripe for such a disaster-prone venture.
My second motion had to do with the abandoned Ikot Akpatek-Ikwe-Odio Road. Because of that motion, when the Governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel flagged off the Ukat Road project, he spoke on camera that the road will be looked into this month. So that is how far, so far, for now as far as legislative business is concerned.
Also, during my electioneering, I had made a promise that I will empower my people. I had said that I will share what I have with my people. So, on the empowerment angle, this is my scorecard also. From my first month of inception as House of Assembly Member representing Onna State Contingences I have been paying salaries to Onna indigenes and people who are not from Onna.

This is the breakdown of the money I pay people monthly.
1. N150,000 - 1 person=    N150,000
2. N100,000 -1 person =    N100,000
3.N50,000  -5 persons  =    N50,000
4.N40,000  -1 person   =    N40,000
5.N30,000  -10 persons=    N300,000
6.N20,000  -15 persons=    N300,000
7.N10,000  -61 persons=    N610,000
8.Akwa United F.C       =    200,000

So in summary, I pay a total of One Million, Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N1,950,000) as empowerment every month. This money goes to 94 people, 67 people are from Onna Local Government Area, while the remaining 27 people are from other parts of the state. You know, as a member representing the State Chief Executive, I have the liberty to reach out to others who are not from my state constituency, so that is what I have done.
Also, since I know that Onna people love football and other sports, I have fully paid for one year’s DSTV subscription for the constituency office. So, during matches, anyone can go there sit, relax, and enjoy the match without paying a dime.
This empowerment scheme will continue for the next four years by the grace of God. This scheme will be followed by Skills Acquisition Training, Scholarship Awards, Motorcycle/Keke and Car donation schemes, in addition to reaching out to as many people as possible in any way possible. Onna people have not seen anything from me yet. This is my scorecard so far”
Indomitable, as the Deputy Chief Whip of the 6th Assembly is fondly called by his friends, was in the true sense of the word indomitable as some of his colleagues who were present at the occasion were made to feel very small. In fact, they were dwarfed by the tall achievement of the Onna man-of-the-day, that some of them had to necodemusly sneak out of the gathering before the end of the event. Those who sneaked out were Hon. David Lawrence of Eket State Constituency, Hon. Uduak Udoudo of Ikot Abasi/Eastern Obolo State constituency, and Hon Otobong Ndem of Mkpat Enin State Constituency.
However, close friends of the Onna Lawmaker stuck to the end and shared in the glory of their friend. They included Hon. Idongesit Ituen of Itu State Constituency, whom Hon. Nse Essien paid glowing accolades to as a true friend and brother. Others were Hon Emmanuel Ekpenyong (the Chief Whip) of Ini State Constituency, Hon. Mark Esset of Nsit Atai State Constituency, and Hon. Mfon Ekong of Nsit Ibom State Constituency.
Meanwhile, the Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, who performed the commissioning of the constituency office of the Onna Lawmaker made a face-saving remark thus “if I did not go and pay the rent for my constituency office this morning, I would have felt that I have failed my people with what I have come to see and hear my colleague do. Hon. Nse Essien is a major stabilizing factor in the Assembly and a dependable partner that one can trust and rely on any time. I want to say that Onna people are lucky to have such a person who has their interest at heart as their representative in the 6th Assembly.  I hold him in very high esteem and I use this opportunity to thank him for setting the pace for all of us to follow”.
Other people who were in attendance on the occasion also paid glowing tributes to the Deputy Chief Whip of the 6th Assembly, Hon. (Otuekong) Nse Essien. They included Rt. Hon. (Deaconess) Owoidihe Ekpoattai, member representing Eket Federal Constituency in the National Assembly; the representative of the Paramount Ruler of Onna; the wife of the Paramount Ruler and Mother of Onna women. Others were former House members from Onna, Hon. Ini Ikott and Hon. Bassey Willie, and Hon Pat Ifon, former Chairman of the Local Government Area. Hon Ufot Sunday Akpan, the Transition Chairman of the Local Government Area was also in attendance.

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