Monday, 21 September 2015

Former NUJ boss bags award, says the media is unnecessarily criticized

The immediate past state chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Mr. Joe Effiong has said that the increasing criticism of the media in the state is unnecessary, adding that most of the critics are public officers who have enjoyed the goodwill of the media.

Mr. Effiong, who gave the hint shortly after receiving the Good Leadership Award at the Radar Newspapers @2nd Anniversary last Friday, noted that professional excesses is not limited to the media as other professions also face the same challenge.

“I think journalism in the state is still at its infancy but we are in a very dynamic scenario professional wise. Everybody is saying something about the so called proliferation of newspapers in the state. Even those who are beneficiaries of the media’s goodwill turn around to say things that are not palatable against the media.

“Agreed, there are some aspects of our practice that needs to be corrected but no profession is perfect. While other professions conceal their flaws, we make that of the media a topic of public discourse. But I don’t think it is something we should lose sleep over because it cannot be corrected overnight”.

Speaking on the award, Mr. Effiong said that besides vindicating his leadership style as the NUJ boss, the award will serve as a source of motivation for him in any future leadership position he will find himself and commended the management of Radar Newspapers for organizing the event.

“It will spur me to put in my best in any position that I find myself henceforth. The reward may not come immediately but when people look at it from when I left office, what they thought was very bad may not have been too bad after all.

“I was succeeded in the union by somebody who is very successful in terms of development; you cannot take that away from my successor. So for a media organization to honour me for good leadership, it will serve as an impetus for me to give my best in any leadership position I find myself.”

The former NUJ boss however advised journalists in the state to always strive for excellence in the practice by adhering to professional ethics and subjecting themselves to thorough training, opining that it is only way to raise the bar of journalism practice in the state.

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