Tuesday, 29 September 2015

AKWA IBOM @ 28! Rt. Hon. Victor Antai: The rising profile of an emerging political gladiator


There is nothing more difficult to carryout, not more doubtful of success, not more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things. For the reformer, he who dares to chat a new course, has enemies in all those who profit by the old order and only lukewarm defenders in all those, who would profit by the new order.  This lukewarmness arises, partly from incredibility of mankind, who do not truly believe in anything new, until they have actually experienced it.

It is in this perception that Rt. Hon. Victor Antai, a two time chairman of Mbo Local Government Council now Honourable Commissioner for Local Government /Chieftaincy Affairs found himself when he came on the scene in Mbo political clime, his immediate constituency and Akwa Ibom political landscape. Nothing good comes easy. Just like tough time don’t last, only tough men do. In Mbo L.G.A. where his political sojourn evolved, progress was at the lowest ebb, infact, inert. Aside the lofty development strides and success story recorded in the community, Victor’s passion for the completion of Ibaka Deep Seaport Project knew no bounds. The Oro nation born politician, was determined to go the whole hog and make Mbo L.G.A. an Eldorado, no matter the hurdles and opposition too stiff he met on daily basis. Most of the times and on till now he finds himself always on the news and given bad spotlight. Only a man and an administration with the heart of steel and grim resolve could accomplish such feat development wise and setting a viable political brand.
Setting out to achieve his avowed goals expectedly met with resistance from those, who profited by the old order of doing things in  Mbo L.G.A. It was themselves first and the larger populace last. To the glory of God, Victor Antai has opened up Mbo and Oro nation political clime to a larger level of socio-economic development in consonance with present governments’ determination to balance Akwa Ibom on the industrial scale and sustainable development. In the course of his local government administration for two consecutive tenure and even as commissioner in just 100 days in office, far-reaching infrastructural facilities coupled with viable and articulated policies were put in place to international standard without looking back. Roads, hitherto considered impassable and difficult to rehabilitate within the nooks and crannies of Mbo community saw the magic wands of Victor Antai and residents of such areas heaved a sigh of relief.
Within the first 100 days of Gov. Udom Emmanuel administration and his ascension as Commissioner for Local Government/Chieftaincy Affairs, the Royal and traditional council in the state is breathing with relief as salaries and stipends are paid as and when due. Local boundary crisis and council feud has reduced to a bearing status. Even certain percentages of Local Government workers’ salaries are paid with currying bonuses.
Like him or hate him, he is an “unusual” leader. During the 2015 General Elections, Victor Antai stuck his neck is out in total support and solidarity for the divine mandate electioneering campaign and victory of Gov. Udom Emmanuel even when all oppositional fronts aimed their snipers at him. He stooped to conquer and that has paid better for him. Rt. Hon. Victor Antai, should continue firing from all cylinders, to take Oro nation and Akwa Ibom to the Promised Land. There should be no looking back, even where detractors are busy putting one hurdle or the other on his way. Such is the price to pay for leadership, though it could be a bitter pill to swallow.
 I am quite convinced, that with the new administration of Gov. Udom Emmanuel, Oro nation, with pragmatism and political wizardry of Rt. Hon. Victor Antai, will partake of the largesse that would accrue to Local Government Councils. His choice as Commissioner and portfolio as Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs helmsman is a round peg in a round hole, a sure deal. Oro nation’s progress, some narrow-minded people alleged, was retarded in the previous administration due to “unrepentant opposition postures” to the government of the day then. Whatever  that means! But now, the dawn of a new era, Victor has a high stake in this administration owing to his avowed support and contribution to her emergence and he will sure attract credible development to his people.
What Rt. Hon. Victor Antai needs to do for Oro nation and indeed Akwa Ibom right now is to reorder his priorities and make human capacity development, the centre-stage of his new leadership status, while continuing to plug all loopholes that are areas of wastage to local government administration, even if those who profited by such old order are not happy. He should not care a hoot about their grouse, which are unjustifiable.
Once again, let us engage in politics of love, affection and development of Akwa Ibom State. We should continue to wish our leaders well and pray for them as a demonstration of our obedience to Christian ordinances. For those orchestrating the evil machination of hate against Rt. Hon. Victor Antai as an emerging leader extraordinaire in today’s Akwa Ibom whose services are needed in his own little ways to the development of Akwa Ibom as a bonafide citizen, apply your brakes… Victor Antai is on board.
To accelerate the local government growth and development, Victor should devise a policy and drive for local government councils to embark on aggressive internally generated revenue rather than wait for allocations that may come too little for comfort.
Akwa Ibom shall certainly excel and be a model for other states to emulate. Persons in the mould of Rt. Hon. Victor Antai who are integral affiliates of Gov. Udom Emmanuel steering ship should be poised, up and doing in the business of governance. As Commissioner for Local Government/Chieftaincy Affairs, Rt. Hon. Victor Antai knows the grassroot beckons and has been there and will continue to do that.

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