Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Political Affairs Boss challenges Groups on innovations

...as IMA commences Monthly Solemn Assembly, vows to sustain Round Table discourse

Ibom Mega Alliance (IMA), a foremost sociopolitical group in Akwa Ibom State, has been commended for working beyond traditional political flanks to strengthen the fabric of governance in the State through innovations. Accordingly, political groups in the State have been challenged to come up ideas and innovations that that would chart a course for good governance in the State.

Special Adviser to the Governor on Political/Legislative Affairs and Water Resources, Rt. Hon. (Barr.) Ekong Sampson gave the charge during the maiden edition of the monthly solemn assembly of Ibom Mega Alliance at IMA House in Uyo.

The Special Adviser lauded the group for its demonstration of peculiarity and trail blazing innovations that will enable the government to succeed. He said with the current inclination in world, every successful administrator now in the global milieu is measured on the scale of innovations that he brings to bear in governance. This, he affirmed, Governor Udom Emmanuel has demonstrated.

Barrister Sampson said one remarkable feature of the Udom Emmanuel administration is his commitment to the Pan Akwa Ibom outlook, where the state is seen as one big family which work together for a common good. The Governor also does well in ensuring every aspect of Akwa Ibom State are respected and well accommodated in terms of projects, he added. The best way we can fortify this foundation, he said, is to re-elect our Governor for a second term.

Reiterating that the Governor has earned for Akwa Ibom State the respect of Nigeria and even beyond, Sampson referred to Udom Emmanuel as a success story in governance, maintaining that the epicenter of the Governor’s achievement is his demonstration of vision and innovation in governance.

He therefore called on political groups in the State to explore creative avenues to drive governance. “This is time for innovations; it is not just a time to do what everybody is doing; It is not just enough to form a political group with hope to be empowered by government. The critical issue is, what you bring to the table to help drive governance,” Ekong Sampson stated.

He however lauded IMA for being among the political groups in the State that are showing creativity in supporting the government of Udom Emmanuel. He particularly commended the President, Hon. Marcus Okuku, the Coordinator of the Solemn Assembly, Pastor Comfort William and chief drivers of the group, for their belief and commitment to support the government.

Ekong Sampson recalled the maiden edition of the recently launched IMA Round Table, a quarterly intellectual expedition to expatiate and enlighten the people on government programmes as well as discuss a number of issues that would assist the government. He said adding the spiritual dimension to it by initiating a monthly solemn assembly shows a deep sense of commitment and is commendable.

In his words, “the idea of a quarterly IMA Round Table discourse to explore trajectories of support for Governor Udom Emmanuel’s visions and programmes was a great idea, now you have added monthly solemn assembly, bringing God to bear by gathering to pray for the success of the government, for Akwa Ibom State and for Nigeria. This is very commendable”, Barrister Sampson said. He further affirmed “IMA cannot fail because ideas guarantee success. Ideas drive the world and the ideas of IMA are remarkable.”

He described Udom Emmanuel as a leader who believes strongly in God and in the power of prayers and Akwa Ibom as a prayerful state. “We pray every time because we believe that with God, all things are possible,” Sampson professed, denoting the peace in the State, the influx of investors, promising investment climate, and such others, as the fruits of prayers.

The Special Adviser declared that the Political Affairs Bureau will work with every group in the State that shares in the vision of Governor Udom Emmanuel and in the pan Akwa Ibom perspective. He reassured the members of IMA that with the range of ideas and programmes paraded by their group, they naturally have the support of his Bureau.

The President of Ibom Mega Alliance, Hon. Marcus Okuku, in his remarks, thanked the Political Affairs boss for finding time to join IMA in seeking the face of God for Akwa Ibom State. He also thanked the members of the group for their love for the State and desire to see the government succeed, which has been indicated in response to the call for the solemn assembly.

He reassured the Special Adviser that with the highbrow composition IMA, the group will continue with its quarterly Round Table discourse, the monthly Solemn Assemble and still seek other ways to strengthen the support base of His Excellency the Governor, to ensure his smooth re-election in 2019 to complete the great work he is doing in the State.

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