Thursday, 11 January 2018


THE INK newspapers can report on matters of fact that not less than ten members in the Akwa Ibom State Executive Council have expressed displeasure with their colleague Barr Uwemedimo Nwoko over his defence of Akpabio when he mentioned to the media that the senate minority leader was not properly briefed on the strides of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Ikot Ekpene senatorial District.

A commissioner from Uyo senatorial district view Nwoko's comment as unceremonious and highly clannish.

He maintained in a meeting to his kinsmen that the position made by Uwemedimo Nwoko is highly provocative and added that Nwoko would have done well by shutting up and allowing the matter to die a natural death.

The commissioner had submitted that Akpabio is not God and inasmuch as the former Governor was highly instrumental to the success of Governor Emmanuel at the polls that the ex Governor should not make unguarded utterances that are capable of throwing the state into a line of chaos and ethnicity.

THE INK gathered from a very reliable source that some commissioners had maintained that Nwoko acted contrary to common sense and political protocols by taking over the duty of the Commissioner for information.

They however queried why Nwoko had not been speaking in defence of Government only to appear for a defence of Akpabio because of what they maintained as promoting ethnic interests.

THE INK gathered furthermore that Uwemedimo Nwoko's defence of Akpabio rather than ameliorating the problematic situation in the state as caused by Akpabio's all is not well swang song is exposing the tension and in fighting the State Exco have been known for overtime.

Another commissioner from Annang nation while pleading not to be named for fear of being given the Udo Ekpenyong treatment described Nwoko's defence as imbeccillic saying as Attorney General Uwemedimo Nwoko should have explored his knowledge towards ensuring that Udo Ekpenyong was nor relieved of his duties.

He maintained that where Nwoko failed to intervene, he lacks the morals to speak in defence of Akpabio whose action he described as clearly mischievous.

A ranking commissioner in the state Exco added his own that Akpabio feels because he was the forerunner for Udom to emerge as a Governor that he can talk and untalk Udom. According to him, Akpabio needs to be schooled on how not to be a predecessor.

The Dean of Commissioners Glory Edet could not speak on the temperament of his colleagues but her mien indicates that she has a herculean task to assuage frayed nerves even as staff of her ministry confided to THE INK reporters that the woman appear to have been under intense pressure reconciling her colleagues.

The commissioner for Information Charles Udoh refused further comments on the matter obviously an indication that he is not happy with political developments in the State Exco.

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