Saturday, 6 January 2018


The battle for Political offices in Akwa Ibom state has began to seriously gather momentum.

And Ikono Local Government Area is not left out with the MD/CEO of Maccaire Resort Obong Emmanuel Ukpong Udo leading the pack of the early birds.

THE INK reporter gathered from intelligent political sources that Maccaire had been weighing options and may likely opt for the House of Assembly seat in the coming elections.

THE INK understands that Maccaire's best bet is in the House of Assembly seat as the incumbent Victor Udofia is not seeking a third term and may not really be interested in who succeeds him.

Sources say Victor Udofia will be seeking a sojourn to the National Assembly.

This way Maccaire if he plays his card well will be the major beneficiary of that exit which the incumbent member will be creating.

It was gathered also that Maccaire will face a herculean task if he decides to go for the House of Representatives as the odds will not favour him since himself and Gloria Edet do not see eye balls to eyeballs. And again the incumbency powers of Iboro Ekanem will not give Maccaire a space to operate even as Victor Udofia's camp will move against the Ikono born philanthropist. Political analysts argue that Emmanuel Ukpong Udo is still inexperienced in politics as he has never contested any election before despite his financial investments in the politics of the area.

It was gathered by THE INK newsdesk that the only seeming challenge Ukpong Udo will have will come from a former transition Chairman of the area and SA to the PDP chairman known as Mbakara.

Sources say Maccaire is actually in a fix as the said Mbakara had earlier consulted and retained the blessings of the Intels man.

But since politics is never a story of morals, Obong Emmanuel Ukpong Udo has an option is jetissioning his blessings on Mbakara and move ahead to contest the election against his friend.

This political stakeholders of the area believe will throw both men into frenzy but they added also that the election if both men run into the ring will be interesting.

This is where Maccaire is said to be having an upper hand.

But the Ikono man needs to watch and look before he leaps as the PDP may look favourably disposed to handing their ticket to Mbakara because of the influence of Obong Paul Ekpo

Both considering the implications for the election, Maccaire's ambition as a legislator looks better with the House of Assembly contest, a PDP ward chairman told THE INK reporter in Uyo earlier today.

And added also that zoning in both the National Assembly and House of Assembly seat favours the Ikono philanthropist.

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