Thursday, 4 January 2018

Petrol station shutdown …as petroleum products crashes SSG convoy

Petrol station shutdown …as petroleum products crashes SSG convoy
A petrol station, popularly known as Lucky Petrol Station along Nwaniba road, Uyo has been shut down for selling adulterated products to customers.

While the station may have been dispensing the adulterated products to buyers, they met their waterloo at the weekend when the said products damaged all vehicles in the convoy of the Secretary to the State Government.

Reports have it that, the SSG, in his official convoy had stopped over at the petrol station to buy the product and as they made to drive out, all cars in the convoy screeched to a halt as the engines crashed.

The SSG, who was physically present, called the SSA to the Governor on Petroleum, Essien Esema who immediately sent a team of task force to arrest manager of the petrol station for selling suspected adulterated Premium Moto Spirit (PMS) otherwise known as petrol.

The leader of the monitoring team, Uko Udofia while confirming the incident, agreed to foot the bills of the repairs of the vehicles belonging to the office of the SSG.

Another victim of the alleged adulterated products, who lost his vehicle engine, also had his Honda Saloon car fixed by the owner of the petrol station. But no sooner than the task force left the premises of the sealed station, than the staff started dispensing the adulterated product to  unsuspecting buyers. When questioned, the petrol attendant replied that he was acting on orders from above.

However, the SSA to the Governor on Petroleum has urged members of the public to be careful of where they buy petroleum products as some criminals are bent on taking advantage of the scarcity to defraud members of the public. 

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