Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Effiong Bob accusers are on assumption – Anietie Akpan

It is sad that some miscreants would venture to suggest that Senator Effiong Bob, FCIArb, had a hand in the arrest of one Blessing Mbakara for the kidnap of one Mrs. Ekaette Uboh of Ikot Esen - Ubium in Nsit Ubium LGA. That is rather a silly assumption. The truth is, if having carried out their investigations, the police find Blessing Mbakara culpable, shouldn’t the law take its course?

It is funny how Nigerians expect the police to do a good job, but when it affects their interest, they want it to be otherwise. 

Three or four months since the woman got missing, is it not time to expect results from the police? Now some miscreants are tying the police arrest of Blessing Mbakara to her declaration of interest in the House of Assembly seat come 2019. How irresponsible of them! If it is true that she is responsible for the disappearance of the woman, was she wanting to evade justice by her declaration?
As for the timing of her arrest, Nigerians and indeed Akwa Ibom people should know that the wheel of justice grinds slowly but surely. 

Those who think it is not right to punish criminality, if indeed Blessing Mbakara is responsible for the act, they should put themselves in the position of children of the missing woman.

Senator Effiong Bob should be left out of this matter. This is a case between the state and the accused person. As they say, nobody is above the law - not even an aspirant to any political office. 

Her supporters should dissipate their energy on how to prove her innocence, but not to blame her arrest on Senator Effiong Bob.

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