Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Black Friday: Fuel Station guts fire, injures many in Mbierebe

Black Friday: Fuel Station guts fire, injures many in Mbierebe

It was a black Friday last        weekend in Mberiebe Obio, Uyo where a popular fuel station namely GWT PET LTD, situated opposite Mbierebe Obio Market gutted   by  unsuspected inferno, which led to a stampede leaving many injured.
The inferno which started at about 5:13pm lasted till 11:00pm, according to eyewitness  was  caused by a little spark in a Petrol tanker that was driven to the fuel station so as to deliver petrol for commercial reasons.

THE INK gathered that it took an assiduous effort of the Akwa Ibom State Fire Service Team to put off the inferno after exhausting not less than two tankers of water and the incident had caused traffic jam on Aka Etinan Road and  Ring Road Junction since security agents from the Nigerian Police   Force stopped  motorists from plying Mberiebe Obio Road to Etinan Local Government Area.

According to a trader who sell Onions in the  Makert, Mrs Glory Udo Attah said, “It was around some minutes  past five that a certain tanker just arrived inside the filling station. So we heard shout, later I ran and left my goods when I saw how fire was burning the tanker, driver and the conductor who was trying to jump out of the tanker”.

Another eyewitness a residents of the area Friday Udoekong stated that he was in his farm in his farming behind the fuel station, he ran when he observed a stampede  and loud noise of people.

He called on tanker drivers to always carry out routine safety checks before using their tanks and warned people not to build their houses close to a fuel station.

A commercial motorcyclist  James Ime accounted that nobody died in the incident but  some staff working in the  fuel station sustained injuries during the rout.

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