Thursday, 28 May 2015

Welcome, Udom Emmanuel

Welcome, Udom Emmanuel

The question of leaders being born or made has been asked overtime and the answer has often been subject to a person’s philosophy or belief. For those who belief leaders are born, their position is that leadership is divine and of God hence, anyone with leadership grace can fill any leadership seat without having to acquire any additional knowledge or leadership skills. On the contrary, those of the view that leaders are made stand for the fact that for one to be a leader, such must have undergone series of formal or experiential training in the field of leadership. That is, without training, even a born leader could mis-use leadership opportunities or mis-lead thier followers. Though both schools of thought have a bearing for their position, one truth about leadership is that only those who dare break new grounds compel followers. 

Following the success of candidates at the just concluded elections, tomorrow will mark the genesis of a new order in some states of the federation and Nigeria as a whole. While the federation will experience a power switch into a world of uncertainties, Akwa Ibom State will continue in its transformation strides via the incoming government whom we are told is coming to consolidate on the landmark achievement of the outgoing one. Whether this promise will be kept or not is not a talk for the moment but let’s officially welcome Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel-The Right Man.

Your Excellency, yours faithfully has dutifully followed your campaigns and outreaches across the local government areas of the state and has attributed your success at the polls to the vigour and zest you put into your campaigns. Any less victory would indeed have been a disappointment of no mean order. Words would not quantify how happy Akwa Ibomites are to have you as the succeeding governor. This is not because of any assumed ill done by the outgoing government, but because change, according to an old time saying, is one constant thing that must occur in every facet of one’s life. Much as the outgoing has tried its best for the people and much as the people of Akwa Ibom have faked their ‘Iya Umiss’ syndrome, no one under the sun would agree to be under the tutelage of one person all the days of their life so, in as much as you have heard the farewells for Governor Akpabio, do not be deceived into thinking your impact would be underlined or paralleled. 

As you’re coming in Your Excellency, one of the most important things you must consider are your opponents; those who thought and still think they are better and more experienced than you are. These are those you must mind your relationship with, define your limits with and thread on with caution. They will be everywhere you go-in your cabinet, among your aides and even among those you govern and, lest I forget Your Excellency, there are more than a thousand people out there who still see you as an imposed candidate and would not accept to think contrary. Likewise, there also are those who had no choice but to vote you in. No viable option was available than to just join the moving train because in the land of the blind, the man with one eye is the king. In the light of the above, it is important that you row your boat with delicate care so as not to cause a stir in your government. 

Your Excellency, the Akwa Ibom you met under the Akpabio-led government will likely not be the same as the one you will now govern for certain reasons. First, Chief Godswill Akpabio was one magnanimous giver whose deeds at some point got on people’s nerves. He was a giver par-excellence. Due to this generosity, he muddied the impossibilities that lay behind possibilities thus, giving everyone the impression that nothing is unobtainable in the state-money, fun, luxuries, appointment, promotion and retrenchment all included. This amounted to the near 100% loyalty accorded him by his subjects. Will you meet-up this task Your Excellency? Will you dash out enough money, appointments and luxuries to buttress your unacceptable points? Our eyes have been wide opened to the realities of life because we have been told severally that much money can do what money cannot do so, can you affirm this? 

Your Excellency, the fact that Chief Godswill Akpabio was an orator whose oratory held Akwa Ibom spellbound is another reason Akwa Ibom has solidly stood by him. This is because Akwa Ibom has always been attracted more by what they hear than what they see even when what they see is dangerous enough to harm them. Can you beat this? 

As you take your seat Your Excellency, you must have observed some irregularities in some sectors of the state before, during and after your campaign visits one of which is the ministry of environment’s hypocritical clean-up of the environment to usher you in. Please tell them that environmental sanitation is beyond ceremonial clean-ups and green grasses. Our receptacles, gutters and sewages should be kept clean always and not once in a while. They should therefore go back to their assignment and stop practicing eye service. 

Another aspect you should look into is the prompt payment of staff salaries at all levels. Delayed payment it was which temporarily crippled the smooth running of the outgoing government’s affairs and the resultant effect was not funny. This you must avoid, Your Excellency. 

Very importantly sir, expect your first year in office to be stressful because you will have a hard time trying to ‘settle’ those who stood by you during your campaign period. Journalists will come seeking to be your PA or SA on media issues, thugs will come asking to be in the number of your ‘boys’ as well as those seeking to be commissioners, SSAs, PPAs and etc. If you fail to oblige, Sir, you stand a chance of being hacked and if you oblige, the possibility of bringing in quarks into the system is certain. That you know, Your Excellency would be the beginning of your government’s end. It is therefore imperative that the fairness and justice you promised during your campaign be applied in this regard to avoid a mutual bomb explosion.  

As you take in the reins of power, you must also realize that the press which the outgoing government maligned severally can make or mar you. We are the tool you need for success depending on how you play your cards therefore, you are urged to give due regards to the 4th estate. 

Finally your Excellency, the earth is the lord’s and the fullness thereof, be led and guided by the fear of the Most High in all things, that it may be well with you and you may sit long on the seat

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