Wednesday, 13 May 2015

It's May Day

It's May Day


I checked the date and discovered  how time has flown since the begin ning of the year. Already we are in May and it just hits me that I will be having a mayday anytime this month. You may be familiar with the phrase “may day.” It is used to inform the police or any emergency reporting unit of the need for immediate action and help on a life threatening situation. Once the phrase is used, the police de-code and run to the rescue immediately.

April might have come and gone with all its foolhardiness. What we may be left with is a difficult challenging scenario that emerges for us to challenge. Almost everyone I’ve come across tells me how difficult it has being and still is. When we jumped into May, I knew with certainty that some time in May, some help will arrive. Are you going through the normal decline that often characterizes this time of the year? It’s May already!

Life presents us with enormous challenges to throw off our big weights. These challenges may be as a result of our inconsistencies or may just be the normal lows that must characterize life whether we like it or not. If you are down there lost and not too sure of what path to tow, it’s understandable. You aren’t the only one there. People have being there and they know what it’s like being there. They are around to offer help. Just know it’s only a matter of time before that help arrives. 

First things first, you need to get know the help code. Help doesn’t come if we don’t ask. Like the use of mayday which actually sends signals that the person is in danger and needs urgent help, you will have to be alert to what you need and then show a commitment to getting that thing you need. You need help? In what area do you need help? What kind of help are you desirous off?

If one does not know what he actually needs, he may be roving in cycles of confusion only hoping that somehow, he will breakthrough even without a destination. A breakthrough often arrives but it’s never enough to supply all the help that is required. A mayday call could either be for a fire incident, a robbery incident, a shoplifting incident or even a household accident. So when a mayday call arrives, the guys at the emergency unit often want to know what the actual incident for help is so that they can offer the right service. You can’t call out for help and not provide the details for which that help must sufficiently cover.

You need to know who to reach out to. Mayday calls don’t go to everyone. They go to the emergency unit where help is capable of arriving from. Everyone won’t have the capacity to help you no matter how much they have within their arsenals. There are selected persons or organizations around you with the capacity to support your project or need. You have to find those persons or organization. 

You may know of an organization that offers the kind of help that you need but you have to know the protocol involved to gain attention for that help. That’s why mayday is used when calling for an emergency. Once a mayday call is heard at the police emergency unit, it’s noted immediately as an emergency and immediate actions are taken. Your need may require that you apply through the right procedures where it will be given the right kind of attention.
If you find yourself in a mess already, you don’t have to worry about the situation. Help always hangs around those that know where and how to reach for the help they need however dim it seems. Thank God you have gone through the first quarter of the year. This may, you can begin afresh. You can breathe fresh air and know that help is hanging around. Don’t lose hope yet. There is a glimmer of light and an assurance that after this may, you will be having a testimony to share.

Just remember when you reach mayday, help is around the corner.
Samuel Ufot Ekekere writes from Uyo, Nigeria. As a teacher, motivator, and writer, he writes inspiring writs on personal development for all categories of persons. He believes everyone needs motivation. 

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