Thursday, 26 March 2015

Why Nigerians will re-elect Jonathan - Ita Benedict

Why Nigerians will re-elect Jonathan - Ita Benedict

Despite the much  hyped opposition  mounted by the All Progressive Congress, APC against the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan, an Akwa Ibom Young Professional and an aide to Governor Godswill Akpabio, Mr. Ita Benedict says, there is nothing to worry about stressing that Nigerians will shun all opposing interests and re-elect President Goodluck Jonathan.

Benedict stated this during a chance encounter with THE INK reporter in Uyo yesterday. He described President Jonathan as the bridge between the old order and a new Nigeria. Speaking further, he said that President Goodluck Jonathan by his position, deeds and actions, is an embodiment of a true democrat.

That the thriving opposition in Nigeria today is as a result of President Jonathan’s liberal approach to democratic governance.
He said “My interest and support for Jonathan stems from the leadership decency, maturity and great mien exhibited by Mr. President. The most important achievement to me in a democracy is the growing of a democratic culture which ultimately promotes freedom of speech, freedom of association and advancement of fundamental human rights. Infrastructure development and other services cannot be guaranteed where democracy in its truest sense is not practiced. And this can only be made possible by the character of the man at the helm of affairs. And this is where President Jonathan comes in”.

Benedict noted also that a growing democracy like that of Nigerian should not be subjected to the panks of anti-democratic forces. He drew a comparisson between the Obasanjo’s era where almost all the democratic institutions were mauled by the ex-President. He observed that in six years of Obasanjo’s eight years, the Senate had five Senate Presidents. A practice he noted was unheard of in any emerging and or advanced democracy.

While responding to Buhari’s claim of integrity and experience to lead Nigeria, the Akwa Ibom media whizkid queried what experience and integrity that is being talked about. He said “History is replete with men of honour who quit the stage when their integrity and reputation was called to question. With all respect, Buhari’s refusal to address the issues of his academic credentials to me is a challenge to his morality and integrity”. Benedict enthused.

On the issue of experience, Benedict laughed it off saying “Buhari cannot be said to be more experienced than Jonathan as far as democratic engagement and governance is concerned. How can Buhari lay claim to experience than Jonathan, a man who has worked in Nigeria’s public service as a Director in OMPADEC, elected Deputy Governor of a State, later Governor, elected a Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and then President? I think what should be more important in this election is for Nigerians to allow themselves to be guided by the history of both leaders. Nigerians should appraise Jonathan’s contributions and sacrifices to the growth of democracy in Nigeria with that of Buhari. They should not forget that Buhari truncated our first attempt at democratic rule after decades of military dictatorship. I am hopeful, very hopeful that Nigerians will vote for a future that awaits them and a vote for President Jonathan is a vote for that great future”, Ita Benedict concluded.

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