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2015: What next for Hon. Mrs. Eunice Thomas?

2015: What next for Hon. Mrs. Eunice Thomas?

You may love or loathe her. You may adore or abjure  her. You may hate or honour her. You may vilify or venerate her. You may detest or deify her. But what you surely cannot do it to ignore Hon. Mrs. Eunice Thomas, former Commissioner for Women Affairs and Education, Akwa Ibom State.

 Indeed, ages and epochs normally define people. But there are exceptional individuals who define their age, who steer the tumultuous and tempestuous course of history by stamping on it the badge of their powerful personalities or power ideas.

Hon. Mrs. Eunice Thomas has in recent years become an object of curiosity as her meteoric rise into the nation’s consciousness is nothing short of a phenomenon. Her story is that of a lady who stands out in a crowd, having beauty, fame and wealth as assets. She is a paragon of beauty no doubt. Whenever she goes, she’s a head turner. Her physical attributes are complemented with the beauty of her character. Her ever young good looks a source of envy to some. At 41, she could pass for 18.
She wears her good looks on her shoulders like epaulettes. The mother of three unarguably is an embodiment of feminine elegance and everything about her are rare virtues worthy of emulation – African, motherly, homely, accommodating, caring, nurturing, grooming, and above all loving. Widely acclaimed and accomplished, she is simple and down to earth, she cuddles the aged, pamper children and babies feel securely ensconced in her motherly arms. She is meticulous. She is methodical. She is reflective. She has the boldness of her convictions. She has character. She has integrity. She is intensely focused. She is firm and determine. She is imbued with an uncommon ability and resilience.   
Many still recall her years as Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Women Affairs and later Education, a call to duty which saw her being appointed by His Excellency, Chief (Dr) Godswill Obot Akpabio (CON), the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State to offer service to her fatherland. Eunice Thomas in both ministries displayed a mixture of courage, judgment and intellect in the implementation of the 35% Affirmative Action Plan for Akwa Ibom Women, Women Empowerment and Liberation as well as the free and Compulsory Education policy of the Akpabio administration. Her superlative performance was the stuff of redemption tropes for a nation in search of redeemers.

As Women Affairs Commissioner, she fought against the scourge of women marginalization, she became the liquidator of the child abuse syndrome, the nemesis of child and women traffickers and the beacon of hope to Akwa Ibom children.

 Quite, self assured, discreet and compassionate, she gave Akwa Ibom women a voice at the state, national and global stage but was also tough-minded and rigorously committed to fiscal discipline, budget and policy implementation of the uncommon transformation of both ministries she headed. The end result has been dividends of democracy to Akwa Ibom Women and children at a pace and rate that was uncommonly unprecedented. This perhaps explains why at times, to some in the corridors of power, she was viewed with political anxiety-to put things diplomatically. Not a  few were often affronted by and aghast at what they considered her uncommon beauty, intelligence, creativity and zeal to get set goals and objectives achieved within envisaged timeline, as well as the devastating clarity she laid out her vision, mission and purpose in achieving set tasks. Whenever she speaks, you cannot but admire her being factual in content, decent in presentation and objective in analysis.

Mrs. Thomas personified honour, simplicity and grace. She radiates an inner sense of self worth which found expression in her calm composure and disposition. Strong, beautiful, elegant, industrious, hardworking and a consistently optimistic woman, she has remained the unseen backbone of her family. Many attest to the fact that her generosity of spirit is bewitchingly infectious.

 As 2015 draws near, the question on the lips of millions of Akwa Ibom people is – What next for Hon. Mrs. Eunice Thomas? Why the silence on the political scene? What’s her game plan for 2015? Certainly, both admirers and critics have not only missed her beautiful, thrilling, captivating, sensational and serene smile but the class, elegance, style, vibrancy and effectiveness she brought to politics which significantly raised the bar with regards to what Nigerian women can do towards contributing their quota to nation building. For now, it is still a wait- and –see game even though what cannot be doubted is her capacity to rise above political adversity.

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