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2015: Nsit Ubium people declares total support for Udom, PDP

2015: Nsit Ubium people declares total support for Udom, PDP
As the 2015 general elections draws  near, the people of Nsit Ubium Local Government Area has declared their unalloyed loyalty and commitment to deliver PDP enmass in the coming Saturday Presidential and National Assembly election, and repeat same on April 11 Governorship and State House of Assembly election.

This was the unanimous decision of all Nsit Ubium people who pledge their resolve to vote PDP based on the developmental leadership of PDP administration in the area since it came to power in Akwa Ibom state in 1999. The people stated this last Tuesday during a unit to unit campaign tour of the area led by their political leader, distinguished Senator Effiong Dickson Bob and the Chairman of Nsit Ubium local government area, Hon Ekpedeme Amos Akpan to sensitize the people on how to thump print correctly on the ballot papers to avoid void votes.
The unit to unit campaign tour which was attended by mammoth crowd of PDP supporters in all the units visited was an opportunity for the people of Nsit Ubium to reaffirm their earlier position and endorsement of Mr Udom Emmanuel as the next executive governor of Akwa Ibom state and adopt all PDP candidates as their sole candidates in the forthcoming general elections.

The people who enumerated the many blessings of PDP administration since 1999 ranging from road constructions to provision of water, scholarships to students and financial empowerment for small and medium scale businesses, maintained that Nsit Ubium has never in the history of politics support an opposition party which the coming elections will not be an exception.

Addressing the mammoth crowd of supporters in all the units of the 10 political wards visited; the political leader of the area and a two term senator, Senator Effiong Dickson Bob assured the people that PDP will continue to better their lives and provide them with all social amenities. He said that he stand as a guarantor between the people and government, and should be held accountable if the incoming PDP government fails to give recognize to Nsit Ubium in the scheme of things by providing them with more good roads and other necessities of life.

The senator who was the initiator and Chief host of the campaign tour said that he will ensure that more life touching projects come to Nsit Ubium. And explained that his presence in the campaign tour shows the important and seriousness he attach to the forthcoming general elections by ensuring that PDP is returned elected 3/3 on Saturday March 28 and 2/2 on 11 April to complete his formula 5/5 winning across board.
He maintained that he had to abandon other engagements to personally lead the campaign tour of operation deliver PDP all the way. The senator advised the people to thump print by the umbrella which is a symbol of coverage and protection to all Nigerians and Akwa Ibom in particular, stressing that a vote for PDP is a vote for progress and prosperity which can only be guarantee by the PDP government.

On his part, the Executive Chairman of Nsit Ubium local government area, Hon Ekpedeme Amos Akpan said he has been overwhelmed by the massive support of the people to the PDP in the area which according to him is a clear indication that come March 28 election and April 11, the people will deliver PDP 100 per cent.

He maintained that the mammoth support the PDP has enjoyed in the area is as a result of the PDP performance which even the blind can feel the developmental strides of PDP administration from the state to the local government. He said that his administration of Chief Dr Godswill Akpabio has raised the bar in leadership.The council boss told Nsit Ubium people to vote for PDP 5/5 in all the elections, starting from the presidential to the state assembly.

Also speaking, the managing director and Chief Executive of Nsik Motors, Mr Nsikak Johnny who is an indigene of the area said that PDP will ensure total development and prosperity of Akwa Ibom state. He called on all Nsit Ubium people to vote massively for the PDP in the forthcoming general elections.

The Senatorial candidate for Uyo Senatorial District, Mr Bassey Albert Akpan and the speaker of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly who is the PDP candidate for Etinan Federal Constituency, Elder Sam Ikon who were part of the campaign tour assured the people of Nsit Ubium that they will give them an unprecedented effective representations in the upper and lower chambers of the national assembly.

They promised to work with Senator Bob and tap from his huge legislative prowess to impact positively on the people of the area. The duo commended Nsit Ubium people for following the direction of Senator Bob who knows the way, and thanked the senator for his sacrifice and love for the PDP by abandoning all his engagements irrespective of the fact that he is not the one contesting but took the pains by campaigning for all PDP candidates. They assured Senator Bob that they will not let him and the people of Nsit Ubium down, and will reciprocate the trust and confidence they have place on them.

In all the units visited, village heads assured the campaign team that they will mobilize their subjects to vote for the PDP in the forthcoming general elections. The campaign team received people who defected from Obong Umana Okon Umana’s camp who were of the opposition APC to the PDP. The people pledged their unalloyed loyalty and support for the PDP.

Other notable sons and daughters of Nsit Ubium in government and those in the private sector were part of the unit to unit campaign tour which was a huge success.

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