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Ekaette Unoma Akpabio: An Altruistic Marvel to our Generation

Ekaette Unoma Akpabio: An Altruistic Marvel to our  Generation

A noble and self-sacrificing mother is a gift from God that every human society longs to have. A humanitarian mother plays an important role in nation building since she responds faster to the yearnings of those in need.  As the saying goes, A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED, this could be measured by the magnitude of her benevolence, contributions and support towards the down trodden in the society. It is at this point that one can actually count on her as a friend or a helper indeed. 

 Mrs. Ekaette Unoma Akpabio’s flare for showing love to the less privileged is a proof of scriptural instructions which has been fulfilled in our dear state. It is written in scriptures that when the righteous is in power the people rejoice, the abundance of joy experienced today by the poorest of the poor in Akwa Ibom State enables them to go on the heights they couldn’t in the past. 

Many lives that were in total disarray have been restored through the humanitarian services of Mrs. Ekaette Unoma Godswill Akpabio, in my parlance I would say “A MOTHER IN NEED IS A MOTHER INDEED” building on the ruins of deplorable state of people’s lives to a renewed, rebranded, hopeful and a happy life style.
Mrs. Akpabio’s vigorous advocacy has brought Akwa Ibom women into lime light of active participation in politics and Governance. She has without doubt become a formidable force of no equal in the arena of politics, always agitating for the rights of the women and children to ensure that their voices are heard; their fundamental rights upheld and guaranteed through the enactment of child/widows rights law by the legitimate authorities. 

Her contribution to every day women’s emancipation movement in our country has placed her in an esteemed position among other women. With the intermediary and intercessory role she plays in the Government of Akwa Ibom State, she has ensured that 35 percent affirmative action is being implemented beyond the expectation of those who have slow responsiveness to change.  

Her skills of mobilization has been so robust and powerful that the gathering of women in any public occasion is like sand at the sea shore, she has really enlightened the women not only on political matters but also on their domestic responsibilities to their children and husbands at home which is the first point of call for all the women. She is an epitome of love, peace, good leadership and virtuousness for the women and children.

 She has been described variously as a woman of dignity, impeccable character, kind hearted and a woman who has the passion and the vision of liberating the poorest from their status quo, the mother of love and the mother of compassion. 
Mrs. Akpabio’s tireless efforts towards restoring the lives of the inflicted and afflicted people in our society have received many accolades from the world citizens. Flipping through the pages of daily tabloids in Akwa Ibom State, I came across an article by Mr. Joe Iniodu, a Public Affairs Analyst – who quite often expounds on  Mrs. Ekaette Unoma Akpabio’s supportive movement regarding the welfare of the destitute, widows, children and the society in general titled; A SCRIPTURE FULFILLED. 

He likened Mrs. Akpabio to the woman in the book of Proverbs 18:22 that “HE WHO FINDETH A WIFE, FINDETH A GOOD THING AND OBTAINETH FAVOR FROM THE LORD” He referred to Mrs. Akpabio as a good Woman and a favor to her husband Chief Dr. Godswill Akpabio, affirming that it’s only a good woman that makes a complete man. “During the husband’s campaign for second term, she demonstrated eloquently this shared vision. She did not only join her husband in the vigorous campaign which was taken to all the thirty one local Government Areas of the State, but she ensured that women were duly mobilized to participate in that all important election.” 

I share in the reiteration of the various social projects and activities undertaken by Mrs. Akpabio to salvage lives from penury. Permit me Joe to also agree with you intoto that the scriptures has been fulfilled indeed right here in our lifetime! MRS. Akpabio is an altruistic MARVEL.  You ‘missed’ the count of the widows houses, they are more than a hundred as at the last count and we are still counting additional ones which were recently approved by Her Excellency the Governor’s Wife Mrs. Ekaette Akpabio, design and construction  still on course.

The write–up by Mr. Iniodu is an evidential testimony that there are still some seasoned journalists who base their writings on empirical facts and not on heresies or falsehood. It was an interesting piece counting on the gains of good governance of the uncommon transformer and the uncommon pillar behind every success story recorded in the past seven years of this administration.

I sincerely acknowledge your contributions and am moved to affirm your contributions with these cases in specific lives she has touched. Here are some more unique examples of some of the beneficiaries of FLEI shelter programme in Akwa Ibom State. Those whose lives were saved and transformed in a twinkle while almost at the brink.

Mrs Ekaette Alex from Abat Town, Etim Ekpo local Government Area was living in a mud house under a terrible situation that was unacceptable and disgraceful to her and the society. She was helpless, abandoned and stranded but hope was revived when Mrs. Akpabio intervened in her case and gave her a modern building to shelter her family, she could not hold back her joy at the commissioning ceremony as she was shivering, jumping, shouting, speaking in tongues, beating her chests and vocalizing blessings upon blessings on Mrs. Akpabio for coming to her rescue even when she had lost all hope. Her display of joy and thankfulness amazed and marveled many because it was as though she has seen God. To Ekaette Alex she saw God in Mrs. Akpabio. I am an eye witness of what this Golden Star shining from the heaven on the sky of Akwa Ibom has showered on its vulnerable population. It is no fable.  

Mrs. Rose Bassey Udoudo, Eka Nto Obo II, Abak L.G.A,  her story was brought to the attention of Her Excellency, the wife of the Governor by a letter from the Nigerian Army Barracks Chaplains, at Ibagwa. Rose and her children were living in a batcher with tarpaulin roof and palm front walls, inside a bush like outcasts. Having been rejected, neglected and abandoned by family and friends. Her situation was so bad that anyone who sees her living in this hut would think that she was a mad woman with children not knowing that it was harsh conditions of life that reduced her to this level. The first time we met Mma Rose she was actually uncoordinated she was psychologically deranged with no self-confidence. Madam Rose today courtesy of Her Excellency is a proud owner of a three bedroom flat built and donated to her by the uncommon pillar of transformation, Mrs. Ekaette Unoma Akpabio, her disposition completely transformed.

Mrs. Ekaette Okon Isongito- from Ibeno L.G.A, 47 years old widow with 4 surviving children out of 10.  She was living with these children in a fabricated structure popularly called “batcher” in the brother-in-law’s multi-purpose unpatitioned hall. But with Mrs. Akpabio’s intervention has made Ekaette Isongito is a proud owner of a well-furnished two bedroom apartment.

Mrs. Rose Alphonsus Essien- is a 41 years old widow, hers was a mud house in an extreme condition, soaked walls and tarpaulin covered roof. But with Mrs. Akabio’s visitation she is now a proud and a happy owner of two bedrooms flat.

These are just few out of over 100 cases within Akwa Ibom State that Mrs. Akpabio has intervened. If you are opportune to interact with these beneficiaries, share their feelings and plight then you will realize that these people have actual seen God through the person of Mrs. Ekaette Unoma Akpabio popularly called and addressed as the husband of the widows.  

 When considering the cost of building a house nowadays, you will agree with me that Mrs. Akpabio is undertaking a huge task, which cannot be done by an ordinary person except one who is passionate about service and called by God to save his people knowing fully well that he who helps the poor is building his treasure in heavenly places, as it recorded in the book of Proverbs 19:17 One who gives to the poor lends to the Lord and he will repay him for his good works. 

 Pondering on Mrs. Akpabio’s deeds and actions towards the poorest in our society, leaves one with a feeling that indeed  she is not only touching lives on earth but she is also building her wealth in Gods kingdom and paving her way to heaven because she has actually fulfilled the conditions written in the Bible in the book of Mathew 25 v 35 For I was hungry, and ye gave me meat; I was thirsty and ye gave me drink; I was naked and ye clothe me; I was without a shelter and ye shelter me; pass into my father’s glory”, You will agree with me that through her passion, actions and deeds several scriptures have been fulfilled indeed because she has given more than enough meats, clothes, drinks and shelters to the needy and these acts keeps her path shining and shining unto victories. 

I am convinced  by her actions that if she  was  on earth when JESUS was born, she would have been one of those three wise men who visited JESUS soon after birth, maybe she would have been the only woman among the wise men to present gifts to infant JESUS just like she made it a culture to be visiting babies born on the Christmas day at strategic Hospitals in the state, as a way of welcoming them to the world and showing them love by presenting gifts to them, since they were born on the day set aside to celebrate JESUS birthday, 25 December of every year symbolizes JESUS birthday and any child born on that day stand a chance to benefit from Mrs. Akpabio’s big heart as she is likely to visit and also present gift items to the first baby that is born on that day. No wonder some people call her Angel.

Mrs. Akpabio’s is a true mother, with an attitude of gathering multiple birth parents from time to time to give them the necessary support to enable them provide for their babies, having this understanding that some parents with multiple babies may not be financially buoyant at such caring and providing for this babies the proper way becomes challenging. But with Mrs. Akpabio’s intervention and supports parent now have less trouble to worry about. If you have ever attended the event of hosting the multiple birth parents, you would witness stream of babies and parents turning in for support and Mrs. Akpabio without complain provides for all without discrimination and bias. 

Mrs. Akpabio knows that the true wealth of the people is their health and she has not failed in the area of providing medical interventions for the sick in our society. One of the cases of Mrs. Akpabio’s medical intervention is likened to the Bethsaida testimony in the Bible, this is the case of Mr. Ekwere Tom from Awa Iman in Onna LGA, he had an accident while on official duty and due to lack of proper medical attention the leg became infected, swollen/enlarged out of proportion with smelling mucus discharge. He lost his job due to this injury, he could not pay his medical bills and no family member to rely on, so he resolved to be limping around with the big swollen smelling leg begging for alms but his story turned around when Mrs. Akpabio the Mother of Mercy spotted him along barracks road Uyo, while travelling in convoy, she was moved to show compassion, she stopped the convoy, she asked her aids to take Mr. Ekwere to Hospital where he could get the best medical treatment.

 It was very touching to see her responding the JESUS way to this sick and dying man. His situation caught Mrs. Akpabio’s attention to have compassion the way JESUS did. God passed through the Mother of love Mrs. Ekaette Unoma Akpabio to restore Mr. Ekwere’s health.  In his words of appreciation expressing happiness shouted “behold am alive again, I can walk well again, my legs are healed for real. God bless Ma Akpabio.’’  This particular case shows that Mrs. Akpabio truly emulates JESUS who was always having compassion towards the sick and the willingness to heal them while on a journey.

Another last second medical intervention by Eti Eka is the case of Patrick Utomi, who was living in  agony for the past 10 years, he had an accident that disfigured his excretory system and organs, his case was very complicated and needed foreign expertise and treatment but he could not  afford such and his condition became worse by the day until that day Mrs. Akpabio was reading the Tribune newspaper of Sunday 24 march 2013, she saw Patrick Utomi’s pathetic case, she decided  without anybody’s advice to extend her love, care and compassion to him by sponsoring his medical treatment abroad. Today Patrick is sound and healthy, back on his feet again. This was made possible by someone who thinks good of his people.  She has put smiles on many faces and each time she touches a life the scripture is fulfilled indeed. 

Mrs Akpabio’s commitment to the course of changing lives has earned her many prestigious honors and awards, but it is not all about her and the awards it’s about Gods mandate to salvage humanity most of her humanitarian services are unsung because she prefers doing them in secret as the bible commands.  Recently she was honored by sun newspaper as the most supportive Governors wife, it was honor well deserved done on her personality and a fulfillment of the scripture ‘’ Behold, the righteous shall be rewarded in the earth; much more than the wicked and sinner ’’ proverb 11:31.

Just as the saying goes that behind every successful man there is a good woman, Mrs. Akpabio has been of immense support and uncommon pillar to her husband the executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State Chief Dr. Godswill Akpabio CON, the uncommon transformer.   

The fulfillment of any scripture awaits the appointed time. Governor Akpabio’s administration is the fulfillment  of the scripture of  grace, love, care, good leadership and transformation  where people are liberated on daily basis from the shackles of poverty, ignorance, joblessness, oppression and from all forms of human suffering that Akwa Ibom persons must have been subjected to in the past consciously or unconsciously. This is experienced in Akwa Ibom State through the numerous projects; massive construction, human development and empowerment; Lofty policies and programs formulated and implemented for general interest of all. Every minute encounter with our own mother Theresa is a fulfillment of the scripture INDEED .

With all these , one cannot help but feel that things are certainly getting better and would get much better if other Akwa Ibom leaders would emulate the great strides of the Executive Governor Chief Godswill  Obot Akpabio  the uncommon transformer of our time and wife Mrs. Ekaette Unoma Akpabio who has been an unwavering pillar of support, to extend these humanistic gestures to their different domains, after all Winston Churchill once said ‘’ what is the use of living, if it is not  to strive for noble causes and make this muddled world a better place for those who  live in it even after we are gone”. 


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