Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Don Etiebet, Attah plot 2015 * Move to Stop Akpabio, Udom

Don Etiebet, Attah plot 2015

The 2015 gubernatorial election in Akwa Ibom state has really opened up so many political foes against the state Governor Godswill Akpabio. It has also given some politicians who had built anger against the Governor to seek a way of taking vengeance.

The latest politician to seek his own pound of flesh from Godswill Akpabio is his kinsman and one of the political elders of Abak five, a former National Chairman of the All Nigeria Peoples Party and a Board of trustee member of the PDP Otuekong Don Etiebet.

Don Etiebet after tolerating all the claimed sins Akpabio had committed against him had decided that it is time to hit Akpabio back especially as the Governor is still battling on how to convince the people of Abak five to see reasons with him and cede the senate position to him. Akpabio is also fighting tooth and nail to ensure that his allegedly preferred choice successor, Udom Emmanuel becomes acceptable in the political consciousness of the state.

To this end, Don Etiebet penultimate Saturday met with the former Governor of the state Arch. Obong Victor Attah in the Ex Governor’s Abuja residence were he reported to Attah the alleged sins of Akpabio against him. The meeting had as its agenda, ceding of power and it began at ten O’clock in the morning. A competent source who pleaded strict anonymity disclosed that Etiebet arrived Obong Attah’s residence looking calm and composed but dropped a bombshell on Akpabio during the course of the interaction with Obong Attah.

The Ex ANPP man is said to have told Attah that Akpabio had ridiculed him to an extent that he (Don Etiebet) would have almost been regarded as a non issue in the affairs of the politics of the state and the senatorial district which he is supposed to be a key player. Don Etiebet is said to have opined that he will not watch and see Akpabio take on him as he likes stressing that he is older than Akpabio in politics and in a very ramifications of governance. The duo are said to have plotted how to stop Akpabio install Udom Emmanuel as a successor.

Our source said that Don Etiebet had further appealed to Ex Governor Attah to support him in his quest to fight Akpabio politically. He is said to have maintained that he will ensure that he does not blink an eye in his quest to hit back at Akpabio on all the things he had done against him.

Don Etiebet is said to have after recounting all the ordeals he had passed through in the hands of Godswill Akpabio described the Governor as a betrayer.

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