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Stop, don’t contest 2015 guber - Ibibios tell Umana

Stop, don’t contest 2015 guber - Ibibios tell Umana

Ibibio under the ageis of Ibibio Elders Forum has warned the ex-secretary to state government Obong Umana Okon Umana against contesting the 2015 governorship election. The Elders forum which is chaired by Dr. Uko Akpan Uko and whose secretary is Dr. Emmanuel Akpanobong had while listening to Umana Umana reel out his frustrations since he was booted out from office on Akpabio’s instructions more than a forth night ago had asked Obong Umana pertinent questions that saw the ex SSG reeling back and forth.

Apparently sensing that UOU’s mission to lead the state from 2015 will fall like a pack of cards, the Elders are said to have informed Umana that he should stop forthwith all forms of campaigns on his 2015 ambition and should also desist from contesting the election. Umana Umana, it was learnt was told this naked truth in the presence of one his aides Inyang Unyah.

Our reporter was told that Obong Umana was shocked when he was given this bitter truth as he had hitherto expected that he was going to buy the Elders with his money. It was gathered that the Elders of Ibibio are of the opinion that power should rotate among the three senatorial districts of Akwa Ibom State to give every part of the state a good sense of belonging.

Before the meeting commenced, it was observed that the Elders had wanted to bounce Inyang Unyah from attending but the chairman of the forum had to use wisdom to prevail on others and allow the ex SSG’s aide to join them apparently as a witness to the discussion that were held between the Elders and the sacked and now embattled SSG. The Ibibio Elders sources say had to advice UOU to stop his 2015 campaigns because they must have seen that the pendulum of victory is far away from Obong Umana Umana. They had also cautioned Obong Umana Umana against overheating the polity. The Elders had promised to meet with the governor Godswill Akpabio to discuss the fate of Umana and a possibility of preparing a soft landing for him since according to sources at the meeting, Umana has come to report the matter to them like a son going to the father.

When Governor Godswill Akpabio invited the Elders over to the Lodge to put records straight on the reasons he sacked Obong Umana, he is said to have opened up to the elders that Umana was always undermining him and a lot of other issues. The Governor Godswill Akpabio hinted that as it stands, the state may lost the position of NDDC MD/CEO to Delta State because of Umana’s inconsistencies and desperateness to become the next governor of the state.

Asked to expatiate on this, the governor is alleged to have informed the Elders at his lodge in the presence of Sir Etekemba Umoren, the permanent secretary office of the Governor that he was lobbying the nation’s first lady Dame Patience Jonathan to influence Akwa Ibom State being given the Managing Director/CEO of NDDC. Akpabio is alleged to have added that the first lady had obliged the request and that Umana earlier had agreed to get the job. The Governor is said to have maintained that Obong Umana Okon Umana later wrote to the first lady that he will only serve in the capacity of MD/CEO of NDDC for one year and then resign and contest the 2015 governorship of Akwa Ibom State. The Governor Godswill Akpabio continuing said the first lady Dame Patience Jonathan was not happy and more especially because the presidency was to apply the presidential fiat to make Umana the MD/CEO since that position according to the Governor Godswill Akpabio is meant for a state recognized as an onshore state and Akwa Ibom is operating offshore.

Akpabio is said to have sadly reported to the Elders that it is quite obvious that the state has lost the MD/CEO of NDDC due to Umana’s greedy ambition. Speaking further, Governor Akpabio hinted that someone from Delta State has been nominated and it appears the Delta State person may carry the day when the senate resumes screening nominees for that position.

One source who was privy to the meeting informed THE INK reporter that the Elders upon getting such news from the Governor expressed total sadness and disappointment. The Elders are said to have wondered why Akpabio and Umana’s sour romance should cost Akwa Ibom a lucrative position as the MD/CEO job of the NDDC. Most of the Elders are said to have shaken their heads in utter disappointment.

As the meeting between the Elders and the Governor progressed, the Elders are said to have solicited a soft landing for the sacked Umana who have been running from pillar to post looking for what to hold on to. Governor Akpabio is alleged to have informed the Elders outright that the only soft landing he prepared for Umana was the MD/CEO post of the NDDC and that for now there appears not to be any soft landing again.
But Governor Akpabio however is said to have added that if Umana completely shuts down his ambition, he could be compensated with the position of a minister but that, that will depend on if Ita Ewa resigns to contest the 2015 guber election.

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