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Udom Gabriel Emmanuel: From “Corporatecraft” to statecraft BY JOE INIODU

Udom Gabriel Emmanuel: From “Corporatecraft” to statecraft BY JOE INIODU

Many who know Mr. Udom Emmanuel attest to his uncommon virtues and gifts. One of his school mates who prefers anonymity described him as possessing of a magnetic intellect. He isolated humility, hard-work and discipline as some of his greatest gifts. He noted that Mr. Udom Emmanuel is straightforward and stands for truth at all times. He submitted that if Mr. Udom Emmanuel is given the right atmosphere, he would be a dependable partner in the execution of Governor Akpabio’s lofty vision”

Mr. Udom Emmanuel, the son of parents’ teachers once again proved that with or without a silver-spoon, one can triumph over seeming limitations with God and hardwork and attain enviable heights that may have appeared as the exclusive preserve of the privileged class. He joins the likes of Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio whose chequered background offered him no future but who is today making history as one of the best governors Nigerian has ever produced. Governor Akpabio joins the pantheon of renowned leaders that have distinguished themselves and etched indelible legacies that would serve as reference in good governance for many years to come. Indeed Akpabio’s life deserves close study and emulation.  

Desist from smear campaign against Akpabio, Enobong Uwah warns

Desist from smear campaign against Akpabio, Enobong Uwah warns

The Honourable commissioner for Environment and Mineral Resources, Prince Enobong Uwah has warned those he described as dishonest politicians and Professional blackmailers to desist forthwith from ill conceived smear campaigns against Gov. Godswill Obot Akpabio. Speaking to Airport correspondents on arrival from the United States, who sought his views on the recent spate of negative Press against his boss, Prince Uwah frowned at the development maintaining that everybody knows those behind the campaign of calumny directed at the governor.

“We all know those behind the orchestrated smear campaign qgainst Gov. Akpabio and sustained by a section of partisan media and biased press mediums and we warn them to desist from the act” Uwah said.

Prince Uwah who observed that there was no need for the uproar over recent political decisions of the governor in the state which are routine, decried a situation where some people feel that, they can hold the entire state to ransom and cause a breach of the community spirit in Akwa Ibom and overheat the polity simply because their narrow interests are not being served. Prince Uwah stated that having worked closely with the governor, first as his special Assistant Protocol Matters, Abuja Liason Office and now as Commissioner in his cabinet, he coul vouch for the patriotism, good heart and unequalled love Gov Akpabio has for the state and the people.

NUJ to partner IIJ to develop members

NUJ to partner IIJ to develop members

The Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Akwa Ibom State Council, Elder Patrick Albert has pledged to partner operators of the International Institute of Journalism (IIJ), Uyo Centre to sustain the viability of the programme in order to enhance self-development for members of the union and professional best practices.

Elder Patrick Albert who made the pledge during a joint meeting of the State Working Committee (SWC) of the union and the operators of IIJ held at the Press Centre, Uyo said that the IIJ programme has gone a long way to stem the tide of quackery in journalism practice.

He commended the operators for bringing their academic experience from the University of Uyo to bear in the programme and charged them to continue to approach their engagement with the IIJ as community service since no monetary compensation can be commensurate to their sacrifices.
Elder Patrick Albert promised to put a machinery in place to facilitate the construction of a permanent block for the IIJ and appealed to members of the union and the general public to take advantage of the programme to acquire professional qualifications in journalism as the course offered by the IIJ, Uyo centre can compete with the best in the country.

OIL SPIL: UERL assures host communities of absolute safety

The host communities of Universal Energy Resources Limited (UERL) have been allayed of their fears arising from a minor oil spill incident that occurred at the Stubb Creek last week.

In a media briefing, the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) of the company, Mr. Aniefiok Iwaudofia, said that the “Minor oil spill was from one of the storage tanks of load during the Maximum Efficiency Rate (MER) Well test due to equipment failure from a rapture flange on the tank outlet valve and caused a spill of about three barrels.”

Monarch commends Akpabio on Eket/Ibeno road

Monarch commends Akpabio on Eket/Ibeno road

The Paramount Ruler of Ibeno Local Government, His Royal Majesty Owong (Dr.) Effiong B. Archianga has commended Governor Godswill Akpabio for awarding contract for the construction of Eket/Ibeno Road.

Owong (Dr.) Effiong Archianga made the commendation last week during a press briefing with journalist in his palace, in Ibeno Local Government. Dr. Effiong Archianga who expressed satisfaction on the performance of Governor Godswill Akpabio since his assumption of office, said many governors had come and gone that no one has ever taught of awarding the contract of Eket/Ibeno road for good transportation network as the oil producing areas.
The Paramount Ruler who also commended the Governor on Mkpanak, Okposo and Mbo Road, described Governor Godswill Akpabio as a friend and a father to Ibeno people who always listen to their problem and proffer adequate solution to their problems with delight.

Stop, don’t contest 2015 guber - Ibibios tell Umana

Stop, don’t contest 2015 guber - Ibibios tell Umana

Ibibio under the ageis of Ibibio Elders Forum has warned the ex-secretary to state government Obong Umana Okon Umana against contesting the 2015 governorship election. The Elders forum which is chaired by Dr. Uko Akpan Uko and whose secretary is Dr. Emmanuel Akpanobong had while listening to Umana Umana reel out his frustrations since he was booted out from office on Akpabio’s instructions more than a forth night ago had asked Obong Umana pertinent questions that saw the ex SSG reeling back and forth.

Apparently sensing that UOU’s mission to lead the state from 2015 will fall like a pack of cards, the Elders are said to have informed Umana that he should stop forthwith all forms of campaigns on his 2015 ambition and should also desist from contesting the election. Umana Umana, it was learnt was told this naked truth in the presence of one his aides Inyang Unyah.

Our reporter was told that Obong Umana was shocked when he was given this bitter truth as he had hitherto expected that he was going to buy the Elders with his money. It was gathered that the Elders of Ibibio are of the opinion that power should rotate among the three senatorial districts of Akwa Ibom State to give every part of the state a good sense of belonging.

What makes A’Ibom State lifeless? BY AKPANDEM

“One of Akpabio’s virtues in the early years of his administration was humility and his willingness and readiness to consult his colleagues and advisers at all times, as years rolled by however, he felt himself confident and in full control of the reins of power, he became autocratic and regarded any consultations unnecessary and derogatory to his absolute authority, those who ventured to approach him volunteer advice and suggestions were branded by him as political enemies of his administration”

All available evidence proves conclusively that, the executive governor the state, Chief Godswill Akpabio is the cause of all what is befalling our state.  He is not far in sight, his qualities and attributes fit him not for the position presently he is occupying, and it appears he has failed the state on vital and crucial issues on which the state pinned its hopes of future greatness.  

Had he succeeded to keep the state together his name would have gone into history as one of the great leaders of our time.  To me, the administration of Akpabio is stinking with gross inefficiency and mismanagement.  Things had deteriorated to a point where a common man cannot feed himself not to talk of his family, the administration of the state has become completely inaccessible without consultation and advice, affairs of the state which used to be a matter of collective responsibility have now become a one tribe show of which they cannot tolerate any contrary opinion or advise. 

It is obvious that ethnicity cannot and should not be allowed to continue in this manner, if not, to promote the social and economic advancement will be impossible.  The governor is supposed to develop on atmosphere of sufficient stability and genuine demonstration of moderation and self control in pursuing sectional ends for the overall interest of the state.

The existence of sectionalism and tribalism has already saw to the emergence of a high degree of sectional, politicking, intemperate utterance deliberately designed to whip away peace and unity of the state, just for the benefit of the political aspiration of a tribe.  Akwa Ibom people are afraid that a man who is unbending and uncompromising and who has also acquired a reputation for ruthlessness was not the type to lead the state, a man who could never live within his legitimate earnings and must therefore devise various illegal and questionable means to acquire anything to satisfy his appetites.  

This administration has been overwhelmingly condemned and disappointing, a colossal failure which cannot evolve a sensible course out of a difficult situation or adopt a flexible approach to the problems of government within a political framework, this administration has also failed to embark on promulgation of the political unification of Akwa Ibom State in the face of its peculiar historical background and its political circumstances.  A leader should never lose touch with the feelings and aspirations of the people he is leading, Godswill Akpabio’s administration exemplifies this warning, he has succeeded in surrounding himself with sycophants, opportunists and men who cared only about their own selfish ambition, these men became his advisers and close confidants, and today, they have succeeded in completely leading him astray.
He has failed to form a single and undivided thread in the fabric of the history and administration with his predecessors.  Akwa Ibom people need governments that will for a long time come to be remembered as the period in which the state received a new lease of life that will give a new orientation to the state goals that revitalized public life and set the state on the part of true greatness. The honest people of the State and ordinary citizens want peace and stability, the only condition under which progress and development are possible from all works of life.  

One of Akpabio’s virtues in the early years of his administration was humility and his willingness and readiness to consult his colleagues and advisers at all times, as years rolled by however, he felt himself confident and in full control of the reins of power, he became autocratic and regarded any consultations unnecessary and derogatory to his absolute authority, those who ventured to approach him volunteer advice and suggestions were branded by him as political enemies of his administration. 

 Thus we see the gradual growth of ambition and of absolute power in a ruler who, by nature was basically a good man, once ambition set in and desire for absolute power became overriding principle; he lost his sense of understanding and could no longer discern the limit of the possible.  It is no wonder that it has often been said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  It is the same lesson of the dangers of ambition that is brought out in the classic case of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar when Brutus remarked that; tis a common proof that lowliness is young ambition ladder, where to the climber upward turns his face; but when he once attain the upmost round, he then unto the ladder turns his back, look in the clouds, scorning the base degrees by which he did ascend. 

 The prayer of every reasonable and responsible citizen of this state should be, God help us to overcome all these ills.  A patriotic and reasonable Akwa Ibomite who sees the mess through which this state has undergone should pray for the greatness of our beloved sate. And may God sit in heaven and answer our prayers.

The work place and workers ill-treatment BY PRISCILLA CHRISTOPHER

The workplace amongst other agents of socialization is known for the platform it creates for the conversion of man power to money which aids in providing solution to the innumerable needs of man. It also serves as a home away from home depending on its atmosphere and the working environment it provides.

From time immemorial, the workplace has served as an avenue for practical application of learnt skills for the sake of productivity, increased turnovers, profit and inputs as well as a ground for mutual relationship and co-existence. Sequel to this, the workplace serves as a venue for the development of communal relationship, peaceful co-existence, tolerance and understanding regardless of people’s status, class, qualification and age even though relationship with superiors must be defined.
Asides the room it creates for socialization, the workplace doubles as a tempting ground where only those who stand on another man’s leg can sail through. This is why vices like bribery and corruption will continue to linger in the ‘working world’.

Why I want to be Governor – Nya Ebito

Why I want to be Governor – Nya Ebito

Founder of House of God Ministries Apostle Nya Ebito has given reasons why he wants to succeed Governor Godswill Akpabio in 2015. The Oro born clergy stated this when he had an interaction with newsmen in his residence near Ewet Housing Estate.

Nya Ebito while extolling the qualities of Governor Godswill Akpabio which he described as legendary, hints that he has a burden of ensuring that he continues the development strides of the state governor. He noted that Akwa Ibom State is rich in terms of human and material resources and it will take someone like him to ensure that he collate all those resources to the betterment of Akwa Ibom people.

New SSG in secret moves over 2015

New SSG in secret moves over 2015

Three weeks old secretary to state government Udom Gabriel Emmanuel Emmanuel is silently consulting relevant stakeholders and institutions over his decision to run the 2015 governorship elections on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party. THE INK can report.

Although the secretary to state government is yet to take himself to relevant institutions and bodies to inform them of his interests, his aides and those close to him have begun consultations on his behalf and Udom Emmanuel is fully aware even as he has given his backing. A well placed personality in the office of the SSG informed one of our reporters that the new SSG is billed to succeed Governor Godswill Akpabio and in view of this, the Onna born banker cum administrator has approved the ongoing consultations on his behalf by his very core loyalists.

CAKA advises Gov. Akpabio on successor BY EMMANUEL AKPAN

CAKA advises Gov. Akpabio on successor  BY EMMANUEL AKPAN

Ahead of the 2015 elections, a socio political organization in the state “Coalition for Akwa Ibom Agenda (CAKA)” has made a passionate appeal to the state governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio to pay deaf ears to insinuations by the opposition but should monitor and show interest in the process of electing who will succeed him so that his transformation agenda may not suffer a set back immediately he steps out of office.

Speaking at Ikpa Ikot Ubo ward 3 in Ibiono Ibom LGA, the patron of the group in Ibiono Ibom, Engr. Kufre Ekong Inyang said for the successful continuation of the uncommon transformation programme of the present administration, it is pertinent for the governor to ignore what he termed “negative ranting” by people whose stock in trade is always destructively criticizing the achievements of the governor and are all out to freeze his lofty ideas in the cool, he should remain focus and take a critical look on the pedigree of those who are presently jostling for his office and throw his weight behind someone he is sure will continue from where he will stop so that the state will continue to benefit as well as enjoy the dividends of democracy.



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AK Comedians deserve to be treated fairly by State Govt - Sir James

AK Comedians deserve to be treated fairly by State Govt - Sir James

The name “Sir James” has become a ringtone in the South-South comedy industry. Widely travelled, he remains the 1st Akwa Ibom born comedy act to package his creativity into a video CD in 2004 titled “Judas”. Again, he is the 1st comedian from Akwa-Cross to be nominated into Niger-Delta Advancement Awards – NDAA, under the Best Uprising Comedian category. Recently, he emerged as Best Akwa – Cross Comedian – 2013 on the stables of NTANTA Awards. In a chat with THE INK newspaper, the chairman, Comedian’s International – Akwa Ibom State bares his mind on Sundry issues.

it is on record that you are Akwa Ibom’s most decorated comedian; lead us into some of the awards.
Hahaha… As the saying goes, it’s the Lords doing and it’s marvelous in our eyes. But to be sincere, it’s not all about me but my state Akwa Ibom. We are blessed in all ramifications. In the entertainment circles we are not left out and I can reveal to you that Akwa Ibom State still has more talents yet to be discovered. Nine years ago when destiny introduced me into comedy, I made a vow to God that if comedy will not make me a success story, he should retract my paths in life and today, God has not failed me. To be listed amongst the made names is still a dream to me.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How to motivate the Super Eagles beyond money

How to motivate the Super Eagles beyond money

Prolonged crises in the national teams due to failure of administrators to fulfill financial obligations can be resolved in better ways.

It is no longer news that the NFF has abridged the Super Eagles match bonus to a sustainable level. A development that is pleasingly laudable though belated. Notably, this is not the first time the NFF would slash the Eagles’ match bonuses. The Glass House out of reprehensible performances of the Super Eagles, under Samson Siasia, ingenuously announced a cut in their match bonuses. After so much hurly-burly, the Nigerian football body rescinded its decision and returned the bonus to $10,000. We hope the decision will stay this time.

New YSFON exco to be inaugurated soon

In a bid to move the State Chapter of the Youth Sports Federation of Nigeria (YSFON) forward and in line with the directive of the National Headquarters, the State executive of the organization has been re-constituted.

At the end of the executive council meeting which took place in Uyo recently, Mr. Uwem Ekoh was appointed as the new Chairman of the organization.
Addressing newsmen at the end of the meeting, the State Secretary of the organization, Mr. Isonguyo Iniodu explained that the newly constituted executive will be inaugurated soon by the National President of the organization, Dr. Yussuf Gawuna.

Youths to honour Akpabio in football tournament

Youths of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District have decided to come together under one umbrella and institute a football tournament to drum support for Chief Godswill Akpabio’s Senatorial aspiration.

The football tournament to be known as “GODSWILL AKPABIO FOR SENATE CUP” will be in Under-20 category and will be organized by the State Chapter of the Youth Sports Federation of Nigeria (YSFON).

Briefing journalists at the end of the maiden meeting of the Local Organizing Committee, the Secretary Youth Sports Federation of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State Chapter, Mr. Isonguyo Iniodu flanked by the Deputy Coordinator, Mr. Udeme Jackson Udo, said they want to use the football tournament to mobilize support for Chief Godswill Akpabio Senatorial bid, stressing that they would be happy to see Chief Akpabio emerging as the sole candidate or going unopposed to represent the people of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District in the National Assembly.

Also speaking, the Youth representative in the Committee and National President of Afaha Obong Clan Youth Association, Prince Nsikan Ibanga and the Technical Director, Coach Aniekan Umoh, assured that they would do everything possible to ensure that the tournament being the first of its kind in the history of the senatorial district is successful.

The tournament which is expected to commence in October this year, will attract youth teams from within and outside Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District.

U-23 International Christian unity games kicks-off in Uyo BY EMMANUEL AKPAN

All is now set for the second edition of under 23 International Christian Unity Games (ICUG) to kick-off in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State from August 30th – September 8th, 2013.

The coordinator of the games Mr. Esu Effie stated this last week during a media chat with our sports editor at the state box of Uyo Township Stadium.

Mr. Esu Effie said the first edition of the tournament took place in the city of Abuja, but the planning committee unanimously took a decision to bring the second edition of the games to Akwa Ibom State. He said the event is looking to seeing so many churches coming out to compete in volleyball, basketball, table tennis, football and chess, adding that the games will help bring out talented youths in churches and also to complement government effort in grassroots sports development.

MPN/AKS sponsors 136 school athletics championship for training in calabar BY EMMANUEL AKPAN

Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) Akwa Ibom State has taken their yearly event to a new height by sponsoring no fewer than 136 school athletics championship for training in Calabar, Cross River State.

The athletics emerged champions during their last two editions in the modem outs and techniques of track and field.

Chatting with our sports editor at U. J. Esuene stadium, Calabar, Dr. (Mrs.) Lucia Ituen who is the Uyo Zone sports coordinator for Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN/AKS) said the training will last for two weeks and that the training will produce athletes for the nation, adding that coaches handling the athletes are all national coaches.

Dr. Ituen noted that all the athletes are school in Akwa Ibom State even as she called on the state government to take over the sponsoring and further training of the athletes.

Also speaking, the camp commandant, Mr. Mike Ukpabio thanked the Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN/AKS) for their determination to promote sports in the state, adding that the competition have been approved by Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN).

According to him, “we should appreciate Mobil in their efforts to promote sports in Akwa Ibom State; the state government should help train the athletes by sponsoring more training of this nature”.

One of the coaches, Mr. Solomon Abar, called on the state government to come into the programme and sustain it rather than leaving it to Mobil alone. “The programme should be a continuous one so as to produce athletesthat will represent Nigeria in future”.

The camp captain, Emenim Effiok thanked Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN/AKS) for the training even as he said that the training is very challenging.

2015: Royal Father wants Akpabio in Senate

2015: Royal Father wants Akpabio in Senate
Chief Godswill Akpabio
The Village Head of Ikot Inyang, Afaha Obong in Abak local government area, Obong Akpan Patrick Essien has described the State Governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio as the best material to represent the people of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District in the Upper Chambers of the National Assembly.

Obong Akpan Essien who spoke with our reporter in his palace recently, explained that if given the opportunity, Chief Godswill Akpabio’s sojourn in the Upper Chambers of the National Assembly would be of immense benefit to the people of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District in particular and the State in general having performed marvelously well as the Governor of the state.

The Mandela triumph

The Mandela triumph
Uche Nwofor

The Super Eagles put up a dismal performance in the first half of the Mandela challenge which ended goalless, but improved after the break thanks to the introduction of Victor Moses and Ahmed Musa who brought fresh impetus to the game.

According to Keshi, his decision to replace his forward line at the start of the second half after starting without Moses and Musa was to give other players the chance, and not build the team around a particular player.

Chris Attoh exits Tinsel as Gbenro Ajibade gets suspended

Chris Attoh exits Tinsel as Gbenro Ajibade gets suspended
Chris Attoh

Last week, Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh announced his exit from popular TV series Tinsel. Attoh who plays the role of ‘Kwame Mensah’, says he is leaving to pursue other career interests.
‘The last seven years on Tinsel have been an incredible journey and experience for me. Working with M-Net was phenomenal and it took a lot of deliberation but I have decided to pursue other career interests‘, Attoh revealed in a statement through a South Africa based management, Waka Talent.

Olamide currently charging N1m for music feature

Olamide currently charging N1m for music feature

He’s risen to become one of the hottest and most sought after Hip-Hop artistes in Nigeria. And Olamide Adedeji is calling all the shots concerning his career; this includes charging pretty high feature/cameo fees.

When a call was placed to his manager, a certain Rachael, she told our reporter that although the rapper wouldn’t be jumping on any feature tracks for now, he would only feature on songs if he is paid a fee of N1m.

‘We’re not ready to do that and even if we want to do that, the fee is very high…It’s one million naira for now‘, Rachael told NET over the phone add that the fee might go up as early as in a month’s time.

It’s not doubt that since releasing his second album ‘YBNL‘ in late 2012, Olamide has steadily risen to the list of top ranking Hip-hop artistes in the country. With his new single ‘Durosoke’ and a few others, his next album is highly anticipated.

Karen Igho takes a shot at music?

Karen Igho takes a shot at music?
Karen Igho
Looks like Karen Igho may be chasing a possible career in music.
From modeling to media to acting and now music, the ex-BBA winner, makes a special feature as  she lends her voice to her younger brother’s new single, ‘Jump & Pass’.

On twitter, Karen announced, ‘Even My Haters ll Dance To This’ !Okay ! Let’s all relax, take a deep breath and wait till Friday, 16th Of August as the song ll premiere online on major online music portals across the country !!’
Karen’s brother, Kido, is a signee under Mikel Obi’s Matured Money Minds, (MMM) Records and the single, scheduled to premiere on Friday, August 16, 2013 is his first official release under the imprint.

Karen may soon be joining other Nigerian actors like Tonto Dikeh, Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jolade Ekeinde that have ventured into music.
We can’t wait to hear what stuff Karen is made of…musically though.

Promise fulfilled! Praiz buys his mum a car

Promise fulfilled! Praiz buys his mum a car

When Praiz sang about buying his mother a car sometime ago, he apparently did mean it. The very talented Soul/R&B singer just got his mum a new car.
And the young singer took time out of a busy schedule to personally deliver the important gift. Praiz, in the company of his younger brother, flew from Lagos to Kaduna to pay a visit to his family, the Adejos, where he surprised his mother with a Toyota sedan.

Premium event managers, Imaginationz & Events launches website

Premium event managers, Imaginationz & Events launches website

 South-South Renowned and Akwa Ibom’s finest event planners, Imaginationz & Events has stepped a notch ahead by maintaining its presence to reach a wider customer base with its online presence by launching its website, 

Imaginationz & Events established by Ime Victor Bassey, who offers accumulated skill of Fifteen years’ experience in the field of Events, Décor & Corporate Entertainment, which has earned him several awards.

NCWS decorates Akpabio Most Gender Friendly Governor

NCWS decorates Akpabio Most Gender Friendly Governor
The Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Lady Valerie Ebe (second right), flanked from right by Wife of former Military Governor of the State, Mrs. Funmi Idongesit Nkanga, the State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Welfare, Mrs. Gloria Edet, and the State President of National Council of Women Societies (NCWS), Obonganwan Geraldine Etuk, shortly after a rally by NCWS at Akwa Ibom House, Adamu Bello Way, Abuja, on Thursday

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, has been decorated with a Lifetime Icon Award by the National Council of Women Societies (NCWS) for his support and laudable programmes aimed at empowering and integrating women into governance.

Startimes conducts week 4 draws in Uyo BY GODWIN SAM

Startimes conducts week 4 draws in Uyo BY GODWIN SAM

Startimes Uyo office conducted the week 4 draws to give more of their customers a chance to win in their ongoing 3rd Anniversary Promo that is currently taking place in sixteen states of Nigeria plus Abuja. The draw which was conducted at the company’s headquarters along IBB Way, opposite the Ibom e-library on Thursday 15th August, 2013, saw two new winners emerging, bringing the number of winners now to eight.

Nsit Ubium LG Council: Drain pipe for Umana Umana’s governorship BY JOSEPH OKON

Nsit Ubium LG Council: Drain pipe for Umana Umana’s governorship BY JOSEPH OKON
The tree which is used as a classroom

A visit to Nsit Ubium local government has clearly shown that the glory of the once exalted local government is gradually departing and it is not being helped by the leadership of the present administration led by Ekpedeme Amos Akpan who is the chairman of the local government council.

Since the advent of the present administration in Nsit Ubium, the local government has remained dormant without any project being executed by the present chairman of the council in the area.
Most of the facilities and infrastructures in Nsit Ubium apart from the ones done by the immediate past administration of Chris Ekpo are deplorable and at a state of total decay.

Uyo people laud Gov Akpabio’s transformation

Strides as they get 20 new projects

The people of Uyo local government area of Akwa Ibom, have expressed deep appreciation to the State Governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio for transforming the State Capital from a mere local government headquarters to a destination of choice for Nigerians.
The appreciation was expressed when the Acting Chairman of Uyo, Dr. Roberta Edem, the Leader of Uyo Local Government Legislative Council and Chairman, Leaders’ Legislative Forum in Akwa Ibom State, Hon. Joseph Archibong and the Chairman of People’s Democratic Party in Ward 8, Uyo, Comrade Japhet Robert Akpan, spoke on Wednesday during the inauguration of some educational-based projects in the area by Governor Akpabio.

“Your Excellency, we are very happy with what you have done for the people of Uyo. You have seen it on our faces. We thank you so much and we hope more projects will be commissioned in Uyo.” Dr Edem said while receiving the Governor and his entourage at the Council Secretariat. 

Gov Akpabio orders demolition of illegal structures on Eket-Ibeno road

Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State has directed the Ministry of Works to commence the demolition of all illegal structures on Eket-Ibeno Road, to facilitate easy reconstruction and dualization. 

Chief Akpabio gave the directive on Monday at Ulok Ulok Hall, Upenekang, during a civic reception organized in his honour by the people of Ibeno local government, after he inaugurated some projects executed in the area, through the State Inter-ministerial Direct Labour Coordinating Committee. 

Represented by the Commissioner for Health, Dr. Emem-Abasi  
Bassey, the Governor said pulling down the illegal structures became necessary to serve as a deterrent to those who are building or planning to erect structures on the road, which the government had  already flagged-off for reconstruction. 

Emphasising government’s commitment to speedy completion of the road project, he said it was an act of sabotage for people to begin to erect structures that could impede the pace of work. 

Investing in exceptional children BY TIJAH BOLTON AKPAN

Investing in exceptional children BY TIJAH BOLTON AKPAN

Caring for exceptional children requires tact, patience and extraordinary skills. The caregivers and teachers need to constantly update their skills to be in tune with best practices around the world.  They need to be trained from time to time. The kids also need special learning aids. And it takes time and extra resources to give quality attention to these kids, so government must channel more resources into this area of education”

Children are gifts from God. But it is also true that children differ in their giftedness and physical attributes (e.g. some learn faster, some are shorter, some are stronger). Normally, where these differences are not significant, it is easy for children to learn together in a general education setting.
But there are children whose physical or learning attributes are either far below or above the average child. Known as exceptional children, these kids with physical or sensory disabilities, learning difficulties, behaviour problems and those who are intellectually gifted or have special talents require a special programme of education and care.

APC will succeed PDP in 2015 - Obong Ibitekpe

As preparations are in top gear for the 2015 general election in the country, a political chieftain in Abak local government area, Obong Emmanuel Ibitekpe has expressed optimism that the newly-merged political party, APC will succeed the present PDP government in the State.

Obong Ibitekpe who spoke with journalists in Uyo on arrival from Zamfara State where he attended the ANPP merger convention recently, described the coming together of other political parties under one umbrella as a welcome development which according to him, will give the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) a good fight and also make them to sit up and provide the much-needed dividends of democracy to the people.

Gov Akpabio receives kudos on Ukpom Abak bridge

Governor Godswill Akpabio has been applauded for the massive construction work in the State, especially for the construction of the Ukpom Abak bridge.
The Governor received the kudos during the just concluded Annual Lectureship of the Nigerian Christian Bible College, NCBC, Ukpom Abak, held at the School’s compound, recently.

The Registrar of the Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom Abak, Brother Goodnews E. Peter, who lauded Governor Godswill Akpabio on the Ukpom Abak bridge construction, reiterated that, the act   is a clear demonstration that, Governor Akpabio-led administration is working.

Princess Felicia Bassey: Taking Okobo to greater heights BY EDET OKPO

Princess Felicia Bassey: Taking Okobo to greater heights BY EDET OKPO

There are leaders whose preoccupation finds expression in blind indulgence in self-aggrandizement and pursuit of personal interests to the detriment of the well-being of the led who have helplessly entrusted their collective fate into their heads. These leaders constantly inflict pains on the masses from their failure to meet the yearnings of the people. 

Hence, they aggregate the sufferings of the people they are supposed to put smiles on their gloomy faces fractured by crushing poverty. They are apostles and personification of everything the masses should repudiate as they preen themselves in affluence while the society lies crooked and groans under the yoke of failed promises.
On the other hand, leaders exist with human face; the emancipation of the masses from the merciless jaw of biting poverty remains their fulfillment and joy in life. They hold public offices in trust and float schemes designed to advance the cause of humanity and bring about positive changes in the lives of the people. 

Late Rev. E. C. Udoka for burial august, 31

The remains of late Rev. Eno Charlie Udoka of Ikot Mkporikpo, Etim Ekpo local government area will be committed to mother earth on Saturday, 31st August, 2013.

Aged 56 years, the late Rev. E. C. Udoka was until his death, the Administrator, Samuel Bill Theological College, Abak.
A statement signed onbehalf of the family by Deaconess Etieno E. C. Udoka and the Chairman of the Publicity Committee, Pastor Imoh Ekon Indicates that condolence register will be opened on Monday, 26th August, 2013 at the deceased compound, Ikot Mkporikpo and at Samuel Bill Theological College, Abak.