Friday, 6 July 2018

Reverend Richard Peters writes Governor Udom eMMANUEL

Reverend Richard Peters writes Governor Udom Emmanuel

Reverend Peters writes Governor Udom: APC are using political explosive devices to destabilize your administration

Your Excellency,

There is no better way to express my appreciation to you for your visionary leadership prowess that has positioned our state among the comity of great societies.

Akwa Ibom State has become an industrial hub today owing to your development strides. Leaders in Nigeria, including those of the opposition parties have openly endorsed you to continue in your good works. This goes a long way to prove that superlative performance has no enemy, whether it is done by a supposed enemy, an opposition leader or one from another tribe. In other words, no one discriminates success.

I am not only impressed that at a time like in our political history, you  accepted to lead this state, but more importantly, you have performed beyond our imagination. In the face of threatening economic realities, you brought in your professional skills in the management of state resources, so much so that, no one feels it very hard like in other states of the federation. 

It has been reported widely that so many states are owing their workers, but Akwa Ibom State's workers are seemingly in another world, where salaries are paid even before the end of the month. This is an unparalleled feat, courtesy of Gov. Udom Emmanuel.

Your Excellency, you have not disappointed the people who gave you the mandate to serve them. You have taken the bull by the horn, and proven your manliness as a leader, without resorting to complaints and excuses. Ideal leaders don't give excuses, they give results, and so you have convinced Akwa Ibom people that you are a leader  indeed.

Your Excellency, I am not unaware that members of the opposition party, particularly the All Progressives Congress(APC) are launching propaganda and using political improvised explosive devices to destabilize your administration, but you have to maintain focus and keep your vision alive. Recently, APC's sponsored agents have gone around to condemn your achievements in the state, saying they are of inferior quality, and that some of the projects commissioned were not completed, and all of that. This is their attempt to distract and discourage you. But I urge you to keep the faith, and take Akwa Ibom to that envious destination.

Unarguably, the APC government at the national level has accepted to have failed Nigerians, though they blamed it on past administrations, but the truth is they have failed. And as it is, Akwa Ibomites have learnt their lessons from the Fig Tree. They won't buy into the propaganda, deception, confusion and distraction of the APC. Every Akwa Ibom son and daughter is behind you, keep the faith.

Your Excellency, don't be unmindful of the fact that there are the likes of Sanballat and Tobiah in our world. For when Nehemiah saw the ruin of Jerusalem, he was moved with compassion to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem. Instead of everyone becoming excited that hope will again be restored to the Israelites, Tobiah, Sanballat and their accomplices began to launch attacks to weaken the hands of the Israelites. They fought from all angles. But because the children of Israel were focused, they finished the work strong and successful. 

Your Excellency, keep the faith and continue in your good works. Your superlative performances in Education, Agriculture, Health, Economy, are monumental. They stand as testimonies to the propaganda of the enemies. We have come of age and will never buy into the cheap smear campaign of the enemy. They have already failed at the national level, even as they don't have a place in the State.

Let the peace of God guide you, and may you be lifted above your enemies. May the wisdom of God lead you to take Akwa Ibom state to that glorious destination. Keep the faith, Your Excellency.

Revd. Richard Peters

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

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